Vanier Safety Committee Meeting by b39eXK


									                    February 25th -2009 - 9 to 11 a.m.
                   Centre Richelieu Vanier-Salle d’acceuil
Attendees:   Andrew Rhéaume, Hélène Berthelet, Nancy Worsfold, Paul Lavigne,
             Linda Pearson, Michael Justinich, Francine Demers (recorder)
Regrets:     Mehdi Louzouaz, Franceska Gnarowski, Abid Jan, Léo Lavergne,
             Fernando Vieira

1. Welcome and Introductions
   Andrew welcomed everyone.

2. Approve the agenda
   Members approved agenda with the additions:
      S.T.O.R.M. – Andrew Rheaume-CSC Vanier
      Discarded Needles – Paul Lavigne

3. Approve the past minutes
   Members approved the minutes from January 21st

4. Community Forum-February 12-Debriefing
   In general:
          o Positive compared to 2 years ago
          o Some people who were not involved noticed the changes in the Vanier
          o Library in the East end are very enthusiastic about all the changes
          o Diane Doré was a good MC
          o New participants with existing working group participants-good mix
          o Positive comments from participants
          o Participants were willing to work together
          o Proud of work being done in Vanier
          o What made new people come to the Forum-Survey Monkey on Website:
               How did you find out? What made you get around? Did it meet your
                          Mike to develop website survey

   Working groups notes:
     Most common in groups:
         o Communications
         o Youth
         o Small community events to get people together:
                  Basketball on streets: Portable basketball nets-get sponsors and
                    give them away to families
                  Have University students play with the Vanier kids on the streets
                  Andrew to ask Bara follow-up with Parks and Recreation
         o Gangs
         o Action Locale: soccer-skating-activities at the Richelieu Park for kids
             under 12-Need to have activities for kids over 12 years old
         o Wabano youth could team up with other Vanier youth-Parent and child
         o Photo Voice in Vanier-Proposal sent-targeting youth to take pictures in
             Vanier of parks and environment-exhibits in their neighbourhoods-
             Connect with Boys and Girls Club for video sponsorship
         o “Hi” Campaign” –communicate with your neighbour-eye contact-been
             done before
         o Welcome Wagon in Vanier
                  for new residents and businesses-through BIA, schools, landlords,
                    Real Estate, OCH
                  Welcome new residents: neighbour to call in regarding a new
                    neighbour-Package to include: guide to Vanier, coupons, connect
                    them to services, Community Association
                  CSC Vanier Caravan can be tied up to Welcome Wagon
                  Block parties: Community suppers-movies-Mehdi to follow-up
                     Mike Justinich to follow-up on “Hi Campaign” and “Welcome

5. OACP-Community Police Award-CPO
   o CPO to circulate to everyone
   o Due in April- Event is held in Sudbury, Ontario
   o Need to work together and send an application for the Award-Nancy write it and
     once committee has revised it will then to send to Alain Bernard for him to apply.

6. Working Groups:
      Beautification:
            o Next meeting is March 24th
            o Farmer’s Market will be from August 8th to October 17th
            o Clean up is May 2nd
            o Committee working on mission and vision and will be finalized next
            o Flea Market across from the Farmer’s Market-Andrew to follow up
              with committee

          Drugs and Prostitution
              o Next meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 15
              o Guests: S.T.O.R.M.
              o Review projects
              o Reporting
              o Name of working group suggestion: “Neighbourhood Safety
                      Francine to communicate with City Church for location
                      CPO to draft an agenda

7. Community Connections-CPO
   o John Howard Employment program, Catholic Family Services, Action Logement,
     Housing, School Boards, Social Services
   o Need to organize a meeting and introduce each other-would need 5-10 minutes to
     introduce their agencies
                      Mehdi to do follow-up with CPO

8. Updates
      S.T.O.R.M. – (Street Team Outreach Mobile)
            Nancy talked to Castille and they will be presenting at the next Drug
             and Prostitution meeting in April
      OPS:
            We have been having a rash of Newspaper Boxes, city wide, broken
             into and have recently made three separate arrests. One suspect was
             using a grinder to cut locks/chains off,
            Community Centre and resources currently monitoring problem
             addresses on Cote St and Montfort St for drug activity and property
             standard issues,
            Only one report of a Residential Break and Enter since the beginning
             of the month. Occurred on Lavergne St - where the basement window
             was shattered and access gained. Electronics, jewellery, and food were
            The Community Police Centre was interviewed by CBC who will be
             broadcasting on radio and on air, March 9th at 3pm, a segment that
             deals with Home Inspection and Operation Identification.
            Currently looking into the delay of the Neighbourhood Watch
             (NW) signs that have been requested before me taking on this position,
            The Community Police Centre will be engaging, every Tuesday at
             5pm for the next three weeks, with the youths from the Wabano
            Debbie St. Aubin informed me that she has energy saving light bulbs
             left over from George Bedards's office and would like to spread the
             project to other Neighbour Watch's. On Thursday, group e-mail will be
             created for all NW Captains in my area of responsibility, which will be
             created to increase communication between all NW's so that messages
             such as this and community events will be easily relayed.

        Discarded Needles: Paul
              Needle hunter starting April 1st-7 to 9 a.m. in Parks, schools and hot
                 spots-very successful in the past years
              Paul to bring back problems to environment department at City Hall
              Paul to have information at Beautification and Drug and Prostitution
                     Francine to send Debbie St-Aubin contact information to Paul
9. Next meeting:
          Next meeting: Thursday, March 26, 11 a.m. to 12 noon-CSC Vanier


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