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									Placer Land Trust AmeriCorp Member
Stewardship Assistant Service Plan

Site Supervisor: Jeff Ward
Date: 8/15/08
Program Background: Placer Land Trust was founded in 1991 as a community-based private
nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving lands that hold valuable natural, historic,
agricultural, and recreational resources in Placer County, California. Our mission is to work
with landowners and conservation partners to permanently preserve natural open spaces and
agricultural lands in Placer County. Placer Land Trust has preserved nearly 4,653 acres of land
in perpetuity.

Our responsibility to the land does not end at acquisition. To ensure that the land remains
protected forever, PLT is obligated to be the steward of the land. In the case of conservation or
agricultural easements, our responsibilities and obligations are spelled out in the easement
documents. In the case of fee title ownership, PLT adopts proven stewardship plans appropriate
for each specific property. In some cases, stewardship responsibilities can be as simple as
keeping the property clean of litter, removing excess brush that poses a fire hazard, and
monitoring the property for appropriate use. In other cases, complex management plans are
required to ensure that the property retains its important or unique conservation values.
Stewardship is an evolving art that nonetheless relies heavily on science, and its importance to
the land is paramount if the land is to be truly protected forever.

Goals of Program: For 2008, PLT’s goal is to enhance our current stewardship program by
continuing to develop our land management and monitoring techniques and by improving the
stewardship volunteer program. With each year, the amount of land we protect (and thus must
manage and monitor) increases. The goals of the Stewardship program this year will be not
only to invigorate our current program but also significantly enhance the program to keep up
with the pace of the future.

PLT 2008-2009 Goals:
  A. Assist in Placer Land Trust Monitoring Program
         1) Ensure Timely Monitoring of Each PLT Property: PLT currently holds 15
             properties in conservation easement or fee title. All of these properties require
             baseline documentation, a management plan, and annual monitoring reports.
         2) Implement Digital Property Record Database: To assure we are able to meet
             the legal obligations mentioned in goal 1, PLT is developing a digital record
             keeping system. This system will keep PLT records up-to-date and organized not
             only for storing essential documents, but also for organizing maps, parcel data,
             photos and other support materials. As land trusts across the nation become
             increasingly under more scrutiny from the IRS, it is imperative that land trusts
             maintain accurate and detailed records of each property transaction. As a
             member of the national Land Trust Alliance, we are required to implement
             specific policy changes that will ensure that Placer Land Trust is fully compliant
             with the law, and our management obligations.
 B. Plan and Complete Annual Restoration Projects: By taking on the management
    requirements of some properties, PLT sometimes inherits the responsibility to restore
    them. This year, PLT is working on three restoration projects: Stagecoach Preserve,
    Doty Ravine Preserve, and Canyon View Preserve. The primary goal of each restoration
    project is to eradicate invasive species and restore natural ecosystem processes. In this
    case, we want to ensure that our annual restoration plan is not only completed, but also
    enhanced by providing volunteer work days, outreach and educational tools to our
    members and the community.
 C. Conduct other ecological monitoring, habitat restoration, volunteer recruitment and
    capacity building activities as assigned.

 A. Assist in PLT monitoring program
        1. Assist in completion of baseline documentation for new properties
               Assist Stewardship Coordinator with drafting of baseline documentation
                   and management plans (as needed).
               Assist with drafting maps for new property documentation using GPS and
                   GIS (as needed)
               PROJECTED HOURS: 150

        2. Ensure timely monitoring of each PLT property:
               Assist Stewardship Coordinator with regular property monitoring in the
                 field. (Once/weekly)
               Assist with drafting monitoring documents, reports, and GIS maps
               PROJECTED HOURS: 200

        3. Update record keeping policies and procedures for monitoring program:
              Review 2008 property documentation
              Update property documentation (as needed)
              If some files are missing documentation, work with County, and other
                 local resources to find missing documentation.
              PROJECETED HOUR: 50

        4. Implement new digital record keeping policies and procedures for
           monitoring program:
               Learn new software program
               Purge old files and run a system check for each. Make sure all
                 appropriate documents are present.
               Organize all available files in database
               Scan or digitize any necessary documents and store them in appropriate
                 location on database.
               Offer training to other PLT staff when finished.
               Once files are completely accounted for, make multiple sets and digitize
                 them to be stored on DVD
               PROJECTED HOURS: 200
B. Plan and Complete Annual Restoration Projects:
              Organize volunteers for project dates (on-going)
              Coordinate safety requirements and training for all volunteers (on-going)
              Organize materials needed for event (on-going)
              Assist with publicity for project (on-going)
              PROJECTED HOURS: 500

C. Land Stewardship Property Tours
     1. Assist Stewardship Coordinator with three property tours
             Organize volunteers (3 times per year)
             Organize educational materials needed for event (3 times per year)
             Assist with publicity for project (3 times per year)
             PROJECTED HOURS: 100

D. Conduct other Ecological Monitoring, Habitat Restoration, Volunteer Recruitment,
   Community Outreach, and Capacity Assessment activities as assigned.

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