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					                                        Job Description                              June 2012

 Role: Mountain Footpath Apprentice                      Business Conservation Services
 Reports to: Ben Lomond Property                         Pay Band/Starting Salary:
 Manager/Mountain Footpath Team Manager                  Band A £12,670 PRO RATA
 Location: Ardess Lodge, Rowardennan, by Drymen, Type of Contract: Fixed Term
 Glasgow. G63 0PL                                        for 6 months.
 Terms and conditions
    - The post is subject to the standard terms and conditions provided with the
       application pack. The post will be fixed term, for a duration of no more than 26
       weeks from the start date of the contract.


To attain SQA level II accreditation in Upland Footpath Repair and Maintenance, by
working through a series of SVQ modules, and by working alongside, and under the
supervision of, National Trust for Scotland staff.


The Key Purposes of the placement will be met by:

1. Attending all training classes and assessments for the modules, in order to complete all
   assessment requirements.
2. Carrying out all required work placements, with in-house staff and external contractors,
   in order to achieve the necessary level of skills and experience to carry out work to the
   required standards.
3. Attending and undertaking all assessments required for the modules, towards the
   purpose of the role of attaining the SQA qualification.
4. Undertaking the work required to achieve the apprenticeship qualifications diligently
   and responsibly, in order to contribute effectively to team working, and help support the
   work of the National Trust for Scotland and staff involved in upland path repair.
5. Carrying out practical works including stonework, landscaping, movement of materials,
   drain clearance and maintenance, and any other work associated with practical upland
   path repair and maintenance.
6. Accessing upland path sites by foot safely and in good time, in order to maximise work
   input time when on the hill, and walking the long distances required for maintenance
   runs when required.
7. At all times carrying out duties with due heed to the health and safety practices of the
   National Trust for Scotland, in order to carry out the work safely and responsibly to the
   benefit of the individual post holder, fellow staff, and members of the public. For this
   purpose all personnel are required to ensure they are familiar with the procedures for
   recording and reporting SHE incidents and near misses.
8. Travelling independently to different work sites as required, and living and working
   away from home on a weekly basis as required to fulfil the work placements and training
9. Contributing to responsible care and maintenance of all tools, equipment and machinery
   used in the execution of upland path repair and maintenance.

The current duties of this job do not require a criminal records (Disclosure Scotland) check
to be carried out.


People Management
    This placement does not require line management of any other staff/personnel
    The placement holder will be directly line managed by the Ben Lomond Property
      Manager, and will also follow instruction from the Mountain Footpath Team leader,
      Mountain Footpath Team members, the external training provider, and other NTS
      staff responsible for providing work site placements.
    The placement holder may be required to follow instruction from staff from other
      organisations providing work site placements.

Financial Management
    This post does not involve any financial responsibility, however may involve
      occasional claiming back of expenses with the authorisation of the Ben Lomond
      Property Manager.


The above outlines the key skills the job holder will need to possess and exercise. In
addition, either knowledge of or experience in the following is required:

 A current driving licence valid for driving in the UK.
 Ability to be flexible and adapt to changing timetables, unpredictable work locations,
   and changing work demands.
 Ability to work in all weathers, and to cope with a rigorous working environment
 Ability to access mountain areas on foot independently and efficiently.
 An interest in working as part of a team, and willingness to form good working
   relationships with other staff and volunteers.
 An understanding of the Safety and Health Executive standards and reporting

 A keen interest in the outdoors and the upland environment
 Experience of accessing upland and mountain areas
 Qualifications which demonstrate understanding of, and interest in, the outdoor

The Key Responsibilities, Scope of Job, and Required Qualifications, Skills, Experience &
Knowledge reflect the requirements of the job at the time of issue. The Trust reserves the
right to amend these with appropriate consultation and/or request the post-holder to
undertake any activities that it believes to be reasonable within the broad scope of the job or
his/her general abilities.
Interested applicants should forward a completed application form to Human Resources
Department (Applications), The National Trust for Scotland, Hermiston Quay, 5 Cultins
Road, Edinburgh EH11 4DF, by mail or by email via, by first post
(i.e. 10.00am) on Friday, 22nd June 2012. Interviews are likely to be held at Glencoe on the
week beginning the 2nd July 2012

Additional Information

The National Trust for Scotland
The National Trust for Scotland (‘the Trust’) is a charity, founded in 1931. It is a
membership organisation, with subscriptions from its 310,000 members providing a large
part of its income. Visitors have access to more than 115 of the Trust’s properties –
including islands, coastline, countryside, battlefields, gardens, castles and country houses,
birth-place cottages, museums and industrial sites – and many others (e.g. farms and
cottages) are tenanted under conservation agreements. Significant amounts of income are
raised through visitor-related activities in retail, catering, events/hospitality, and holidays,
and development work sources grants, legacies, sponsorship and donations to support
specific projects. Income raised is used to conserve, maintain, and enhance the natural and
cultural heritage of the Trust properties, for present and future generations to enjoy.

Upland Footpath Repair
The National Trust for Scotland owns and manages several large mountain properties,
including 46 of the 283 Munro’s (mountains over 3000ft high), with several hundred km of
mountain paths across them. Since the late 1980’s the Trust has invested much funding,
time and effort in the task of first repairing highly visible scars caused by spreading path
erosion, and then maintaining the paths. This has greatly reduced the visible impact of
paths on the mountain landscapes.
The Trust is determined to keep up this work into the future, to ensure that people can
enjoy access to the mountains without large scars resulting again. At present there is a lack
of training courses producing people with the standards of skills and training required to
properly execute upland path repair and maintenance. More skilled path-workers are needed
to ensure the work can be carried out at current standards into the future, as funding and
opportunities allow.

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