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									How Can We Choose Students from Rural Area
                                                                                     B.Warachit, S.Yudthasompop, P.Ratanachai, P.Boonluksiri, A.Khaimook
                                                                                                                                  K Chamniprasart, A. Wichayanond2
                                                                 The Collaborative Project to Increase Production of Rural Doctors, Hatyai Medical Education Center
                                                                                                          Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
                                                                                                                                      Email :

         Most medical students in Thailand had their
hometown in capital or big city, so they did not want                                        150 school students were enrolled and 73
to work in rural area especially in a sensitive and                                 students were selected. T score was calculated in
cultural diversity area. High school students from rural                            order to adjust into standard score.
area rarely had a seat in Faculty of Medicine because                                        Total scores of those who passed were
of conventional selection method using national                                     statistically significant higher than those who were
examination test and short interview. However , local                               not passed.
recruitment faced the problem of lower national                                     Figure 1 Comparison the mean scores between
examination scores than normal track leading to                                     selected and non selected students
dropping out because of inability to learn or dislike this
profession.                                                                                         54                  52.67
        We believe that students from rural area                                                    50
with high performance in learning, communication and                                                                                 45.35
professional attitude can be trained to be a good                                                   46
                                                                                                    42                                       p<0.01
             Objective                                                                                   s el ect ed      non
                                                                                                                       s el ect ed

                                                                                                Using Pearson correlation, there is
       To determine competency of selected students                                  correlation in four selection methods significantly
using new selection method.                                                          ( r = 0.23 0.47, all p value < 0.01)
                                                                                               The selected students had higher ability
                                                                                   than non selected in three methods except ward
            Methodology                                                            working as shown in Table 1. Despite ward working
                                                                                   had lowest odds ratio , we will go on using this
         High school students from rural area had to                               method because the dislike can be screened.
join four main methods of selection to test student
competency including learning skills, working in wards, Table 1 Comparison of four selection methods
interview with patients and interview by committees.    between selected and non selected students using
                                                        multiple logistic regression.
         150 students from rural area joined 5 days
                                                           Selection method  O.R.     S.E. 95% C.I. p Value
 activities of selection.
                                                                                   Learning skill                      1.09          0.04    1.02 1.16    < 0.001
       Ratio of selected students were 1:2 in                                      Interview with patient              1.15          0.05    1.06 1.25    < 0.001
2002 - 2003 and 1:1.5 in 2004 and 2005.                                            Working in wards                    1.05          0.04    0.99 1.13     0.124
                                                                                   Interview by committee              1.20          0.06    1.10 1.32    < 0.000

  Selection methods   Competency Testing               What we do

   Learning skills    intellectual, knowledge
                      and self- directed
                                                Listening, answering
                                                question, reading article,           Conclusion
                       learning, critical       data interpretation
                      appraisal skill
                                                                                          Following our policy “local recruitment, local
  Working in wards    professional attitude,  Student from the same
                      communication skill,    province working in
                                                                                   training in community and hometown placement ”,
                      work as part of a team. the same wards                       we had to choose the students who are competent
                                                                                   to solve inability of learning and catch up with
  Interview with      communication skill,      Students interviewed with          medical students in normal track who had higher
  patients            problem solving skill     patient and were observed
                                                by two assessors.
                                                                                   national examination scores. This selection method
                                                                                   has to improved in ward working assessment and
  Interview by        personality,              Student was interview by           has to evaluate further for outcome of student
  committee           communication skill,      two committees, the                selection when they go back to work in their
                      ethics, professional      committees were trained
                      attitude                  before interviewing.               hometown.

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