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									         Tyler Chapter Newsletter
             October 2005                                 Vol. III No. 3

                                                    Directors & Officers
                                                        Ruth Loper, Director
  Chapter Meeting                                      Lynn Sherrod, Director
                                                       Jim Showen, President
           Monday                                      3312 Gail Tyler, TX 75701
          October 3rd                                    jimshowen@aol.com
                                                  Roberta Gustafson, VP Programs
           7:00 PM                                Sonnia Hill, Secretary/Treasurer
             Walter Fair                           Elizabeth Parks, VP Field Trips
      United Methodist Church                     Jane Washburn, VP Membership
         1712 Old Omen Rd                          Kay Fleming, Newsletter Editor
            Tyler, Texas

                          FROM THE PRESIDENT
Active chapter membership: 49 Average attendance at chapter meetings: 20–25
Current chapter treasury balance: $1,213.25

     Newsletter included Information for members, articles written by members about Texas
     Dutchman's Pipe, Viburnum Rafidulum, Persimmon, Farkleberries, East Texas Violets,
     Invasive Plants, Cactus, and Florida Betany.
     Ron Loper - Wildflowers of the Piney Woods
     Dar Richardson - Learn the Plant Propagations Techniques Used by Wholesale Plant
     Lynn Sherrod - Shade Trees for East Texas: The good, bad & ugly; Brief overview
                     of Arbor Day
     Dick Pierce - Permaculture
     Ron Loper - Wildflowers
     David Bezanson - NAPA Preserves in North & East Texas
     Bill Lamar - A Naturalist in Tropical America
     All Chapter Members – Plant Show & Tell and a Walk About

       White Oak Creek Wildlife Management Area (combined with NE Texas Chapter)
       Athens Freshwater Fisheries Center's Wetland Trail
       Breakfast and Trilliums - home of Ruth and Ron Loper
       Grasses, etc. - Camp Tyler, Tyler
       Matlock Hills - near San Augustine
       Gardens, trees and wildflowers - home of Boo Eubanks
       NAPA "Glades" Preserve - Mill Creek Farm, Pine Mills, TX
        Annual joint meeting and Christmas pot luck with Tyler Audubon Society - Camp Tyler
       Received over $500 worth of trees from Scobal Nursery in Columbus, TX. Sold them at
       the 2005 ET Spring Landscape & Gardening Conference, Tyler Rose Garden Center;
       Tyler's Spring Fling Plant sale at the Rose Garden Center, and some individual sales.
     6. OTHER ACTIVITIES - Helped with the 2004 NPSOT Annual Symposium. Jim Showen

                              OCTOBER PROGRAM
       Our October 3rd program is titled “Edible and Useful Plants” and will be
presented by Dr. Charles Allen. Dr. Allen is a Research Associate with Colorado State
University stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He is a retired Professor of Biology from the
University of Louisiana at Monroe and a charter member of
the Louisiana Native Plant Society (LNPS). He served as
President of LNPS from 1995-1997 and has organized and
led many field trips throughout Louisiana. He is the co-
author of “Trees Shrubs and Woody Vines of Louisiana”
and “Grasses of Louisiana, 3rd ed.” He is currently
preparing “Edible Plants of the Gulf South” which should be
out in late 2005 and “Wildflowers of Louisiana” that is
scheduled for release from LSU Press in 2006. He has
presented “Edible and Useful Plants” to many groups
including Louisiana Archaeological Week at Ft Polk in 2002
and 2003 and in Sulphur in 2004; Haynesville Butterfly
Festival 2002, 2003, and 2004; Cajun Prairie Society in 2000; and Louisiana
Archaeological Society in Monroe in 1999.
       The program is a hands-on (actually mouth-on and nose-on) presentation with
fresh and dried samples of edible and useful plants. A brief overview of each plant is
presented and then participants are encouraged to graze on the salad plants. Freshly
brewed teas from an assortment of dried plants such as New Jersey Tea leaves,
blackberry leaves, persimmon leaves, and others will be prepared for sipping. Jars of
dried leaves of red bay, mountain mint, and other spices will be available for all to smell.
Each participant will depart with a list of plants that includes common and scientific
name, part used, and how it is used.
       On the evening of the presentation we will treat Dr. Allen to dinner at about
5:00 or 5:15 p.m. at Posados Mexican restaurant on 5th St. in Tyler. That way we
won't have to rush to get to the meeting. If you would like to join the group for
dinner, please call Jim Showen at 903-566-0733 or email him at:
jimshowen@aol.com                Roberta Gustafson

                                    FIELD TRIPS
        There were 14 of us at the Soutendijk's field trip on Saturday, September 17th. We saw
lots of bog plants, even though that area has had an extended drought this summer. We saw
the green spider orchid in bloom (see photo), pitcher
plants, yellow-eyed grass, blue curls, eryngo, purple
lobelia, pipewort, boneset, and many more. After we
had lunch, we stopped by Bartlett Hillside Gardens
to purchase some of the natives that they sell there.
Thanks again, Bart & Elizabeth Soutendijk!

         On October 15th at 10:00 A.M. we have an
invitation from Jim Varnum and his wife Stephanie to
visit Clymer Meadow for a fieldtrip. They have also
invited us to their open house at their 126-acre ranch
nearby. We will start with a tour of Clymer Meadow,
looking at gilgais, wildflowers, and birds. At noon,
we "mosey" over to the Varnum's ranch for lunch
(their treat!). After lunch, Jim will take us to see the
bison herd (wherever they may be roaming that day)
and to nearby Parkhill Prairie in Collin County. We
will meet again at the Super 1 Food Store on Loop
323 near Highway 69. This time we need to leave
Tyler at 8:00 A.M. because it is about a 2 hour
drive. Please let me know if you plan to attend. The
Varnums need to know how much food to prepare. If
you plan to travel to Clymer Meadow on your own you can inquire to Jim Varnum at 972-243-
4098 or Email jevarnum@aol.com for information. Elizabeth Parks

                    ANNOUNCEMENTS AND EVENTS
Our joint Audubon/NPSOT Christmas Party has been set for December 13th at 6:00 PM.
It will once again be at Camp Tyler. The Lodge is already reserved. More will be
reported on this annual event in future newsletters.

                                  NEW MEMBERS
We want to welcome our new members to the Tyler Chapter of the Native Plant Society
of Texas. Its great to have you with us! If you haven’t come to one of our meetings or
our field trips you are missing out. Also if you have recently joined our chapter and
you’re not listed below, let Tyler Chapter President Jim Showen know. Sometimes our
State office is slow in getting the word to us.

                             RECENTLY JOINED MEMBER

                                         Bev Cavitt

                            Contributions to Newsletter
Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in the newsletter. Contributions will
be considered on the basis of interest, suitability, and available space. Grammar and spelling
corrections will be made at the discretion of the editor. Send your articles and announcements
to the editor at kfleming@mycvc.net or mail to Kay Fleming at 809 E. Clinton, Athens, TX
75751. If you are able to receive your newsletter by Email, please send Kay your Email address.
This will save the Chapter mailing expenses.

       The purpose of the Native Plant Society of Texas is to promote the
      conservation, research, and utilization of the native plants and plant
         habitats of Texas through education, outreach, and example.

             If you have never attended one of our meetings, and you are interested in
             learning more about native plants and their habitats, we invite you to give us a
             visit. We have a good time! Our meetings are normally held at the Walter Fair
             United Methodist Church in Tyler on the first Monday of each month, September
             through May. Walter Fair United Methodist Church is located just off 5th Street
             (Highway 64) at 1712 Old Omen Road, east of Loop 323.

NPSOT, Tyler Chapter
c/o: Kay Fleming
809 E. Clinton
Athens, TX 75751

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