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									  Pathfinder : The
  I.   BLS Library and BPL
 : the catalog for the Boston Public Library, which includes the Boston Latin
 School Library, is available from anywhere. Go to to search for books on
 your topic. If you only want to look for books we have at BLS, select Boston
 Latin School from the location list. Remember, with your library card you can
 request any book in the system be delivered to BLS, but it can take some time.

 II.   Databases     : there are a variety of databases available through BLS. Go
 to, click on Academics at the top of the page, then click Library. From
 there, you can find various databases under the Databases tab. Through the
 Boston Public Schools, you can find these databases for this topic:

 Through the Boston Public Library, Credo Reference is also a good resource.

III.   Reference Books : BLS is fortunate to have the Feinberg Collection,
 one of the most complete collections of writings on the Holocaust in existence.
 As you come in the front of the library, it is in the first section on the right
 (opposite workrooms P and Q). It is organized by Library of Congress number,
 and there is a color code used to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

IV.    Websites : This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but some great
 websites for your topic are:
         i. The website of the United States Holocaust
       Memorial Museum includes a Holocaust encyclopedia and other resources
        ii. The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
       iv. A cybrary of the Holocaust
        v. A teacher’s guide to the Holocaust

                                                                 Updated January 2012

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