Things To Consider When Choosing A Retirement Community For Your Parents by DougWilkins1


									         Things To Consider When Choosing A Retirement Community For Your Parents

Often the process of searching for the best retirement community your parents can move in to can
certainly be pretty complicated. As if making the ultimate decision of having to relocate your mother
and father to a retirement center isn’t heartbreaking enough! Fortunately, there are tons of resources
that will help your folks and the whole household manage this life-changing event.

Knowing that your mom or dad (or both) receive the very best care and accommodation by a capable
and reliable nursing home staff will give you comfort. Here is a list of guidelines you can bring with
you when touring several retirement residential areas to find the one that’s best for your folks:

The Atmosphere

A warm, pleasant, and comfortable ambiance is vital in a nursing home. Make the move as easy as
possible by picking a community that, to your dad and mom, will still feel like home away from home.

The right nursing home would be located within a secure neighborhood and from the city noise. Upon
entering the facility, take note of the surroundings, the outside appearance of the apartments, and the
actual living quarters of the residents.

More importantly, observe how the staff treats the residents. Are they demonstrating patience, warmth,
and friendliness when dealing with the elderlies? If you see an indication of impatience or hostility in
some of the workers, consider searching for another elderly care facility where you are positive that
your parents will be given utmost care and respect.

You should pay attention to how the residents act and behave. If they look engaged, at ease, and content
when interacting with the staff and fellow occupants, then they must be getting the attention and care
they need.

Services and Policies

Staff members should be available 24/7 to provide medical or personal care to those who need it. Find
out their policies on medications, including self-administration, safe-keeping, and record-keeping. Ask
if they have an individual plan of care for each resident. This is very important particularly for those
with special needs or dementia.

Be aware of their emergency handling policies and if employees who give them are qualified
professionals. It is very important for a senior retirement community to have a medical professional
who visits the facility frequently and who would be on-call 24/7 to address medical emergencies
anytime they arise.


If you believe you’ve found a retirement community where you’re confident your loved ones will feel
most at home at, don’t enter a contract just yet. You will need to consider your loved ones’ health
condition and figure out whether the retirement home is able to provide for your parents’ needs.
Different retirement homes feature different packages at different prices. Residential care facilities
provide board, lodging and help for activities related to independent living. Senior assisted living
facilities provide more services like private rooms, recreation, and personal care, thus charging more
than what residential care facilities do.

Check if there are added fees that you will be paying apart from the obvious entry and monthly fees.
Read the fine print of the contract for an exit clause, in case you will find the need to break from the
contract early.

Finding the ideal retirement communities in Florida can be a long and difficult process, but this is the
life of your dad and mom we are discussing so don’t rush and consider the options carefully.

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