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                  FOR THE TRADE OF




                  (Four Semesters )

                 Designed in – 2012

                   Government of India
        Ministry of Labour & Employment (DGE&T)
               EN-81,Sector -V, Salt Lake,
                   Kolkata – 700 091
    List of the trade committee members approved the syllabus of Semester System
      under Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) held on 13th &14th Sep.2011
                       at ATI, Mumbai – 22, Maharashtra.

  Shri S.J.Amalan, Director, C.S.T.A.R.I, kolkata

Sl. No.   Name and Designation ,Shri         Organization              Remarks
     1.   S/Shri R. K. Pathak                ATI, Mumbai               Chairman
          Director In Charge/HOD
    2.    Ujjwal Biswas                      ATI, Mumbai               Member
          Dy. Director of Trg
    3.    Abhinoy Nandi                      ATI, Mumbai               Member
          Dy. Director of Trg
    4.    P.S. More, Training Officer        ATI, Mumbai               Member
    5.    S. J. Wakde, Training Officer      ATI, Mumbai               Member
    6.    Smt. Kavita K. Phadnis,            ATI, Mumbai               Member
          Training Officer
    7.     A.R.H. Shaikh, Training Officer   ATI, Mumbai               Member
    8.    N.V.Nare, Training Officer         ITI, Mahad                Member
    9.    J.H.Suryawanshi,                   ITI, Mahad                Member
          Training Officer
    10.   D. N. More, Training Officer       ITI, Mahad                Member
    11.   A. N. Mancharkar, Instructor       IT I Ambarnath            Member
    12.   S. Z. Rajput, Instructor           IT I Ambarnath            Member
    13.   P.R.Patil, Instructor              ITI, Nagathane, Roha      Member
    14.   S.S.Barve, Instructor              ITI, Mahad                Member
    15.   R.S.Wagh, Instructor               ATI, Mumbai               Member
    16.   D. M. Basha, Instructor            ATI, Mumbai               Member
                           GENERAL INFORMATION

1                              LABORATORY ASSISTANT CHEMICAL PLANT (LACP)
    Name of the Trade
2   NCO Code
3                             Passed 10th class examination under 10+2 system of
    Entry Qualification       education with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
                              or its equivalent.
4   Duration of Craftsmen     2 Years
    Training Scheme           (Four semesters having duration of six months each)

5   Unit Strength             20

6   Space norms               130 sq. mt.
7   Power Norms               6 kw
8   Qualification of the      Degree in appropriate branch of engineering from recognized
    Instructor                University.
                              Three year Diploma in appropriate branch of engineering
                              (Chemical/Petrochemical) trade concerned from recognized Board
                              / Institution.
                              Passed National Trade Certificate with 5 years of experience in the
                              relevant field. (LACP)

                              Experience : one year for Degree holder and two years for
                                           Diploma holder and five years for NTC holder.

                              Desirable Qualification : Preference will be given to a
                                      candidate having Craft instructor Training Certificate.
                              (If not done CITS than must be trained within
                              02yrs on joining)
       Syllabus for the trade of “LABORATORY ATTENDANT (CHEMICAL PLANT)” under Craftsmen Training
                                    Scheme (CTS) Based on Semester System

                                                   1st Semester-LACP
                      (Chemistry, physics, Vocational Science & Calculation, Engineering Drawing)

Week           Trade Practical              Trade Theory          Vocational Science &            Engineering Drawing
1               2                                    3                      4                               5
1       Induction Training.               Induction Training.     Introduction to Workshop
        Operation of fire extinguisher.   Fire & Safety in        Calculation and Science         Introduction to engineering
        Use of personal protective        Chemical Lab/Plant.     Units and conversion            drawing. Its relevance to
        equipments. Introduction to       Introduction of         classification of units,        the trade. Use of drawing
        Material Safety Data Sheet        pollution control.      conversion of units : British   board, T-Square, etc.
        (MSDS) and personal               Occupational Safety     system to metric system ,SI
        protection equipments (PPEs)      & Health                System and vice –versa
        used in chemical plant.           Basic safety
                                          Personal protection:-
                                          Basic injury
                                          prevention, Basic
                                          first aid, Hazard
                                          identification and
                                          avoidance, safety
                                          signs for Danger,
                                          Warning, caution &
                                      personal safety

2   Volumetric Analysis               General & Physical    Arithmetic: Fundamental     Use of set squares/mini
    (Acidimetric Titrations)          Chemistry             Operation General           drafter and other drawing
    Preparation of solutions of                             Simplifications LCM / GCM   instruments. Method of
    solids, liquids, volatile, non-   Introduction to       - Shop problems             fixing a drawing sheet on
    volatile, etc. substances.        chemistry.                                        the board. Layout of
    Preparation of standard &         Elements, atoms &                                 drawing sheet (Borderline
    primary standard solutions        molecules                                         title block etc.) Use of
                                                                                        different scales mm., inch
                                      Chemical & physical
3   Analysis of acids & bases.        Atomic molecular      Graph: rules of drawing     Free hand drawing of
                                      and equivalent        graph. drawing and          straight lines, rectangle,
                                      weights.              reading of simple graph ,   squares, circles, polygon
                                      Crystallography.      graph of simple equations   etc.
                                      Solutions.            and compound equations      Free hand drawing of
                                                                                        simple solids such as cube,
                                                                                        rectangular blocks,
                                                                                        cylinders, cones etc.and
                                                                                        their views when viewed
                                                                                        perpendicular to their base
                                                                                        or axis.
4   Analysis of acids & bases.     , the laws of chemical Square and Square Roots        Writing single stroke letters
                                   combinations           – methods of finding out       and numbers as per IS:
                                                          square roots, Pythagoras       1972 (IInd Revision).
                                                          theorem, Shop problem.         Geometrical construction
                                                                                         on lines, angles and

5   Analysis of acids & bases.     Periodic table of the    Ratio & Proportion: Shop     Geometrical construction of
                                   elements.                problems related to ratio,   lines, angles & triangles.
                                                                direct and indirect
6   Oxidation-Reduction titration. Periodic study of S &   Percentage: Changing          Geometrical construction of
    Permanganometry-titration      P Block Elements:       Percentage to Decimal and     regular polygons.
    using permanganate solution                            Fraction and vice versa.
                                                           Applied problems. Average
    Oxidation-Reduction titration. Periodic study of:      Algebra:                      Convention representation
7   Permanganometry-titration        (a) Zero group        Basics, simple equations,     of common materials.
    using permanganate solution      (b) Transition        simultaneous equations,
                                         Elements.         quadratic equation & shop
8   Dichrometry titrations using   Periodic study of:       Logarithms :
    dichromate solution.              (a) 4th B group      Introduction, definition,    Pictorial drawing Isometric
                                      (b) 5th B group      characteristic & mantissa,   drawing of simple blocks
                                      (c) 6th B group      how to refer log tables and
                                      (d) 7th B group      anti log tables, rules while
                                      (e) 8th B group      using logarithms, examples
9    Dichrometry titrations using     Chemical equilibrium. Velocity and Speed:
                                                                                         Isometric views of simple
     dichromate solution.             Thermo-chemistry & rest and motion, vector         solid and hollow Object
                                      thermodynamics.       quantity ,scalar quantity
                                                            ,speed, velocity ,
                                                            difference between speed
                                                            & velocity ,acceleration ,
                                                            equations and laws of
                                                            motion, , Rotational

10   Iodo and iodimetry titrations    Chemical equilibrium. Metals and Non-metals :      Orthographic views of
                                                                                         simple objects by 1st angle
     using iodine solution directly   Thermo-chemistry & Properties of metals ,          projection
     or indirectly.                   thermodynamics.       types of metals , difference
                                                            between ferrous and non
                                                            ferrous metals ,
                                                            classification of iron : pig
                                                            iron , cast iron, wrought
                                                            iron ,Steel: types of steel,
                                                            difference between cast
                                                            iron and steel, types of
                                                            alloy steel, Difference
                                                            between metal &
     Iodo and iodimetry titrations    Colloidal osmosis    Heat Treatment :purpose        Orthographic views of
                                                                                          simple objects by 1st angle
11   using iodine solution directly   catalysis            of heat treatment              projection
     or indirectly.                                        ,methods of heat
                                                           treatment annealing ,
                                                           normalizing , hardening,
                                                           tempering, case hardening
12   Precipitation titration.         Metallurgy           Density and Specific
                                                                                          Orthographic views of
                                      Metallurgy of:       Gravity                        simple objects by 3rd angle
                                        (a) Aluminum.      Mass ,weight , density ,       projection
                                        (b) Copper         relative density ,
                                                           Archimedes’s principle ,
                                                           simple experimental
13   Precipitation titration.         Metallurgy of:       Surface Tension and
                                        (a) Silver         Viscosity :                    Orthographic views of
                                        (b) Chromium        Definition and units          simple objects by 3rd angle
                                                            Different methods of          projection
                                                           determination                  .

     Complexo metric titrations       Metallurgy of:        Friction and Lubrication      Drawing of different types
14                                      (a) Iron & Steel   Definition, co-efficient of    of thread forms, rivet
                                        (b) Zinc & its     friction, limiting friction,   heads, keys, and coupling.
                                            alloys.        laws of limiting friction      Drawing of different types
                                                                                          of riveted joints such as lap
                                                           angle of friction, simple      and butt joints
                                                           problem related to friction,
                                                           types of lubricant,
                                                           Advantages and
                                                           disadvantage of friction
15   Complexo metric titrations   Non-Metals:               Force : Newton’s law of        Drawing of different types
                                                                                           of locking devices such as
                                  Preparation,              motion, unit of force , to     double nut, castle nut, pin
                                  properties & uses of      find out resultant force ,     etc
                                  following:                representation of force ,
                                      (a) Hydrogen & its    parallel forces ,couple
                                      (b) Oxygen
                                      (c) Sulphur& its
16   Complexo metric titrations   Preparation,              Law of parallelogram of
                                  properties & uses of      forces ,condition of           Revision    and     more
                                  following:                equilibrium ,kinds of          exercises on orthographic
                                       (a) Nitrogen & its   equilibrium ,,some             views of machine parts
                                           compounds.       examples of equilibrium in     such as bearing brackets
                                       (b) Phosphorus &     daily life, triangle law of    etc.
                                           its              forces ,converse of triangle
                                           compounds.       of forces , Lami’s theorem,
                                       (c) Chlorine & its   jib crane.
                                  Fluorine and its
17   Physics Lab                    Moment and Levers           Work, Power and Energy.       Free-hand sketches of Hand
                                    : moments, units,           Potential and Kinetic         Tools, Screw drivers, Plier,
     To study parallelogram of      arm of couple and           Energy .                      Spanner, Tweezer. Free-
     forces with the help of        moment of couple ,                                        hand sketches of Vernier
     mechanical board.              types of Levers                                           Caliper, micrometer, Depth
                                    Simple machines                                           Gauge, Dial Test Indicator,
     Determination of acceleration Simple machines ,                                          Bevel protractor
     due to gravity by simple       efforts and load ,
     pendulum Determination of      mechanical
     coefficient of static friction advantage, velocity
     using                          ratio , efficiency of
                                    machines , their
     of mechanical advantage        examples
     velocity ratio and %
     efficiency of Simple machine
     Determination of Young’s
     Modulus       by      Seattle's
18   Determination of coefficient    Elasticity,:               Elasticity, Problems on       ISI symbols of Generator,
     of expansion of solid           Introduction , stress      stress and strain , modulus   Voltmeter, Ammeter, Watt-
                                     and strain , modulus       of elasticity, different      meter. of Resister,
     Determination of coefficient    of elasticity, different   types of stresses, Hooke's    inductor, Capacitor,
     of Thermal conductivity of      types of stresses,         law , Young's modulus ,       Transformer, AC & DC
     metal rod                       Hooke's law , Young's      Yield point , ultimate,       motors.etc.
                                     modulus , Yield point      stress-strain graph ,         Drawing of pressure control
                                     , ultimate, stress-        modulus of Rigidity. ,        process line.
                                     strain graph ,             poison ratio, bulk modulus,
                                     modulus of Rigidity. ,    factor of safety, examples
                                     poison ratio, bulk
                                     modulus, factor of
                                     safety, examples
19   To study Ohm's law and          Heat and                  Heat and Temperature           Drawing different types of
     Kirchhoff’s law about current   Temperature Heat,         Heat and temperature and       pipeline diagram, pipe
     and voltage.                    unit of heat,             their units , Boiling point,   fitting symbols.
                                     temperature,              Melting point,
     To study electric cell using    difference between        temperature scales ,
     series and parallel             heat and temp. ,          specific heat , thermal        Free hand sketching of pipe
     connections.                    modes of heat             capacity                       joints and fittings.
                                     transfer, Boiling         interchanges of heat ,
      Determination of specific      point, Melting point,     latent heat of fusion ,
     resistance using wheat          Scale of temp. ,          latent heat of vapour ,
     stone's Bridge.                 specific heat ,           transmission of heat,
                                     thermal capacity ,        thermal expansion of
                                     water equivalent of       solids, liquids and gases ,
                                     heat , interchanges of    co-efficient of linear
                                     heat , latent heat of     expansion , indicated
                                     fusion , latent heat of   thermal efficiency , brake
                                     vapour , transmission     thermal efficiency ,
                                     of heat, thermal          examples
                                     expansion of solids,
                                     liquids and gases , co-
                                     efficient of linear
                                     expansion , indicated
                                     thermal efficiency ,
                                       brake thermal
                                       efficiency , examples

20   Verification of faraday’s First   Electricity :            Electricity : simple          Free hand sketches of
     law of electrolysis.              Electric current, +Ve    calculations ,                   - Layout of Chemistry
                                       and      -Ve terminals   Ohm's law ,simple                   Laboratory
     Determination of mechanical       , Use of                 calculation , electrical         - Electrolytic Analyzer
     equivalent of heat using          fuses and switches ,     insulating                       - PH meter
                                       conductors and           Materials, Kirchhoff’s law,      - Redwood
     electrical method
                                       insulators , simple      examples, Parallel and              Viscometer
                                       electrical Circuits ,    series circuit connections.      - Microscope
                                       Ohm's law , electrical
                                                                Whetstone’s bridge
                                       insulating Materials,
                                       Kirchhoff’s law,
                                       examples, Parallel       Electrolysis, conservation
                                       and series circuit       of electrical energy into     Block Diagram of
                                       connections.             heat energy, Joule’s law.        - Photo colorimeter
                                       Whetstone’s bridge       mechanical equivalent of         - Flame Photometer
                                       potentiometer.           heat                             - Spectrophotometer
                                       conservation of
                                       electrical energy into
                                       heat energy, Joule’s
                                       law. mechanical
                                       equivalent of heat
21-                                        Revision & Test

       Syllabus for the trade of “LABORATORY ATTENDANT (CHEMICAL PLANT)” under Craftsmen Training
                                    Scheme (CTS) Based on Semester System

                                              2nd Semester-LACP
                 (Chemistry, Instrumentation, Vocational Science & Calculation, Engineering Drawing)

Week                                             Vocational Science &         Engineering Drawing
No.        Trade Practical       Trade Theory
27      Gravimetric           General &          Mensuration:
        estimations           Physical           Introduction , Rectangle,    Construction of Isometric scales and
                              Chemistry          Square, Parallelogram,       drawings.
                                                 Trapezium , Rhombus,          Isometric Projection of simple solids
                                                 Triangles , Radius of        etc.
                                                 larger holes that can be
                                                 inscribed in a given
                                                 triangle , Pentagon ,
                                                 Hexagon, Circle , Sector ,
                                                 segment of a Circle ,
                                                 Ellipse, length of Belts
                                                 ,Area of irregular Surface
28   Gravimetric   The structure of      Same as week No.27        Orthographic views of objects by 1st
     estimations   atom.                                           angle projection
29   Gravimetric   The structure of    Same as week No.27          Orthographic views of objects by 3rd
     estimations   atom                                            angle projection.
30   Gravimetric   radioactivity        Same as week No.27         Sectional view of simple objects such as
     estimations                                                   brackets, bearings etc.
31   Gravimetric   Chemical            Finding out volumes of      Drawing sketches of different types of
     estimations   bonding             solids: cube, rectangular   valves, such as gate valve, globe valve,
                   electronic theory   solid, cylinder, hallow     ball valve, Plug Valve, check valve etc.
                   of valancy          cylinder, sphere, hallow
                                       sphere, hemisphere,
                                       cone, frustum of cone,
32   Gravimetric   Gas laws,Boyles        Same as week No.31       Drawing sketches of different types of
     estimations   law,Charls                                      valves, such as Needle valve, Plug Valve,
                   law,Gas                                         check valve, diphagram valve etc.
                   Law of diffusion,                               .
                   Daltons law of
                   partial pressure.
33   Gravimetric   Gas laws, Boyles      Same as week No.31        Drawing sketches of different types of
     estimations   law, Charlslaw,                                 pumps such as centrifugal, reciprocating
                   Gas equation,                                   and rotary pump ,etc
                   Law of diffusion,
                   Daltons law of
                   partial pressure.
34   Gravimetric             Fertilizer its types Statistics                    Drawing of Different types of symbols
     estimations             & uses               Introduction to statistics,   used in chemical industry
                                                  Frequency Distribution
                                                  Mean, Median & Mode,
35   Inorganic qualitative   Fertilizer its types           Statistics          Free hand sketches of different types of
     analysis                & uses                    Mean Deviation,          Shell and tube Heat Exchanges /
                                                  Standard Deviation.           Evaporators. / Distillation Column.
36   Inorganic qualitative   Atmosphere air       Trigonometry-                 Free hand sketching of spur, helical and
     analysis                                     Trigonometrically ratios,     bevel gears.
                                                  use of Trigonometrically
                                                  tables , area of triangle
                                                  by trigonometry,
                                                  problem based on
                                                  trigonometric table( sine,
                                                  cosine, tangent
                                                  tables )
37   Inorganic qualitative   Atmosphere air      Same as week No.36     Free Hand Sketch of Process Flow Sheet
     analysis                                                           of Manufacturing of Sulphuric Acid
38   Inorganic qualitative   Electro-chemistry Same as week No.36       Free Hand Sketches of Process Flow
     analysis                & electrolysis                             Sheets of Manufacturing- Ammonia and
39   Inorganic qualitative   Electro-chemistry Finding height and       Free Hand Sketches of Process Flow
     analysis                & electrolysis    distance by trigonometry Sheets of Manufacturing of Sugar &
                                               , application of         Ethyl Alcohol
                                               trigonometry to shop
                                               problems, Problems on
                                               measurement of liquid
                                                  quantity by change in
                                                  height of liquid
40   Inorganic qualitative    Law of mass         Pressure :                 Free Hand Sketches of Process Flow
     analysis                 action              Types of pressure,         Sheets of Manufacturing of
                                                  Atmospheric pressure,      -Caustic Soda and Chlorine
                                                  Vacuum pressure, gauge     - Soda Ash
                                                  pressure & absolute
                                                  pressure and its units,
                                                  pressure measuring
41   Inorganic qualitative    Law of mass         Balancing of chemical      Free Hand Sketches of Process Flow
     analysis                 action              equation.                  Sheets of petroleum refining process
42   Inorganic qualitative    Study of physical The mole & pH                Flow Sheet of Manufacturing of Soap
     analysis                 properties of       calculation.               and Glycerin
                              substances          Material balance without
                                                  chemical reaction.
43   Calibration of           Units of pressure, Avogadros Hypothesis        Free Hand Sketches of Process Flow
     Bourdon tube             measurement of (conversion of mass into        Sheets of Manufacturing of Portland
     pressure                 pressure         by volume of chemicals)       Cement
                    gauges    different
     Study Manometer          methods.
44   Calibration of Alcohol   Temperature         Atomic ,Molecular &        Instrumentation Diagram of a Distillation
     in glass thermometer.    scale, different    Equivalent Weight.         Column, an Evaporator & Tray Drier
     Calibration of bi-       methods of
     metallic thermometer     temperature
45      Testing of a Resistance    Same as week Percentage composition,       Drawing of pressure, Level ,flow and
        thermometer                No.44        Empirical formula &           temperature control system.
        Testing               of                Molecular formula.
46      Study of recorders         Recorder,          Percentage Purity.      Free-hand sketch of Analytical Balances
        transmitters               On off controller.
        Controllers                Transmitter                                Free-hand sketch of laboratory glass

47-52                                REVISION &TEST

        Syllabus for the trade of “LABORATORY ATTENDANT (CHEMICAL PLANT)” under Craftsmen Training
                                   Scheme (CTS) Based on Semester System

                                                  3rd Semester-LACP

                                           (Chemistry, Unit process)

Week                                                           Unit Process
No.         Trade Practical               Trade Theory

1                  2                        3                       4
53   General introduction.   Introduction to Organic   Introduction of unit processes in chemical industries
                             Chemistry.                .Importance and use of symbols , colour coding , block
                                                       diagram , flow sheeting & specification sheet in chemical
                                                       process industries
54   Organic Preparation:    Purification of Organic   Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     Acetylation:            Compounds.                manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     preparation of                                    Sulphuric acid
     acetalide, &
     percentage yield

55   EASTERIFICATION         Purification of Organic   Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     Preparation of Methyl   Compounds.                manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     Oxalate& percentage                               Soda ash
     yield determination
56   Sulphonation:           Types of organic          Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     Laboratory              reactions                 manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     preparation of sodium                             Caustic Soda and Chlorine
     benzene sulphonate&
     percentage yield
57   Nitration:              Classification &          Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     Laboratory              nomenclature.             manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     preparation of                                    Nitric acid
     nitrobenzene. &
     percentage yield
     Preparation of
58   Oxidation:               Aliphatic hydrocarbons
     Laboratory preparation   Halogen derivatives of  Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     of oxalic acid           hydrocarbons –aliphatic manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
      Reduction               alcohol                 ammonia
     Laboratory preparation
     of aniline:
59   Diazotization:           Ethers                   Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     Preparation of methyl    Aldehydes                manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     orang , Ozazone,         Ketones                  urea
60   Saponification:          Carboxylic acid.         Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     Preparation of soap.     Amides & Anhydride,      manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     Preparation of aspirin   Acid Halides             Soap and Glycerine
61   Preparation of           Esters                   Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     camphor &                Oil & Fats.              manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     phenolphthalein          Soaps & Detergents.      Portland cement
62   Inorganic preparation:   Amines                   Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     Preparation of sodium    Cyanogan compounds       manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses of
     carbonate. And                                    sugar
     determination of % of
     purity,% yield
63   Preparation of copper    Carbohydrates            Process classification, raw materials, chemical reactions,
     sulphate.                & Protein                manufacturing process description, flow sheet and uses
     & percentage purity,                              and ethyl alcohol
     %yield determination.
64   Preparation of Mohr’s    Polymers, Aromatic,   Petroleum & petroleum refining crude oil & its origin and
     salt& percentage         Hydrocarbons, , ,     classification , distillation of crude
     purity, %yield           aromatic ethers.
65   Preparation of alum:                           unit process involved in petroleum refining , properties of
     Ferric or potash         halogen derivatives   uses of petroleum products
     alum,& %yield
66   Preparation of           Compounds with        Water: Mineral matter, Hardness, Causes of Scale
     potassium nitrate. &     nitrogen urea         formation & their Removal. Water Treatment & Types of
     percentage purity,                             Water used in Industry
     %yield determination
67   Analysis of organic                             Boiler feed water treatment and sewage waste water
     compounds to                                   treatment
     determine :
     a) elements present
     b) functional group
     c) melting point
     d) preparation of
     e) M.P. of derivative
     for following group of
     compounds alcohols,
     acids, carbohydrates,
     nitro compounds,
     amines, halogen
        compounds, sulphur
        compounds, phenolic
        aldehydes, keytons &
        esters, etc.
68        Same as week no 67   Aromatic acids        Global Warming & climate changes and their effects on
                                                     human life , agriculture ,plants and animals
69        Same as week no 67   Compounds of double & Effluents and Environmental Issues
                               triple rings          (Air&Water,noise,radiation Pollution ).Solid, liquid and
                                                     gaseous pollutants Sources of air , water,noise,radiation
                                                     pollutions & their effects.
70      Same as week no 67     Compounds of double & Effluent Treatment (Water & Air Pollution).Effluent: Types,
                               triple rings          Sources of effluent, effluent Analysis & Treatment
71       Same as week no 67    Heterocyclic          Equipments used to control water and air pollution in
                               compounds             chemical industries
72      Same as week no 67     Diazomiumsalts,colour  Corrosion : different types of Corrosion , Method of
                               and dyes.             Preventation

73-78                                           Revision and Test
       Syllabus for the trade of “LABORATORY ATTENDANT (CHEMICAL PLANT)” under Craftsmen Training
                                    Scheme (CTS) Based on Semester System

                                                    4th Semester-LACP
                                     (Chemistry , Microbiology, Chemical Calculations)

No.                       Trade Practical                                                Trade Theory

1                                2                                                   3
79      ESTIMATIONS-ORE AND ALLOY ANALYSIS:                     Determination of concentration of solutions by molarity,
        Analysis of bauxite or zinc ore. Aim, chemical          IMP by weight by grams per litre.
        required, reaction, method of estimations of            The Laws of chemical combination
80      Analysis of brass or analysis of soldering materials.   Law of multiple proportions
        Aim, chemicals & reagent required,                      Determination of atomic & molecular equivalent weight.
        reaction, method of estimations of elements.
81      INORGANIC ESTIMATIONS:                                  Percentage of elements in chemical compounds
        estimation of calcium in given tablet. Aim,             Empirical formulae of chemical compounds.
        chemicals & reagent required, reaction, method of
82      Analysis of gas by Orsat’s Apparatus .theory of gas     Empirical formulae of chemical compounds, balancing
        analysis. Method of operation.                          chemical equation
83      OIL ANALYSIS:                                           Electrolysis.
     Determination of acid value of an oil & or fat.
     Procedures, chemicals required. Definition of acid   Electro chemistry
     value & reaction. Determination of saponification    Heat effect of electricity.
     value of an oil or fat.
     Aim, apparatus & chemicals required. Definition,
     procedure & reaction.
84   Estimation of sugar by Lane’s & Eynon’s method.
     Estimation of glucose by iodometry.
     Aim, apparatus & chemicals, reaction, procedure      Calculation based on chemical reactions.
     & theory of the experiment.
85   Determination of fat by Soxhlet’s Extraction         Analysis, volumetric analysis.
     Aim, apparatus & chemicals required, reaction,
     procedure & theory of the experiment.
86   Estimation of nitrogen by Kjeldahl’s method.         Acidimetry, Redox method, precipitation method,
     Aim, apparatus, procedure & theory of the            gravimetric analysis. Indirect method of analysis. Calculation
     experiment                                           of results of analysis on dry materials.
87   Estimation of formaldehyde by Iodometric             THERMO
     method.                                              CHEMISTRY
     Aim, apparatus, chemical required, procedure &       Heat of dissolving, heat of chemical reactions.
     principle of the experiment.                         i) Hess’s law
                                                          ii) heat of for
88   Estimation of aniline or phenol in the given         PH & buffer solution Law of mass action
     solution by Bromination method. Aim, apparatus,
     chemical required, procedure & principle of the
89   Instrumental analysis                                Analysis of chemical compound by electrical energy.
     Potentiometeric Titrations.
     Conductometric Titrations.
90   Determination optical rotation of sugar          Radio chemistry,
     solution.using polarimeter                       Decay of radio isotopes.
                                                      Equation of decay half time value.
91   Determination of % of elements by electrolytic   Introduction to microbiology.
92   Determination of pH by pH meter.                 Introduction to Bacteria cell.

93   Calorimetric estimation                          Sterilization – Details study

94   Spectrophotometric analysis                      Introduction to Nutrition of bacteria.

95   Principle, handling & procedure for following    Introduction to Industrial Microbiology
     laboratory equipment:
     a) balance
     b) microscope
     c) electrolytic analyzer
     d) spectrophotometer
     e) photo calorimeter
     f) flame photometer
     g) refractometer (oil sugar)
     h) Karlfisher Apparatus.
     i) Orarat’s apparatus
     j) T.L.C., Paper
     k) Gas chromatography
       l ) High performance liquid chromatography
       m)Moisture balance
       n) Redwood viscometer
       o) Melting & boiling point apparatus

96     MICROBIOLOGY                                            Identification of different micro-organism
       Study & use of microscope. Study of common
       laboratory equipments used in microbiology.

97     Preparation of media technique of inoculations.         Micro- organisms & infections. Streptomycin Yeas
       Study of staining techniques, gram staining.

98     Determination of size of micro organism,                Bread ,Alcohol, Beers, Wines
       determination of thermal death time.
99                               Industrial training OR Project work preferably in cross sectoral trades

100-                                          Revision and Test
                 FOR LABORATORY ASSISTANT (for all semesters)

Sl. No.                               Name                             Quantity
  (1)                                  (2)                               (3)
   1.     Analytical balances of different makes ( with rider, optical    2 nos.
          reading, one pan analytical balance)

  2.      Digital balance                                                 5 nos.
  3.      Balance ( tech.) to 1 kg.                                        1 no.
  4.      Hand centrifuge for determination of fat in milk (Gerber)       2 nos.
  5.      Auto-clave electrically heated                                   1 no.
  6.      Centrifuges electrical                                          2 nos.
  7.      Vacuum pump (central, for 20 places)                             1 no.
  8.      Vacuum pump mounted on moving tables                            2 nos.
  9.      Electric drying ovens (200°C)                                   2 nos.
  10.     Furnaces (Muffle ovens)(1100°C)                                  1 no.
  11. .   Water baths(6 places)(electrically heated)                      4 nos.
12.       Sand bath (to be fabricated)                                     1 no.
  13.     Refrigerator (4,5 cu. Ft.)                                       1 no.
  14.     Chromatographic equipment (paper, column, thin layer)(if        1 each
          available indigenously)
  15.     Stirrers with motors, 230V, AC, capacity 5 – 7 liters           8 nos.
  16.     Magnetic stirrers (with heating plate) 2 litres capacity        2 nos.
  17.     Mortar , 100mm, porcelain with pestle                           6 nos.
  18.     Heating plates (electric) 1000 watt                             1 no.
  19.     Mortar 150 mm. steel / cast iron                                1 no.
  20.     Desiccators 150 mm. dia.                                       10 nos.
  21.     Desiccators vacuum                                              2 nos.
  22.     Electric heating plates (for Soxleth)                           2 nos.
  23.     Heating mantles (universal)                                     6 nos.
  24.     Borer for stoppers with sharpener                               1 no.
  25.     Clamps with spring or screw                                    24 nos.
  26.     Cork press                                                      1 no.
  27.     Scissors                                                        2 nos.
  28.     Bunsen’s burners                                               30 nos.
  29.     Set sieves 20 – 200                                             1 no.
  30.     Shaking machines for sieves & bottles                           1 no.
31.   Steam generator (copper) for steam distillation                      10 nos.
32.   Hot water funnel                                                     10 nos.
33.   Extraction thimbles                                                  60 nos.
34.   Glass tubes & rods of different diameter                             100 kg.
35.   Rubber tubes for water, gas & vacuum, stopper, rubber each            20 m
      glass, plastic & cork of different sizes
36.   Tongs (forceps) nickel for crucibles & weights                       24 nos.
37.   Tongs long for crucibles (muffle furnace)                             6 nos.
38.   Spatulas nickel                                                      20 nos.
39.   Test tube stand for 10 – 12 test tubes                               24 nos.
40.   Tripods                                                              40 nos.
41.   Asbestos wire gauge                                                  30 nos.
42.   Wire gauge (without asbestos)                                        30 nos.
43.   Cork rings                                                           24 nos.
44.    Test tube holders                                                   24 nos.
45.   Clamp holders                                                        48 nos.
46.   Clamps                                                               48 nos.
47.   Rings with clamps for filtering & heating                            48 nos.
48.   Stands                                                               48 nos.
49.   Stands with clamps for burettes                                      24 nos.
50.   Pipe clay Triangles                                                  48 nos.
51.   Apparatus for distilling for deminerlizing water                      1 no.
52.   Crucible nickel 30 mm. dia, height 40 mm., rabless brushes,           6 nos.
      liquid soap, acid cleaning mixture for glassware, glass wool, etc.
53.   Erlenmeyer flasks 250 ml.                                            48 nos.
54.   Erlenmeyer flasks 500 ml.                                            24 nos.
55.   Burettes 25 ml.                                                      24 nos.
56.   Burettes 50 ml.                                                      12 nos.
57.   Pipettes 10 ml.                                                      48 nos.
58.   Pipettes 25 ml.                                                      48 nos.
59.   Pipettes measuring 0 to 5 ml.                                         6 nos.
60.   Pipettes measuring 0 to 10 ml.                                       10 nos.
61.   Pipettes measuring 0 to 1 ml.                                         6 nos.
62.   Pipettes micro 0 to 0.2 ml.                                           6 nos.
63.   Pipettes 1ml. (graduated)                                            12 nos.
64.   Each pipettes automatic 1, 2, 5, 10 ml.                               3 nos.
65.   Flasks for distilled water 500 ml.                                   30 nos.
66.   Vacuum pipettes                                                       4 nos.
67.   Measuring cylinders 25 ml.                                           10 nos.
68.    Measuring cylinders 50 ml.                                         24 nos.
69.    Measuring cylinders 100 ml.                                        24 nos.
70.    Measuring cylinders 250 ml.                                        24 nos.
71.    Measuring cylinders 500 ml.                                        12 nos.
72.    Measuring cylinders 1000 ml.                                       16 nos.
73.    Volumetric flask 100 ml.                                           24 nos.
74.    Volumetric flask 250 ml.                                           24 nos.
75.    Volumetric flask 500 ml.                                           24 nos.
76.    Volumetric flask 1000 ml.                                          12 nos.
77.    Weighing bottles polyethylene or glass 50 ml.                      24 nos.
78.    Weighing bottles polyethylene or glass 100 ml.                     12 nos.
79.    Funnels with regular & long stem 7 cm. dia.                        24 nos.
80.    Funnels 4 cm. dia.                                                 24 nos.
81.    Funnels 9 cm. dia.                                                 24 nos.
82.    Funnels Buchner different sizes 10 to 25 cm. dia.                   6 nos.
83.    Funnels Hirsch                                                      6 nos.
84.    Funnels separatory 50 ml.                                          12 nos.
85.    Funnels separatory 100 ml.                                         12 nos.
86.    Funnels separatory 250 ml.                                         12 nos.
87.    Funnels separatory 500 ml.                                          6 nos.
88.    Funnels for filter crucibles & Gooch crucibles with rubber rings   24 nos.
89.    Beakers 100 ml. Corning                                            48 nos.
90.    Beakers 250 ml. Corning                                            48 nos.
91.    Beakers 400 ml.           Corning                                  48 nos.
92.    Beakers 600 ml. Corning                                            24 nos.
93.    Beakers 1000 ml.                                                   12 nos.
94.    Watch glasses 5 cm.dia.                                            24 nos.
95.    Watch glasses 7.5 cm.dia.                                          48 nos.
96.    Watch glasses 10 cm.dia.                                           48 nos.
97.    Dishes evaporating 5 cm. dia. porcelain, glass                     12 nos.
98.    Dishes evaporating 7.5 cm. dia.                                    24 nos.
99.    Dishes evaporating 10 cm. dia. flat bottom                         24 nos.
100.   Dishes evaporating 15 cm. dia.                                     12 nos.
101.   Dishes evaporating 20 cm. dia.                                      6 nos.
102.   Thermometers 0 to 110°C                                            24 nos.
103.   Thermometers 0 to 250°C                                            12 nos.
104.   Thermometers 0 to 350°C                                            12 nos.
105.   Thermometers for drying oven                                        3 nos.
106.   Boiling flasks with round bottom 100ml.                            24 nos.
107.   Boiling flasks with round bottom 250ml.                              24 nos.
108.   Boiling flasks with round bottom 500ml. for each distilling flasks   12 nos.
       50 ml., 100 ml., 250 ml.
109.   Boiling flasks with round bottom 500ml. for each distilling flasks   24 nos.
       50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml – Writz and others
110.   Filtering flasks 250 ml.                                             24 nos.
111.   Filtering flasks 500 ml.                                             24 nos.
112.   Filtering flasks 1000 ml.                                            24 nos.
113.   Flasks soxhlet with condensers                                       12 nos.
114.   Flasks kjeldahal 250 ml.                                             24 nos.
115.   Condensers liebig 30 mm. long                                        24 nos.
116.   Condensers liebig 50 cm. long                                        12 nos.
117.   Condenser bulb type 30 cm. long                                       6 nos.
118.   Condenser spiral type 20 cm. long                                     6 nos.
119.   Connecting tubes for khejeldahal distillation                        24 nos.
120.   Ventiles for volumetric analysis (KCI 03, etc.)                      24 nos.
121.   CO2 determination apparatus (Schrotter)                               6 nos.
122.   Gas generator (Kipp) 500 ml.                                          5 nos.
123.   Gas washing bottles (Dreshsler)                                      24 nos.
124.   Drying tubes with one bulb                                           12 nos.
125.   Crucibles porcelain 5 cm, dia, height 4 cm indigenous                30 nos.
126.   Crucibles quarts 5 cm, dia, height 4 cm indigenous                   24 nos.
127.   Gooch porcelain or glass                                             24 nos.
128.   Filtering 0, 1, 2, 3 glass                                            6 nos.
129.   Test tube ( 160 mm x 15 mm.)                                         500 nos.
130.   Test tube (10 mm. )                                                  400 nos.
131.   Gas sampling tubes                                                   12 nos.
132.   Paiers nessler tubes                                                 24 nos.
133.   Tubes for centrifuge                                                 500 nos.
134.   Tubes for Gerber centrifuge                                          48 nos.
135.   Bottles with droppers for indicator solutions & semi-micro           72 nos.
       qualitative analysis 30 ml.
136.   Bottles with droppers for indicator solutions & semi-micro           72 nos.
       qualitative analysis 50 ml.
137.   Bottles for solids 50 ml.                                            72 nos.
138.   Bottles for solids 100 ml.                                           36 nos.
139.   Bottles for solutions 100 ml.                                        100 nos.
140.   Bottles for solutions 250 ml.                                        36 nos.
141.   Bottles for solutions 1000 ml.                                       12 nos.
  142.   Bottles for solutions 2000 ml.                                     12 nos.
  143.   Bottles for solutions 3000 ml.                                      6 nos.
  144.   Bottles for solutions 5000 ml.                                      3 nos.
  145.   One pan analytical balances (Metler type) – if available            5 nos.
         indigenously 0.1 mg. sensibility

  146.   LCD Multimedia projector                                            1 no.
  147.   Computer/Laptop (latest configuration) with licentiate operating    2 no.
  148.   Printer (Printer, Scanner & Copier)                                 1 no.


   1.    Microscope x 1000 (Monocular)                                       1 no.
   2.    Microscope metallurgical                                            1 no.
   3.    Polariometers                                                       2 no.
   4.    Refractometers (Abbe type with refractive index)                    1 no.
   5.    pH meters                                                           1 no.
   6.    Potentiometer titration apparatus                                   1 no.
   7.    Conduct meter                                                       1 no.
   8.    Viscometer (Redwood, Brookefield)                                   1 no.
   9.    Orsat’s Apparatus                                                   1 no.
   10.   Apparatus for surface tension                                       1 no.
  11.    Chromatographic equipment (paper, column, thin layer)(if           1 each
         available indigenously)
  12.    Fisher apparatus for moisture determination, if available          1 no.
13.      Gas chromatography instrument with computer & printer              1 no
14.      High performance liquid chromatography instrument with             1 no
         computer & printer
15.      Apparatus for determination of flash point                         1 no.
16.      Melting point apparatus                                            1 no.
17.      Electrolytic analyser                                              1no.
18.      Photocolorimeter                                                   1no.
19.      Uv visible spectrophotometer                                       1no.
20.      Flame photometer                                                   1no.
                AOCP/MMCP/LACP (Instrument. Lab.) For Semester 2

Sr.No.                                  Name                       Quantity
   1.     Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges Different Ranges             2 each
   2.     Compound Gauge                                            2 No.
   3.     Diaphragm Type Pressure Gauge                             2 No.
   4.     Dead Weight Tester with Assoceries                        1nos.
   5.     Comparator with Assoceries & STD Pressure Gauges           1 no.
   6.     Thermocouple Type K, J,I,T                                2 each
   7.     Digital Millivoltmeter                                    2 nos.
   8.     Mercury in Glass Thermometer                               4 no.
   9.     Alcohol in Glass Thermometer                              2 No.
   10.    Filled System Temperature Indicator                       2 nos.
   11.    Bimetallic Thermometer                                    2 nos.
   12.    Resistance Thermometer (Pt-100)                           6 nos.
   13.    Heating plate (electric) 1000 watt                         4 no.
   14.     Thermostatic bath                                       2 pieces
  15.     T.C. Pyrometer                                            2 N0.
  16.     Digital Multimeter                                        4 No.
  17.     Pressure regulating Valve                                 2 No.
  18.      Quantity meters, Orifice meter ,Rotameter                1 each
  19.     Circular chart Recorder                                   2 No.
  20.     PH meter                                                  1 No.
  21.     Diaphragm control valve, Air to open                      1 No.
  22.     Diaphragm control valve, Air to Close                     1 No.
  23.     Capacitance Type Level Transmitter                        1 No.
  24.     Pressure Transmitter                                      1 No.
  25.     On off Controller                                         1 No.

         * Common to Chemical Trade group including AOCP/MMCP/LACP

Sl.No.                                N a m e                                 Quantity
   1     Physical balance (with weight box)                                     3 sets
   2     Chemical balance (with weight box)                                     3 sets
   3     Viscometer :
         (a) Oswald viscometer                                                 3 pieces
         (b) Redwood viscometer                                                3 pieces
         (c) Stop watch (1/10 Secn)                                            6 pieces
         (d) Thermostatic bath                                                 2 pieces
  4      Talagnometer                                                          6 pieces
  5      Travelling microscope                                                  2 nos.
  6      Specific gravity bottle                                                6 nos.
  7      Pyknometer                                                             6 nos.
  8      Mechanical board for testing triangle and parallelogram of             6 sets
         forces including all accessories
 9       Spirit level                                                           3 sets
 10      Inclined plane with pulley, pan, weight etc.                           2 sets
 11      Simple machines (Wheel and axle), screw jack inclined plane             1 set
         with roller or trolley, pulleys or pulley blocks for first, second
         and third system of pulleys).
 12      Different types of levers                                               1 set
 13      Instrument for determining ‘g’ (simple pendulum).                      2 sets
 14      Barometer                                                              1 no.
 15      Altimeter                                                              1 no.
 16      Searle’s apparatus for young’s, modules, modules                       2 sets
 17      Nicholson’s Hydrometer with glass jag                                  2 sets
 18      Wet and dry bulb thermometer                                           2 sets
 19      Apparatus for measurement specific heat of solid and liquid            2 sets.
         (Renault’s Apparatus).
 20      Apparatus for measurement of coefficient of expansion                  2 sets.
         (thermal) of solid and liquid.
 21      Apparatus for measurement of thermal conductivity of good              2 sets
         and bad conductor
 22      Calorimeter for determining mechanical equivalent of heat and          4 sets.
         specific heat.
 23      Thermometers :
         (i) 0 to 110 C                                                     06 No.
         (ii) 0 to 210 C                                                    06 No.
         (iii) 0 to 300 C                                                   06 No.
24      Polarimeter with monochromatic light                                  2 sets
25      Abbe refractometer                                                    2 sets
26      Pulfrish refractometer                                                2 sets
27      Equipment to study Kirchhoff’s law and Electrochemical                 1 set
 28     Potentiometer                                                         2 sets
 29     Whetstone’s bridge                                                    2 sets
 30     Resistances Centre zero galvanometer                                  4 nos.
 31     Resistance box
        (a) Resistance box 0 to 100 ohms                                      2 nos.
        (b) Resistance box 0 to 500 ohms.                                     2 nos.
 32     Rheostat :
        a) Rheostat 25 Ohms                                                   2 nos.
        b) Rheostat 100 Ohms                                                  2 nos.
        c) Rheostat 500 Ohms                                                  2 nos.
 33     Ammeter
        a) 0 to 1 Amp (DC)                                                    2 sets
        b) 0 to Amp (DC)                                                      2 sets
        c) 0 to 10 Amp (AC, DC)                                               2 sets
        d) 0 to 30 Amp (AC, DC)                                              2 sets.
 34     Volt meter
        a) 0 to 1 volt (DC)                                                   2 sets
        b) 0 to 4 volt (DC)                                                   2 sets
        c) 0 to 5 volt (DC)                                                   2 sets
        d) 0 to 10 volt (DC)                                                  2 sets
        e) 0 to 50 volt (DC)                                                  2 sets
        f) 0 to 25 volt (DC)                                                  2 sets
 35     Millivoltmeter
        a) 0 to 5 mV                                                          2 No.
        b) 0 to 50 mV                                                         2 No.
        Digital Millivoltmeter
        a) 0 to 200mv                                                         2 No
 36     Resistance coils (5 Ohms, 10 Ohms, 50 Ohms,100 Ohms)                  2 sets
 37     PH meter                                                               1 set
 38     Charger for battery accumulator                                        1 set
 39     12 volt hand operated Dynamo lachlanchacell denial cell,             2 sets.
        Weston cell, acidic cell, den, accumulator, alkali cell with
        enable resistances
 40     Multimeter Analog & Digital                                          2 each
 41     Battery eliminator                                                    2 nos.
Note : (1) All electrical equipment should be provided with extra 20 meter wire,
     terminals for Connection.
 (2) All electrical equipment in connection with heat must be provided with
     necessary thermometer.
* Common to Chemical Trade group including AOCP/MMCP/IMCP

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