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					             Wilderness Valley Property Owners Association
                         37th Annual Meeting
                              July 5, 2008                                       Draft
Gary Hendershot, president, called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.

Board members present: Gary Hendershot (president), Ken Borton (vice president), Bill Rea (secretary), Jo
Ann Mueller (treasurer), Jim Kesselring, Todd Formanczyk, Roger Brummel, Don Desautels and Danny

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Gary welcomed the association members and introduced the board members.

Gary stated the major responsibility of the Board is to protect the investment in the properties and preserve the
quality of life of each of its members. This is done by enforcing general restrictions as recorded at the Register
of Deeds and the WVPOA by-laws.

41 People attended, 26 active members (family’s) and 1 associate member were present. 18 Proxies were
received. 41 active members were required for a quorum. We had 44 including proxies.

Secretary’s Report – Bill Rea
   Minutes from last years meeting were reviewed and approved.
   Membership and Dues statistics were displayed for members review.

Treasurers Report – Jo Ann Mueller
   The annual report was distributed and approved.

Lake – Danny Watson
   Old dock was replaced by a new dock.
   Grill moved to make it more convenient for raking sand area. Grill has not been used in years.
   Don Sagasser commented that grill is in an area that if used could start a fire in trees. Possibility slim.
    Committee to take a closer look.
   DNR was contacted and came out to monitor the lake area for possible planting of fish. Monitoring process
    to continue during the summer with report following this fall.

Special Events – Ken Borton
   A schedule of the 2008-2009 events will be enclosed with the mailing of the minutes.
   All events from the past year were well attended and successful.
   Date of Annual Picnic will be Saturday August 9th
   Golf Outing moved to Saturday, September 13th at 9:00 am
   The special events report was approved.

Building – Don Desautels
   Don reported on the number of houses, garages and assorted out building applications he received in the
    past year. List of approved applications posted for everyone to view.

   If anyone observes building or clearing of land please contact Don to make sure all approvals have been
    issued. This is the only way we can monitor building in the valley. Involvement of members on this issue
    has saved a lot of grief for landowners who are unfamiliar with the deed restrictions or building restrictions.
   The building report was approved.
   Building request forms can be found along with the restrictions on our web site at www.wvpoa.com

Road and Snow Report – Todd Formanczyk
   A list was posted showing dates roads were graded, wash out pits dug, Afton stone, or gravel laid and
    stumps removed. Also a snow removal report was posted for all to review.
   New road signs were made and installed where needed by Gary Hendershot.
   Dust inhibitor was distributed on roads to control the dust and help stabilize road conditions. A dust
    inhibitor will not be applied on any road where homeowners submit a written request not to have it applied.
   The road and snow report was approved.
   Gary explained he met with the head of the county road commission about safety factors of brine being
    applied to the roads. The county uses the same material as we do with a much more heavy concentration
    being applied.

Park committee – Ken Borton
   Thanks to Jim Kesselring for mowing the area.
   Request for a new picnic table to be purchased for the park area. To be voted upon under New Business.
   Suggestion that a sign be erected at the entrance of the park or it be indicated in the WV maps.
   Park report approved.

Dumpster – Jim Kesselring
   For the most part the area has been looking good.
   Dumpster Diver Jim indicated on occasion individuals have been dumping illegal items such as refrigerators
    and mattresses. A motion activated video cam monitors the dumpsters but in most cases the offending
    individuals have not been identified.
   Jim asked that we all do our part and keep the area clean by picking up papers etc. in the area.
   Request that homeowners don’t wait until they have a dump truck full of garbage before taking it to the
   The dumpster report was approved.

Environmental – Gary Hendershot
   Gary gave a recap of events that occurred at and around Hayes 22 collection area (Mt. Frederick Rd.).
       o Permits have been approved and issued to start dumping treated water in a “glorified septic field”
            area behind Hayes 22.
       o Work has and is been done to clear the area to get ready for pumping.
       o Pumping should start in early fall.
       o Volume of water pumped will be about ½ of what was proposed for Kolke Creek.
       o Due to this fact, it will take at least twice as long to “clean up” the contaminated area.
   Gary explained we have a very good working relationship with the oil/gas companies working in
    Wilderness Valley. They have been accessible to our calls and have kept us updated with their progress
    about the clean up and preventive measures to lesson the chances of something like this to happen again.
   The oil companies have been replacing old valves which are “at risk” around the valley.
   Environmental report approved.

Old Business
   Hayes 22 – Kirk suggested the board begin phase II in working with the oil companies. Shifting our efforts
    from what is being done to clean up the spill to doing everything possible to prevent it from happening
   Further discussion took place about the valves, and old lines which are at risk. What can be done?
   Adopt-a-well – Don Desautels explained the adopt-a-well concept and its progress to date. He has 4 more
    wells that need to be adopted. Rule of thumb when monitoring a well is do not go on private property
    without permission and Don’t touch anything. Call Don if a leak is detected ASAP.

New Business.
   Question asked about wind Generators. Currently the County and Township are in the process of adopting
    policy for erection of wind generators. WV does not have any policy at this time.
    Motion to purchase a picnic table for the picnic area approved.
   Gary Hendershot and Bill Rea decided not to run for the board in the upcoming year. Gary has been on the
    board for the past 5 years, the last three as President. Bill has been a member of the board for the past ten
    years, three as Treasurer and six and the Secretary.
   Board elections: Tom Johnson and Rick Bensie were elected to the board along with incumbents Roger
    Brummel, Todd Formanczyk, Ken Borton, Jo Ann Mueller, Don Desautels, and Danny Watson.

Minutes of this meeting along with vehicle stickers, list of Board Members and Committee’s, and Special Event
dates and times will be sent out by August 1st.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Rea, Secretary


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