Presentation Rubric - Get Now DOC by b39eXK



                                Bookplate/CD Cover Prints
                                        (60 Points Possible)

                    10-8 Points              7-5 Points              4-2 Points             1-0 Points
                    The student         The student drew two      The student drew      The student did not
 Drawings         completed two          4x6 drawings with          only one 4x6          complete any
 (10 Points)       different 4x6            some labels.          drawing with no        drawing or any
                 drawings and was                                      labels.                labels.
               appropriately labeled.
                    The student           The student used       The student needed     The student did not
 Time Use/      effectively used all    most of the class time     to be reminded         use class time
   Effort      class time to work on     to work on project.       occasionally to      effectively, had to
 (10 Points)           project.                                   work on project.      be reminded daily
                                                                                             to work.
                    The student              The student           The student only     The student rarely
  Clean Up      participated in their    participated in only      cleaned on days           or never
 (10 Points)   daily duties everyday,     their daily duties     that they were table     participated in
                 while also helping           everyday.               or clean up            clean up.
                       others.                                         manager.
               The work effectively           The work                 The work         The work does not
Composition     demonstrates a clear    demonstrates a theme      demonstrates little     demonstrate a
 (10 Points)    theme and style that    and style that carries     theme and style       theme and style
                 carries throughout      throughout project.      carried throughout    carried throughout
                       project.                                         project.              project.

                   The image was          The image was            The image was          The image was
  Carving      skillfully carved onto    carved onto plate.       carved with little       either poorly
 (10 Points)    plate. The image is     The image is mostly      skill. The image is          carved,
                 clear/recognizable      recognizable and               slightly          unrecognizable
               and relates to theme.       theme related.         recognizable and          image, or is
                                                                    theme related.      unrelated to theme.
                    The student              The student             The student        The student did not
   Prints         completed three         completed three           completed two          complete any
 (10 Points)   prints, two black and      prints. Prints are      prints. Prints are           prints.
                one in color. Prints    centered and signed.       off center or not            -or-
                 are centered and                                 properly signed.          The student
               appropriately signed.                                                      completed one
                                                                                          print. Print off
                                                                                         centered and not
                                                                                         properly signed.

      ______/60 Total Points Earned

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