Greeting Card Flyer 2009 1 by r4InTQ


									                    27 Central Ave. Unit 3 - Midland Park, NJ 07432
                                 201-447-7272 Studio

                   Business Office Phone & Fax …. 201-447-1144

                                                                      November 2, 2009


We will be working on creating a special winter/holiday scene with the children
that could be reproduced and made into Holiday cards. Each child works on
their own creative and personalized scene. It has been well received over the
years. We are going to do it again this year. The children will be working on
this project November 2nd - 21st, 2009. Completed, printed cards will be ready
for pick up the week of December 7, 2009.

The greeting cards come printed with a standard message inside to be used this
holiday season. The envelopes are blank with no return address.

Please view last years printed cards hanging all around the school.
The printing company offered specific guidelines to follow making the card
printing cost as economical as possible. For an additional cost, a
photograph can be added on the inside and a custom verse of your choice.


  1) Size 8 ½ wide by 5 ½ deep - card will open horizontal or vertical style.
  2) Artwork should be produced exact size to avoid additional charge.
  3) 4 color process and any media is acceptable.
  4) Standard message below will be printed inside every card unless you
     indicate the inside to be blank or custom:

      “May your Holiday Season
       Draw Peace to your Home
       Paint Love in your Hearts and
       Sculpt Joy around the World"

 Name _______________________________ Phone ________________Qty______

  E-mail ______________________________Class day/time__________________

           *** Custom message inside, envelope imprint or name inside ***
                                   add .50 per card.

QTY   COST       MESSAGE            ADDRESS              PHONE/CELL     TOTAL
       PER        indicate                                              PRICE
PIC    PICK       BLANK or                                              CIRCLE
 K     ONE        CUSTOM                                                AMOUNT
25    $2.06 ea                                                           $56.25
50    $1.75 ea                                                           $87.50
75    $1.60 ea                                                          $120.00
100   $1.55 ea                                                          $155.00
125   $1.50 ea                                                          $187.50
150   $1.45 ea                                                          $217.50
175   $1.40 ea                                                          $245.00
 Orders larger than 175 quantity call/ask for pricing.

 Make check payable to The Drawing Room LLC.
 Deliver to the school or mail to P.O. Box 42 Midland Park, NJ 07432.
 Credit card swipe or cash payments must be done in person at the school.

 Deadline to order cards is Saturday, November 21, 2009.
 Delivery is guaranteed for week of December 7, 2009.
 Orders must be Paid in Full to be placed.

 Cash Amount Received _________________ Date __________

 Check No. _____________ Amount Received _________________ Date __________

 Credit card payments must be swiped in person.

 Credit card type ______ Credit Card # ______________________________

  _____ Master Card or ____Visa is accepted. Exp. _____________

 For questions regarding your order, please call Maria in our business office
 201-447-1144. Please note your child will bring home a “PROOF” copy for you
 to review. If you wish to order the card, please fax completed order form to
 201-447-1144 or deliver ASAP to The Drawing Room. It would be helpful for
 printing schedule to get an idea ahead of time who would be ordering cards.

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