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									DNA Evidence Collection and Retention-Colorado Peace
Officers Training Program

CTSI is pleased to provide our member counties with these easy to follow links to information
on fulfilling the requirements of the mandatory DNA Evidence Collection and Retention for the
Colorado Peace Officers Training Program.

This link to Colorado Attorney General is a excellent resource for information.


Click here http://coloradopost.knowledgefactor.com/ for the mandatory DNA Evidence
Collection and Retention for Colorado Peace Officers Training Program. This course
provides POST-approved DNA training for Colorado Peace Officers that meets the requirements
of C.R.S. 24-31-311(1), DNA evidence collection and retention. These programs are designed

      Current Colorado law enforcement officers who must meet the requirements of C.R.S.
       24-31-311(1) and C.R.S. 24-31-309
      Former Colorado law enforcement officers planning to renew their Colorado P.O.S.T.
      Law enforcement officers transferring to Colorado from other states who are preparing
       for Colorado P.O.S.T. certification

To logon and take the on-line POST course, you will need a law enforcement PID number. If
you do not have your PID number, contact Colorado POST (303) 866-5692.

In addition, Sgt. Daniel L. Bender, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, has graciously offered to
share the DNA Resource Guide for Law Enforcement Officers that he prepared for LaPlata
County employees. Click here La Plata County Officer Training Resource to download this
manual that provides almost all of the information you will need to pass the on-line test.

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