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Scars, Birthmarks, or Any Other Distinguishing Characteristic(s) (If Yes, Please Describe):

Make-Up & Costume (Also Recommended)
Pant Size:             Shirt & Jacket Size:                  Dress Size:
Shoe Size:              Bra/Lingerie Size:                    Swimsuit Size:
Are You Able & Willing to Do Your Own Make-Up? :
Are You Able & Willing to Do Your Own Hair Styling? :
During the Shoot Would You Be Comfortable/Willing to Wear The Following
        Wig:                  Theatrical Costume:                  Theatrical/Stylized Make-Up:
        Mask:                 Body Paint:                          Liquid Latex:
Location & Availability (Helpful In Planning the Shoot)
Would You Be Willing To Do An Outdoor/Location Shoot?:
Would You be Willing To Do A Shoot In &/Or Around Water (Beach, Bathtub, etc.)?:
Would You Prefer An Outdoor/Location Shoot or A Studio-Based/Indoor Shoot?:
Are You Able/Willing To Travel If The Shoot Should So Require (If Yes How Far)?:
Would You Be Willing To Shoot At Any of These Odd Times?
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Please Indicate Below the Times During Which You Would Be Available & Willing To Do A Shoot
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