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									Grade 2 Number Corner Planner
                                                                                                              MONTH: November
          MONDAY                       TUESDAY                    WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                      FRIDAY

 * Number of days varies from year to year based on school calendar.
 * students can record individually (TG p. 91)
 ** teachers report students develop excellent measurement skills by doing all 8 cards throughout the month (or carrying activity over into
 December). Read Bridges Blog for more details.

 *TG=Teachers Guide, OPT=optional, CG=Calendar Grid, WW=Workout Wheel, HG=Hundreds Grid, DNC=Daily Number Chart, MT=Magnetic
 Tiles, BC=Bean Clock, CC=Coin Collector, BTB=Base Ten Bank, DM=Daily Measure, NCSB=Number Corner Student Book

 Day 1                        Day 2                       Day 3                        Day 4                        Day 5

 HG Update                    HG, MT Update               HG, MT Update                MT Update                    HG, MT Update

 CG Vote on Nov calendar      CG Make 10 each of 3        CG Invent patterns: 10       CG Finish choosing           DML** Introduce
 markers (consider            different calendar          each 3 different color       pattern if necessary;        (TG p. 101)
 trading final markers        markers, backing on 3       Unifix cubes; record in      number pieces and place
 with another class on        different colors of         NCSB; class chooses          pieces in cal pocket chart   CG Place 7 markers in
 Thurs.) (TG p. 79)           construction paper          pattern                                                   cal pocket chart if not
                              (TG p. 81)                  Advice students can          HG Introduce Full &          done Friday
 MT Place one tile on                                     display 1 favorite (in       Empty pockets
 board                                                    Unifix cubes); then class    (TG p. 89)                   DNC Color chart for
                                                          chooses                                                   number of days in
                                                          NCSB p. 11                                                school; record
                                                                                                                    (TG p. 92-95)
 Day 6                        Day 7                       Day 8                        Day 9                        Day 10

 Update HG                    CG, MT Update               CG, HG Update                DML Draw new card            HG*, MT Update

 MT Make 2 X 4                HG Full & Empty pockets     DNC Class decides how        CG discuss patterns – use    CG discuss patterns
 rectangular array,           (TG p. 89)                  to color chart for number    questions on TG p. 87
 generate number                                          of days in school; record                                 MT 3 X 5 array
 sentences for visual         DML** Draw new card -       equations                    HG Full & Empty pockets
 model (TG p. 97)             allow plenty of time        (TG p. 92)                                                DNC Color in chart
                                                                                       MT 2 X 7 array and           independently in
 DNC Class decides on                                     MT 2 X 5 array & number      number sentences             NCSB p. 13
 coloring; record equations                               sentences

 CG discuss patterns

 Day 11                       Day 12                      Day 13                       Day 14                       Day 15

 CG, MT Update                CG Update                   MT, CG, HG* Update           CG Update                    MT, HG* Update

 DML Draw new card            MT Pass out 17 tile per     DML** Draw new card          HG Full & Empty pockets      CG Discuss patterns
                              student; they record
 HG Full & Empty pockets      number sentences in         DNC Color in chart           MT Pass out 21 tile per      DNC Color in chart
                              NCSB p.17                   independently in             student; they record         independently in
 Doubles and Neighbors        (TG p. 99)                  NCSB p.14                    number sentences in          NCSB p. 15
 review: Do NCSB p. 12                                                                 NCSB p.18
                              HG Full & Empty pockets                                  (TG p. 99)

PPS Gr. 2 November Number Corner
Grade 2 Number Corner Planner
                                                                                                              MONTH: November
          MONDAY                      TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY                      THURSDAY                FRIDAY

 Day 16                      Day 17                     Day 18                       Day 19

 MT, CG Update               CG, HG* Update             MT, HG* Update               Update as necessary

 HG Full & Empty pockets     MT Pass out 28 tile per    Do NCSB p. 12 if not done    CG Final discussion of
                             student; students record   earlier in month             Novembers patterns
 DML Choose card, record     number sentences in
 in NCSB p. 20               NCSB p. 19                 CG What will the last        Choose from the following
 (can save as assessment)    (can save as assessment)   marker be tomorrow?          as emphasis needed:
                                                                                     DML, HG, MT
                                                        Catch up on any activities
                                                        missed earlier.


PPS Gr. 2 November Number Corner

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