PhotoShop : Cultural Ideal of Beauty Assignment by kGA19c


									             PhotoShop : Cultural Ideal of Beauty Assignment
                                  Part 2 : Photo Manipulation
Now that you have chosen another culture’s ideal of beauty, it is time to transform yourself!

  1: Take a photographic self-portrait of your face (landscape or horizontal orientation). Be sure
  your image is clear. You might want to take a few pictures to be sure you don’t end up with a
  blurry one. Drop these into your folder on the server.

  2: Open Photoshop and create a new document: 11” wide x 8.5 tall” with 300 pixel resolution
  and a black background color. Show your rulers and drag your guides to create a 0.25”
  border all the way around the edge of your document. Drag another horizontal guide to the 4”

  3: Open your portrait photo in Photoshop and place in the upper left hand corner of your guides.
  Select Edit > Transform > Scale while holding down the shift key to drag the bottom to line up
  with your 4” guide. Duplicate the layer place it in the upper right hand corner of your guides. This
  will be the layer you manipulate. Your images should occupy no more than the top ½ of your
  document (see example below). Be sure to lock the original image.

  4: Manipulate your image to conform to the standards of beauty of the culture you researched
  using PhotoShop. You must also replace your background with an image you might see in your
  chosen culture. You will need to conduct searches to find tutorials for in-depth instructions on
  how to perform very specific tasks in Photoshop, such as: adding tattoos, changing skin
  tone/color, changing hair color, morphing the shape of eyes, elongating the neck, etc. This is
  very high-level work you will be doing -- you will stretch you boundaries of both your comfort and
  skill levels. Patience and determination will be very valuable assets for this project.

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