Poster/Brochure Project Rubric : Genetic Disorders by r4InTQ


									            Poster/Brochure Project Rubric : Genetic Disorders

        Teacher Name: Ms. Haynes

        Student Name:   ________________________________________

                  CATEGORY             5                    4                    3                   2                   1
            Colorful                   Use of 4 or more Use of 3 colors          Use of 2 colors     Use of 1 color      No color

            Appealing                  Project is well      Project is well      Project is well     Project is poorly   Project is very
                                       organized, easy      organized, easy      organized. Many     organized, but      poorly
                                       to read, limiting    to read, but many    paragraphs are      usage of            organize and
                                       paragraphs, and      sentences and        used and            paragraphs is       is not catching
                                       is catching to the   paragraphs are       information does    limited.            to the eye.
                                       eye.                 used.                not flow.
            Neatness                   Entire project is    Entire project is    Project is          Project is          Project is not
                                       very neat:           very neat:           relatively neat.    relatively neat.    neat. Mutiple
                                       coloring, picture    coloring, picture    Minor issues with   Minor issues        grammatical
                                       placement, titles.   placement, titles.   coloring or with    with coloring or    errors and
                                       Zero grammatical     1 grammatical        titles.             with titles.        appears to be
                                       errors.              error.               1 grammatical       2 grammatical       put together
                                                                                 error.              errors.             haphazardly.
            MLA Format                 N/A                  N/A                  N/A                 Proper MLA          Proper MLA
                                                                                                     format is used      format is not
                                                                                                     for all sources.    used.

            Pictures                   N/A                  Project contains     Project contains 2 Project contains Project does
                                                            3 relevant           relevant pictures. 1 relevant       not contain
                                                            pictures                                picture.         any pictures.

            Valid Sources              N/A                  N/A                  N/A                 At least 2 valid Fewer than 2
                                                                                                     sources (.gov,    valid sources.
                                                                                                     .org, .edu)
                                                                                                     (Wikipedia is not

All of the questions should be answered on the poster/brochure. They can be grouped together
under headings so that it is a “catchy” poster for people walking by to see. This means that you
should use bullets to list items, and come up with ways to make the project appealing. Each
question 1 – 9 is worth 2 points. Question #10 is worth 4 points (2 points per fact).

The total points possible for this project is 50.

Turn this rubric in with project or you will receive a 5 point deduction from the grade.

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