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									What is a Starter or a Mover?

A Starter is someone who is:
      Homeless
      Staying with a friend or relative

      Staying in a hostel
      Staying in supported accommodation

      Having a relationship breakdown

      Renting a house or flat from a private sector landlord.

A Mover is someone who is:

      A tenant of a Housing Association or Housing Co-operative

      A Council tenant

      Part of a joint tenancy with the Council or a Housing Association

      A tenant of tied accommodation that is provided by your employer

      An owner-occupier of a home (you may be paying a mortgage)

Please note that adverts will state if preference is going to be given to
existing Viewpoints tenants for that vacancy. This means that any of our
tenants bidding for this property will be considered before any other

You can only apply for homes marked with the right symbol for you. If you
are not sure whether you are a Starter or a Mover, or have any other
questions please contact Viewpoint Housing Association on 0131 668
4247, email us at , contact us via or call into our offices at:

                          4 South Oswald Road,
                                EH9 2HG
What is Choice Based Letting?                                         form and you will be placed on the Edinburgh Housing Register
                                                                      (EdIndex). To obtain an application form please contact Viewpoint
Choice based letting is a letting system where all available
                                                                      Housing Association on 0131 668 4247 or EdIndex Central
properties are advertised each week in the Edinburgh Evening News
                                                                      Administration Unit on 0131 529 5080/5095/5099.
and on line at          Edindex
Applicants can bid for up to three properties each week by            2. Fill out a Note of Interest Form
completing a note of interest form or by contacting the Council or
                                                                      If you see a property you are interested in, you can bid for it by
the Housing Associations involved directly.
                                                                      completing a Note of Interest form. Forms will be printed in the
From 10th September 2007 Viewpoint Housing Association will be        Evening News, or you can pick up a copy from the Viewpoint Office
piloting the above Choice Based Letting scheme for 3 months. This     or your local Library. You can also download them from the website.
is being done to see if we can improve the timescales in which we
                                                                      You can bid for up to three properties at any one time. Once you
re-let empty properties and thus save on loss of rent.
                                                                      have filled out your Note of Interest form, you must then email,
If it is successful, we plan to revert completely to this way of      post or hand it in to any Council Housing office. For your bid to
letting.                                                              count, the Council must receive it before the advertised closing
Where will homes be advertised?
                                                                      What happens after I have submitted my Note of Interest
1. Every Monday’s Edinburgh Evening News will have a section
   dedicated to the properties available from Viewpoint, Edinburgh
   Council and the other pilot members.                               Top priority is given to those in medical need, followed by those who
                                                                      are homeless, then to those living in overcrowded accommodation or
2. All local offices, Housing Associations and local Libraries will
                                                                      who are under-occupying properties. After that bidders are listed
   have a supplement containing the information found in that
                                                                      in order of who has lived in their property the longest.
   week’s Evening News.
                                                                      The adverts will show the kind of household the home is suitable
3. On the internet. Log on to     or
                                                                      for, for example, a couple. They will also show whether the home is
                                                                      suitable for a Starter or a Mover. This will affect who is the
4. Free Internet access is available in libraries. You can also bid   successful bidder.
   for properties with your Coordinator at your complex and at
                                                                      We will only contact you if you are a successful bidder. If you are
   Viewpoint Office (4 South Oswald Road, Edinburgh).
                                                                      unsuccessful, you can keep bidding every week until you find the
What do I need to do?                                                 home you like. Results tables will be published so you will be able to
1. Get Registered                                                     see how many people are bidding for properties in your area and how
                                                                      they have been allocated. This information is also available on the
To bid for a property you must first register. To register, (if you
have not already done so) simply complete an EdIndex application

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