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United States History A
                                                               Chapter 2 Study Guide
The Establishment of the Colonies
    1. Definition- An exclusive right or privilege (monopoly) over the use or disposal of something. Were usually issued by the king at the time of
        the settlement of America, and they might be for anything ranging from the right to sell in some market to control or ownership of land:

    2.   Where did English colonizers settle through private undertaking?
    3.   What large body of water is found off the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by Maryland and Virginia?
    4.   What colony was established in 1607 by English settlers and was named after Queen Elizabeth I?
    5.   What was the capitol of this colony?
    6.   Who led the settlement of Jamestown and saved it from destruction?
    7.   Who was the British naval commander who brought stability to the Virginia colony in its first ten years?
    8.   Who cultivated, sold, and introduced tobacco to Europe?
    9.   Definition- The principle crop or crops grown in a region for the sale on the market, primarily in foreign trade:
    10. What was the first English legislative government in America?
    11. What line established in 1763 divided the North and the South?
    12. Who led a revolt against the Virginia governor in 1676?
    13. What colonial capitol of Virginia still exists today as a historic town?
    14. Definition- An English term to refer to those whose religious faith derives from Calvinism. The word specifically calls attention to their
        desire to purify the church. The two denominations with closest links to this movement are Congregationalists and Presbyterians:

    15. Where did the Pilgrims settle before coming to America?
    16. Which group of people sought religious freedom and escaped from persecution by settling in America?
    17. Which document was an agreement signed by those aboard the Mayflower, stating that they have the legal authority to establish and run
        their own form of government?

    18. What colony was founded in 1620 so that the Puritans could worship freely?
    19. Which Pilgrim leader was elected governor of the Plymouth colony in 1621?
    20. What hardships did the first English settlements face?
    21. What festival was held by the Pilgrims in November 1621?
    22. What economic system did the Pilgrims adopt that led to prosperity and plenty after experimenting with collectivism in 1623?
    23. Which two colonies began to prosper once they abandoned Communism and turned to private ownership of land and goods?
    24. Who led 1,000 Puritans to the New World in 1630?
    25. What agreement did the Massachusetts Bay Colony adopt that guaranteed self-government?
    26. According to John Winthrop, what should society be based on?
    27. What colony did they establish?
    28. What type of government is run by a church?
    29. What event took place in which 15,000 people settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
    30. What two things were important to Puritan Society?
    31. Which Puritan minister broke away from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and founded Connecticut?
    32. What was the first formal written constitution in America?
    33. Who established the colony of Rhode Island and promoted religious toleration?
    34. What were his view in regards to church and state?
    35. Whose doctrine threatened the Puritan Commonwealth and was expelled from Massachusetts?
    36. Who was given the territory of Maryland in 1632 and held the title Lord Baltimore?
    37. What colony was established as a refuge for Catholics in the New World?
    38. What extended religious toleration to all Christians in the colony of Maryland in 1649?
    39. Which English explorer sought the Northwest Passage and died in his fourth expedition?
    40. What name was give to the mythical water route through the North American continent to the Pacific Ocean?
    41. What is the first permanent Dutch settlement in North America?
    42. What was its capitol?
    43. What country took over the Dutch Colony New Netherlands in 1664?
    44. Who received a grant of land in North America from Charles II and established the colony of Pennsylvania in 1681?
    45. According to William Penn, what should Pennsylvania be a model of?
    46. Which three colonies encouraged religious toleration?
    47. Who established the colony of Georgia as a buffer colony and a sanctuary for debtors?
The Development and Growth of the Colonies
    48. What was the name given to the seven colonies that were consolidated into one from 1686-1689?
    49. Which name was given to the German inhabitants of Pennsylvania?
    50. Definition- A person bound for a specific length of time, usually 4 to 7 years, of servitude to a master, usually in repayment for the voyage
        to the New World:

    51. What tragedy struck the community of Salem in 1692 and resulted in the death of twenty of its own villagers?
    52. What was the first major religious movement in America?
    53. In which decade did it take place?
    54. Which minister of the Church of England started the library movement in America?
    55. Who sparked the Great Awakening in New England?
    56. What was his most famous sermon?
    57. Which English evangelist taught throughout all the colonies in America?
The Mercantile Crunch
    58. What economic system is regulated and controlled by the government for nationalistic ends?
    59. What doctrine states that a nation’s wealth is based on its holdings of precious metals?
    60. Definition- An economic system in which the economy is regulated, directed and controlled for nationalist ends:
    61. Definition- Describes government action to regulate or control what would otherwise be voluntary peaceful activities. It is most often used
        to refer to interference in the economy (mercantilism), but it can refer as well to religion or any other area of human activity:

    62. Definition- Goods shipped out of one country to another:
    63. Definition- Goods brought into a country from other countries:
    64. Definition- The income of government, usually arising from taxes, though it may come from such varied sources as licenses, fees, the sale
        of land, charges for services, tariffs and others:

    65. Definition- Charges placed on goods by government that are shipped into or out of a country. Rates are placed on particular commodities
        and may vary as to their percentage of the selling price from one commodity to another; also referred to as duties and customs charges:

    66. What regulated colonial shipping and trade with foreign countries?
    67. What wars were started because of this trade policy?
    68. Which war broke out between England and the Netherlands over colonial trade policies?
    69. What war broke out between England and France from 1689-1697?
    70. What war broke out between England and France from 1702-1713?
    71. What war broke out between England and Spain from 1739-1748?
    72. What European conflict took place from 1754 to 1763 between Britain and its colonies and France and its colonies?
    73. What country sought to protect its claims in North American by building forts in the Ohio River Valley, including Fort Duquesne ?
    74. What plan did Benjamin Franklin present that would unite the colonies against the French?
    75. What officially ended the French and Indian War?

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