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									          Strategies for dealing
          with rising food prices

Image credit: Alan Parkinson
  Buy cheaper non-
  branded items, to
                        Shop at discount
replace branded items                           Do without some
                      supermarket e.g. Aldi,
e.g. supermarket own                                 items
                           Lidl, Netto
  brand rather than
  Heinz Baked Beans

                         Look for tokens,
                                               Wait until the end of
Buy one get one free   vouchers and money-
                                                     the day
                           off discounts
                                   Get a piece of land
                                 e.g. allotment or start   Buy items from the
    Steal food from
                                 growing food in your       ‘reduced aisle’:
     farmer’s fields
                                  garden rather than        dented tins etc.

 Visit the website                 Shop at a market
which sells food past                                      Stop buying organic
                                      rather than
  its sell-by date                                                food
             Traffic Lights

Red = would never do it unless it was life or death
                Amber = would
  Green = would be reasonably happy to do it

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