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									                                           8th GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES
                                                 Instructional Guide
                  Text References: North Carolina: A Proud State in Our Nation McDougal Littell, 2003
Subtopic 1: Geography
      SCOS GOALS AND              ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS,               ESSENTIAL TASKS,                        RECOMMENDED
         OBJECTIVES                 BENCHMARKS, AND               STRATEGIES, PROJECTS,                      RESOURCES AND
                                             SKILLS                    CONNECTIONS                             ASSESSMENT
1.01 Assess the impact of        What are the geographic         Blank NC maps, drawing in               Text References: North
geography on the settlement and    regions of North Carolina?      regions.                                 Carolina: A Proud State in
developing economy of the                  o Mountains            Concept map of resources of              Our Nation McDougal
Carolina colony.                           o Piedmont              each of the regions. List                Littell, 2003 Chapter 1.
                                           o Coastal Plains        advantages and                           Subsequently referred to as
                                                   Tidelands      disadvantages.                           Chapter reference. TR refers
                                 How did the geography           Groups of students compose               to the Teacher’s Resource
                                   impact the development of the   travel brochures for one of the          Notebook for this edition.
                                   Carolina colony?                regions using the 5 themes as           CA refers to Creating
                                 o Location                        topics.                                  America: A History of the
                                 o Place                                                                    United States McDougal
                                 o Region                                                                   Littell, 2002 (one class set per
                                 o Movement                                                                 teacher)
                                 o Human/Environment                                                       Teacher Resource (TR) 7, 9
                                     Interaction                                                           FOR ADDITIONAL
                                                                                                            RESOURCES, SEE DPI
                                                                                                            GUIDE AT THE END OF
                                                                                                            THIS DOCUMENT
UNIT 1: Subtopic 2: Native Populations
1.02 Identify and describe        How did the first Americans          Sketch diagrams on NC map         Chapter 2
American Indians who inhabited      develop ways of life suited to       depicting how Native              TR 20
the regions that became Carolina    the land on which they lived?        Americans used the resources
and assess their impact on the    What were the five largest            in each area.
colony.                             Native American groups?             Groups research tools,

                                      What were the similarities and       clothing, and artwork and
                                       differences in their cultures        make presentations/displays
                                       and ways of life?                    to the class. Culminate
                                      What part does oral history          activity with Native American
                                       play in our understanding of         day.
                                       the first inhabitants?              Research collections of myths
                                                                            or legends among Native
UNIT 1: Subtopic 3: European Exploration
1.03 Compare and contrast the     What connections existed                Graphic organizer of               Chapter 3
relative importance of differing    between the North Carolina              explorers, claimed areas, and      TR 34
economic, geographic, religious,    colony and the other 12                 country of origin.                 TR 39
and political motives for           colonies?                              TR39 Graphic                       Creating America (CA) pages,
European exploration.             What were some of the                    organizer/chart                     74, 79
1.04 Evaluate the impact of the     economic, geographic,                  Research plants, food,
Columbian Exchange on the           religious and political motives         animals, and diseases that
cultures of American Indians,       for European exploration?               were part of the Columbian
Europeans, and Africans.           Settlement patterns                     Exchange.
                                   Graveyard of the Atlantic
                                   Barrier Islands
                                   Fall Line
                                   Cape Fear River
                                  How did the Columbian
                                    Exchange impact the early
                                  Who were Spanish and other
                                    European explorers and what
                                    impact did they have?
                                  What happened to enslaved
                                    Africans once they arrived in
                                    the American colonies?
                                  What were their contributions
                                    to agriculture, the arts, and to
                                    the culture of an emerging
                                 TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
                                   (Impact of geography, motives
                                   (push and pull), nationalism and
                                   competition, legacy of European
                                   exploration and settlement,
                                   Northwest Passage, water routes,
                                   empire building, rivalry among
                                   nations, spread of Christianity,
                                   conquistadors. Columbian
                                   exchange, cultural contact, Age of
                                   Discovery, introduction of
                                   disease, slavery, foods, trade
UNIT 1: Subtopic 4: A Distinct North Carolina Colony
1.05 Describe the factors led to    Why was England interested in  Timeline “England Awakens”           Chapter 4
the founding and settlement of the   establishing settlements in the   Lost Colony Activity: Write a     CR Chapter 3
American colonies including          Americas?                          cause/effect essay explaining     TR 50
religious persecution, economic     What events led up to the          what you think happened to the    TR 55
opportunity, adventure, and          formation of the NC colony?        Lost Colony using supporting      The Unsolved Mystery play
forced migration.                   How was Raleigh’s second           facts from research.               document (Call 830-3507).
1.06 Identify geographic and         colony different from the first?  Using copies of “The Unsolved     http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/sco
political reasons for the creation  What role did American             Mystery,” students perform the     re/actbank/torganiz.htm
of a distinct North Carolina         Indians play in establishing the   play to dramatize the Lost
colony and evaluate the effects on   first colonies?                    Colony.                           http://www.ibiscom.com/passa
the government and economics of TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
the colony.                         (Impact of geography, reasons
1.07 Describe the roles and          for movement, migration ,                                            http://www.timepage.org/spl/13
contributions of diverse groups,     immigration and emigration,                                           colony.html
such as American Indians,            refugees, Raleigh
African Americans, European
immigrants, landed gentry,
                                     Expeditions/Lost Colony,                                             http://edsitement.neh.gov/view
                                     religious conflict, economic                                          _lesson_plan.asp?id=336#LES
tradesmen, and small farmers to      opportunity, Joint Stock                                              SON1
everyday life in colonial North      Companies, political
Carolina, and compare them to        oppression/suppression,
the other colonies.                  indentured servants, slavery
                                     (Triangle Trade), Middle
UNIT 1: Subtopic 5: Founding and Settlement of American Colonies
1.06 Identify geographic and        How did the formation of         Chart activity for three colonies      Chapters 5 and 6
political reasons for the creation   English Joint Stock Companies  Cooperative Learning Activity            TR 66
of a distinct North Carolina         lead to the establishment of      Page 73                                Page 73
colony and evaluate the effects on   successful New England           Write a sentence to describe           CA Chapters 4 and 5
the government and economics of      colonies?                         each of the following people
the colony.                         What led to the establishment     and the role they played in the
1.07 Describe the roles and          of Jamestown, Plymouth, and       colonies:
contributions of diverse groups,     Massachusetts Bay colonies?      o John Smith
such as American Indians,           How did Puritans and Pilgrims    o John Rolfe
African Americans, European          differ?                          o William Bradford
immigrants, landed gentry,         TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                o John Winthrop
tradesmen, and small farmers to    A Distinct North Carolina          Have selected students role
everyday life in colonial North    Colony: impact of geography,        play the activities of these
Carolina, and compare them to      colonialism, national and ethnic    people.
the other colonies.                identity, profit motives and       Alternatively, students make up
                                   competition, rebellion, civil       a poster of their particular
                                   disobedience, Heath Patent, Lords   colony: Jamestown, Plymouth,
                                   Proprietors, Carolina Charter,      Massachusetts Bay.
                                   Fundamental Constitution, Vestry
                                   Act, Cary Rebellion, Culpepper
                                   Rebellion, Tuscarora War,
                                   colonial empires, competition for
                                   land, trade routes, wealth, royal
                                   proprietary colonies.
                                   Contributions of Ethnic and
                                   Social Groups: Salem
                                   (Moravians), Highland Scots,
                                   Germans, Africans, Native
                                   Americans, Gentry, Artisans,
                                   Yeomen, Apprentices, Slaves.
                                   Colonial Regions: New England,
                                   Middle, Southern. Great Wagon

2.01 Trace the events leading up  What conditions led to the      Use an atlas to locate a map      (NC) Chapters 7 & 8 & 9
to the Revolutionary War and       rebellions within the North      tracing the Great Wagon Road.  (CA) Chapter 6
evaluate their relative            Carolina colony?                Graphic organizer identifying     History Alive Brainstorming
significance in the onset of      What impact did political        groups that lived in each of the   Ideas for Illustrated Palm-Leaf
hostilities.                       parties on the move toward       following reasons:                 Book page 33 in History Alive
                                   revolution and what roles did      o     Mountains                  Using Culminating Projects
                                   important leaders play?            o     Piedmont                   Booklet.
                                  What caused Carolina to            o     Coastal Plains
                                   become two colonies?            Use History Alive
                                  Why was the Assembly of 1715     Brainstorming Ideas for
                                   important?                       Illustrated Palm-Leaf Book
                                  What impact did social classes   page 33 in History Alive Using
                                   and racism have on the           Culminating Projects Booklet
                                   development of the               to define and describe the
                                   Revolutionary War?               Navigation Acts, cash crops,
                                  What impact did cash crops       political parties, and Boston
                                   play in North Carolina? How      Party, the Edenton Tea Party,
                                   did the Navigation Acts impact   and others and how these things
                                   North Carolina’s economic ties   led to unrest and the
                                   with England?                    Revolutionary War. Report to
                                  How was unequal                  the class.
                                   representation a cause of
                                   conflict among sections of the
                                   colony (Dobbs, Tryon,
                                   Johnston, Carteret)?
                                 TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
                                 Rebellion/revolution, Terrorism,
                                 Colony, Taxes, Actions and
                                 Reactions. Regulators (Battle of
                                 Alamance), Arthur Dobbs, Hugh
                                 Waddell, NC skirmishes
                                   (colonists & French/Indians),
                                   Edenton Tea Party, Provincial
                                   Congresses, Taxation issues,
                                   Boston Tea Party, Continental
                                   Congresses, Protests.
2.02 Describe the contributions of  How did the views of the           Graphic organizer listing the      Chapter 9, 10, 11
key North Carolina and national      people of North Carolina and        events leading up to the           CA Chapter 6
personalities from the               the views of the English differ     Revolutionary War:                 TR 147
Revolutionary War era and assess     on local government?               o Sugar Act                         TR 148
their influence on the outcome of  How did Britain’s victory in the    o Quartering Act
the war.                             French and Indian war affect       o Stamp Act
2.03 Examine the role of North       France and their holdings in       o Duties of 1767
Carolina in the Revolutionary        American colonies?                 o Tea Act
War.                                How did the reactions of North     o Intolerable Acts
                                     Carolina’s government to           Create a timeline on the
                                     British laws affect future          Quarrels with England TR148
                                     legislative independence?          Use the internet to find out
                                    How did the formation of the        about the roles of the Catawba
                                     Provincial Congress help            and Cherokee during the
                                     commit North Carolina to            Revolutionary War.
                                     revolution?                        Use a graphic organizer to map
                                    What experiences in North           out and explain the major
                                     Carolina’s past help make NC        battles and their effects.
                                     colonists willing to challenge     One group will write a letter to
                                     royal authority?                    King George III explaining
                                    What impact did the battles of      what the Stamp Act is all about
                                     Yorktown, Saratoga, Lexington       and mentioning the items that
                                     & Concord, Bunker Hill,             are to be taxed. Describe the
                                     Moore’s Creek Bridge, Kings         protests taking place in your
                                     Mountain, and Guilford              colony of North Carolina and
                                     Courthouse have on the              what the colonists are doing
                                     outcome of the war?                 and saying. Give your opinion
                                                                         on the issues and propose a
                                   TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                   solution.
                                   Heroes, Leadership, Richard          Another group will write a
                                   Caswell, Dragging Canoe, Robert       newspaper article to inform
Howe, Penelope Barker,               North Carolina colonists what
Attakullakulla, Richard Chavis,      the King and Parliament are
Thomas Day, Over the Mountain        doing to deal with protests
Men, Josiah Martin, Militia,         against the Stamp Act.
Partisan Bands, Cherokee,           A third group will write a
Loyalists, Tory War, State of        speech giving information on
Franklin.                            what finally happened to the
National: Thomas Jefferson,          Stamp Act, Declaratory Act
Benjamin Franklin, George            and Townshend Acts.
Washington, George III,
Cornwallis War. Continental
Army, Colonial strengths/British
weaknesses, George Washington,
Lafayette and the French,
Yorktown, War debts, Treaty of
Paris. Grievances

2.04 Examine the reasons for the  What were the reasons for the           List the reasons for American          Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12
colonists’ victory over the British,   colonists’ victory over the          victory and British defeat and         TR 163
and evaluate the impact of             British?                             include geography, support,            TR 177
military successes and failures,      What advances in technology          and leadership.                        TR 178
the role of foreign interventions,     have taken place since the          Group discussion: Brainstorm           CA Chapter 8
and on-going political and             Revolutionary period that            on what differences telephones,
economic domestic issues.              would have altered this war?         computers, fax machines, ships,
2.05 Describe the impact of           What impact did compromise           and advanced weapons might
documents such as the                  have on the outcome of the           have had on the outcome of the
Mecklenburg Resolves, the              war?                                 war. Remind students that the
Halifax Resolves, the Albany          Who were the American allies         Declaration of Independence,
Plan of Union, The Declaration of      and what impact did they have        for example, did not reach King
Independence, the State                on the war?                          George until after the war had
Constitution of 1776, the Articles  What role did the Mecklenburg          started.
of Confederation, the United           Resolves and the Albany Plan        Diagram and chart the 3
States Constitution, and the Bill      of Union play in forming the         branches of government.
of Rights on the formation of the      first government?                   Explain checks and balances.
state and national governments.       What part did the State             Discuss the long-term impact
                                       Constitution of 1776 play in the     of the early government on our
                                       formation of the U. S.               democracy today.
                                       Constitution?                       Work with a partner to read and
                                      What was the purpose of the          discuss the Bill of Rights in the
                                       Constitutional Convention and        Citizenship Handbook in the
                                       who were the key players?            back of your text. Then find a
                                      What were the conditions of the      news story in a current
                                       Treaty of Paris of 1783?             newspaper that illustrates how
                                      What role did the Declaration        the people in another country
                                       of Independence play in the          do not enjoy the same
  forming of a new government?          freedoms.
 What is the Constitution of          Discuss amendments related to
  1776?                                 voting. Assign students to
 Why did the Articles of               write an essay of definition to
  Confederation lead to the need        define the concept of “voting
  for ratification and how did this     rights and responsibilities.”
  contribute to the need for the
  Bill of Rights?
 When did the Bill of Rights
  become part of the
 What rights does the Bill of
  Rights afford to citizens today?
 What role did James Madison
  play in the Bill of Rights?

Declaration of Independence,
Constitutionalism, Individual
Rights, Statehood, Federal
Systems, Hugh Williamson,
Richard Dobbs Speight, William
Blount, State Constitution of
1776, Hillsborough Convention,
Congresses: Continental,
Provincial, Constitutional.
Ratification, Bill of Rights,
Articles of Confederation,
Thomas Jefferson, James
Madison, Albany Plan, Alexander
Hamilton, Federalists & Anti-

3.01 Describe the causes of the  Why did Britain try to avoid    Develop a chart showing the       Chapter 12
War of 1812 and analyze the       the War of 1812?                 first and second phases of the    CA Chapter 10, 11
impact of the war on North        o Embargo                        War and explain why the War
Carolina and the nation.          o Impressments                   was divided into two phases.
                                  o Dolley Madison                Create a timeline between 1812
                                 What were the two main phases    to 1815 showing major events
                                  of the War?                      of the War and its aftermath.
                                 o Oliver Hazard Perry            Learn the “Star Spangled
                                 o Francis Scott Key               Banner”
                                 o Treaty of Ghent
                                 What were the 3 consequences
                                  of the War?
                                 o Andrew Jackson/Increased
                                 o Native Americans
                                 o Growth of Manufacturing
                                 How did the expansion of the
                                  United States as a consequence
                                  of the War affect its foreign
                                 o Trade agreements
                                 o Expansion
3.02 Investigate the conditions  What are the factors that       Groups of student create a          Chapter 13, 14
that led to North Carolina’s      contributed to the decline of    brochure titled “Uniting the        TR 185
economic, political, and social   NC in the early 1800’s?          Country” to show how all three      TR 193
decline during this period and              o Isolation            branches of the federal             TR 194
assess the implications for the                  o Economy                government contributed to
future development of the state.                 o Education              nationalism and a stronger
3.03 Identify and evaluate the                   o Farming Conditions     central government. Should
impact of individual reformers         What were Archibald               include illustrations of
and groups and assess the               Murphey’s 3 main programs         protective tariffs, national bank,
effectiveness of their programs.        for improving conditions?         transportation network, foreign
                                                 o Literary Fund          agreements, Supreme Court.
                                                 o Internal              List the main points of
                                                   Improvements           Archibald Murphy’s plan for
                                                 o Constitutional         reform in North Carolina.
                                       What effect did poor farming     Project pictures of the Trail of        Chapter 13, 14
3.05 Compare and contrast               conditions and loss of land       Tears and have students act out         TR 185
different perspectives among            have on families in NC?           the parts of characters in the          TR 195
North Carolinians on the national      What was the origin of the        pictures and.                           CA Chapter 12
policy of Removal and                   Qualla Boundary?                 Have students pose as Jackson           TR 201
Resettlement of American Indian        What were the consequences of     and a Cherokee chief and
populations.                            the new Constitution of 1835?     engage in a discussion about
3.06 Describe and evaluate the                                            the Indian Removal Act of
geographic, economic, and social    TERMS AND CONCEPTS                    1830 and debate the necessity
implications of the North           Geography, Land conflicts,            of the Qualla Boundary.
Carolina Gold Rush.                 checks and balances,                 Complete graphic organizer TR
3.07 Explain the reasons for the    resettlement, migration, Trail of     185.
creation of a new State             Tears, Qualla Boundary,              Write a paragraph analyzing
Constitution in 1835, and           Cherokee, Removal Act of 1830,        the undemocratic features, by
describe its impact on religious                                          today’s standards, of the North
groups, African Americans, and                                            Carolina Constitution of 1835.
American Indians.
3.08 Examine the impact of
national events such as the
Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis
and Clark Expedition, the War
with Mexico, the California Gold
Rush, and technological advances
on North Carolina.

3.04 Describe the development of  Why was slavery important to         Use a graphic organizer to          TR 220, 223,
the institution of slavery in the    the South and not in the North?     analyze the causes and              Chapters 15, 16, 17
State and nation, and assess its     Geography                          recognize effects of the            CA Chapters 15, 16, 17, 18
impact on the economic, social,      Economy                            differences between the North
and political conditions.            Culture and Philosophies           and South, including economy
4.01 Identify and analyze the       How did slavery impact              and labor, populations, and
significance of the causes of        political decisions such as         view of admission of new
secession from the Union, and        secession, and the                  states.
compare reactions in North           Emancipation Proclamation?         Have students identify major
Carolina to reactions in other      What effect did secession have      causes that led to the outbreak
regions of the nation.               on political leaders?               of war and write a cause/effect
4.04 Evaluate the importance of                                          essay.
                                     Robert E. Lee
the roles played by individuals at
                                     Stonewall Jackson                 Write essays or a diary
the state and national levels                                            choosing on “A day in the life
during the Civil War and             Jefferson Davis
                                                                         of a soldier” or other character
Reconstruction Period.               Abraham Lincoln
                                                                         giving timed entries over two
                                    How did each of the following
                                                                         days (nurse, wife, child left on
                                     events inflame sectional
                                                                         a farm, slave). It should
                                                                         include emotions, feelings, and
                                     Dred Scott Decision                true drama. Write one page
                                     Hinton Helper’s Book               before covering the unit.
                                     Harper’s Ferry                     During the unit, project a Civil
                                     Election of Lincoln                War picture on the wall. Have
                                    Why did the people of North         students interact and role play

                                       Carolina delay leaving the         within the picture. Then
                                       Union?                             students write another journal
                                       Daniel Worth                      entry again after studying the
                                       Underground Railroad              Civil War unit.
                                       Jefferson Davis                  Research Project: Identify a
                                       The Institution of Slavery (not   Civil War era hero, personality,
                                         so important to NC)              or leader. Research life,
                                                                          contributions, character, and
                                     TERMS AND CONCEPTS                   influence in the War era. May
                                     Blockade Runners, Railroad           be presented as an oral or
                                     destruction, Zebulon Vance,          PowerPoint presentation or
                                     Jonathan Worth, Andrew               include other visuals.
                                     Johnson, William Holden, Joseph  Civil War Newspaper: In small
                                     Johnston, Richard Gatling, Henry     groups, create a “Civil War
                                     Berry Lowry, W. T. Sherman, U.       newspaper.” Teach the parts of
                                     S. Grant, Frederick Douglass,        the newspaper, (editorial page,
                                     Matthew Brady, Clara Barton          news features, advertisements,
                                                                          obituaries, sports, advice
                                                                          column) and allow groups to
                                                                          choose a part to produce and
                                                                          present to the class.
4.02 Describe the political and       Describe the Northern             Students in groups could             TR 236, 240
military developments of the           Anaconda Plan.                     research and investigate one of      Chapters 16
Civil War and analyze their effect    Why was the Civil War              the major battles and report to      CA Chapters 15, 16, 17, 18
on the outcome of the war.             referred to as the rich man’s      the class.
                                       war, the poor man’s fight?        Graphic organizer of major
                                      What effect did the                battles.
                                       Emancipation Proclamation         Have students in groups create
                                       have on the North and South?       a Civil War Recruiting Poster.
                                      How did Stonewall Jackson get      Some groups are recruiting for
                                       his name?                          the North, some for the South.
                                      Explain the significance of the    They must give advantages in
                                       major battles of the War.          the poster for enlisting in their
                                      Which major battles were           particular regiment. Should
                                       fought in North Carolina and       include slogans based on
                                       what was their significance?       information learned in class.

                                   How do you think people in          Present posters to class and
                                     Pitt County might have viewed      display in hallway. Could have
                                     Lincoln’s election in 1960?        a mock enlistment activity.
                                  TERMS AND CONCEPTS
                                  Conscription, inflation, political
                                  vs. military strategies, Battle of
                                  Bentonville, Fort Fisher, Bennett
                                  Farmhouse, Emancipation
                                  Proclamation, Battles of Fort
                                  Sumter, Manassas, Gettysburg,
                                  Appomattox, Tecumseh Sherman,
                                  Stonewall Jackson, Anaconda
                                  Plan, Rich man’s war, poor man’s
                                  fight, role of the media
4.03 Assess North Carolina’s role  What advantages did each side  Research and report on the            Chapter 16
in the Civil War and analyze the     have when the Civil War            statistics of Confederate and     CA Chapter 17
social and economic impact of the    started? Name 2.                   Union casualties and wounded      Across Five Aprils
war on the state.                  Why were African-Americans          of the War using graphs and
                                     not at first allowed to serve as   charts to report.
                                     soldiers?                         Research and report on
                                   Name at least three ways            economic costs of the War
                                     women served in the War.           using graphs and charts to
                                   What was North Carolina’s           report.
                                     contributions to the War?         Have students explain the
                                               o Manpower               relationship between the
                                               o Blockade Runners       information in the graphs
                                               o Supplies               including the number of
                                               o The Albermarle         wounded and ask them to
                                                    (ship)              calculate the economic costs
                                   What were some of the               and long-term effects.
                                     economic impacts of the War?
                                               o Sherman’s March
                                               o Destruction of
                                  TERMS AND CONCEPTS
                                  Tarheel troops and supplies,
                                 Blockade Runners, Railroad
                                 destruction, Sherman’s March,
                                 Inflation, King Cotton

4.05 Analyze the political,      What were Lincoln’s plans for      Diagram the three areas that       TR 252, 255, 256, 257
economic, and social impact of    Reconstruction and how did          needed reconstruction in North  Chapter 17
Reconstruction on the state and   Johnson’s plan differ?              Carolina as a result of the Civil  CA Chapters 18
identify the reasons why         Why were citizens opposed to        War.
Reconstruction came to an end.    Black Codes?                       Compare and contrast the
                                 Explain the rights African-         policies of Lincoln and Johnson
                                  Americans gained from the 14th      on Reconstruction.
                                  and 15th Amendments.               Sequence events of the 14th,
                                 Why did Holden change his           15th, Amendments, Freedman’s
                                  views about Reconstruction?         Bureau, Reconstruction,
                                 What role did the Ku Klux           Johnson.
                                  Klan play in restoring power to    Summarize the results of
                                  the Conservatives in North          Reconstruction by constructing
                                  Carolina?                           a web.
                                 What was the nature of the         Create political cartoons about
                                  Kirk-Holden War?                    the Southern governments that
                                 Was Reconstruction                  formed under Andrew
                                  successful?                         Johnson’s Reconstruction
                                TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                   Policies. Students should
                                James City, Schools for blacks,       decide on a single idea to
                                Rise of Conservative Democrats,       illustrate.
                                     Railroad scandal, Kirk-Holden        Jeopardy Game: Create
                                     War, Impeachment of Holden,           questions about Reconstruction
                                     Democratic control of                 about Reconstruction
                                     government (1876), William            immediately after the Civil
                                     Holden, Constitution of 1868,         War. Students are to write the
                                     13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments,      names of people, events,
                                     Freedmen’s Bureau, Black Codes,       concepts on index cards. On
                                     Ku Klux Klan, Reconstruction          the back of each card, they
                                     Plans; presidential and               should write identifying
                                     congressional, Carpetbaggers,         phrases or definitions. Divide
                                     scalawags, Hayes-Tilden               the class into two teams. One
                                     Compromise                            side gives the answer, and the
                                                                           other side asks the question.
                                                                           Keep index cards as study aids.
5.01 Identify the role played by      What factors contributed to the  Create a web identifying the              TR 271, 273,
the agriculture, textile, tobacco,     Industrial Revolution?              key individuals in the rise of          Chapter 18, 19
and furniture industries in North     What were the effects of the        industry in the United States           (CA) Chapters 20, 21
Carolina, and analyze their            Industrial Revolution on cities     explaining who the person was           The Way We Lived in North
importance in the economic             and farms?                          and what he/she did.                     Carolina. Vol 5, UNC Press.
development of the state.             Why are the growth of railroads  Identify the main changes in              http://rutlandhs.k12.vt.us/jpeter
5.02 Examine the changing role         and steelmaking examples of         American life in the late                so/uboatcar.htm
of educational, religious, and         the Industrial Revolution?          1800’s. Research living                 http://www.lib.byu.edu/~rdh/w
social institutions in the state and  Why did workers form labor          conditions through newspapers            wi/1914/wilsonneut.html
analyze their impact.                                                      of the time and debate whether
                                       unions?                                                                     http://www.mtholyoke.edu/aca
5.03 Describe the social,             What role did unions play in        life was better in the city or the       d/intrel/ww18.htm
economic, and political impact of                                          country.
                                       North Carolina?                                                             http://www.archives.gov/digital
migration on North Carolina.          How were women affected by         Students identify a social               _classroom/lessons/zimmerman
                                       the Industrial Revolution?          problem of the period and write          n_telegram/zimmermann_teleg
                                      Describe the factors that limited   a problem/solution essay to              ram.html
                                       immigration to NC in the late       solve the problem.                      http://www.u-s-
                                       19 century.                        writing a letter to the editor           history.com/pages/h871.html
                                      Evaluate the conditions that        supporting US participation in
                                         led to increased immigration      World War I and the other half
                                         to NC in the last 60 years.       writing a letter supporting
                                      2. Why did the US strive to              continued neutrality.
                                      remain neutral in the early years       Create a chart listing major
                                      of World War I?                          inventions from this time
                                       Describe the changes that              period and describing the
                                           have made it increasingly           contemporary impact of each.
                                           difficult to remain neutral in
                                           world affairs as compared to
                                           pre-World War I.
                                       Analyze whether there are
                                           differences in attitudes
                                           towards neutrality in different
                                           parts of NC.
                                      TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
                                      Industrialization, Urbanization,
                                      unions, sharecropping, Duke
                                      family, Reynolds, High Point,
                                      tobacco monopoly, white
                                      supremacy, immigration from
                                      Europe, Charles B. Aycock,
                                      Calvin Wiley, primary education,
                                      higher education, African-
                                      American migration to the North.
5.04 Identify technological            How did steelmaking change            Create a chart to list changes in    TR 284, 288, 289, 304
advances, and evaluate their             from 1850 to 1900?                    industry, farming, politics, and     Chapters 18, 19
influence on the quality of life in    How was the first                      education that helped North          CA Chapters 20, 21
North Carolina.                          transcontinental railroad built       Carolina to prosper.
5.05 Assess the influence of the         and what impact did it have?         Determine the causes of farm
political, legal, and social           How did Thomas Edison, John            problems and their effects
movements on the political               D. Rockefeller, Alexander             (tenants and sharecroppers).
system and life in North Carolina        Graham Bell, and Henry Ford          Summarize the educational
5.06 Describe North Carolina’s           change the way Americans              system of the 1870’s and
reaction to the increasing United        live?                                 1920’s. Determine why
States involvement in world            What impact did Prohibition            education reform was such a
affairs including participation in       have on American and NC               challenge.
World War I, and evaluate the            societies?                           Students choose one inventor
impact on the state’s economy.         Who were the major figures of          or major figure of the period

   the Suffrage movement and             and present an argumentative
   what impact did they have on          speech maintaining that
   the nation and state?                 person’s importance in
TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                      changing America during this
Textiles, mechanization, wages           time period.
and standard of living,                 Make a chart that lists the
segregation versus integration,          characteristics of individual
Prohibition, Suffrage, reform            proprietorships, partnerships,
movements, isolationism, the             and corporations.
airplane, assembly lines,               Select an individual who
telephone, telegraph, electricity,       contributed to industrial growth
radio, appliances, poll tax.             in North Carolina and the
 How did the United States              nation, and prepare a report of
   become a world power?                 the individual or a symbol to
 Why was the Panama Canal               represent his/her contribution.
   important?                            Create an “Industrial Hall of
 How did the conflict between           Fame” exhibit in the classroom.
   Serbia and the Austro-               Prepare a colorful campaign
   Hungarian Empire draw the             poster for a Populist or
   whole world into war?                 Progressive reformer.
 What was the League of                Prepare a cause/effect chart on
   Nations?                              the events of World War I.
 Why did the United States
   refuse to join?
 What was the Progressive
 What two important reforms
   were implemented in NC?
 Graduated income tax
 Direct primary
 What was the 19th Amendment
   and its impact?
 Civil Rights
 Discrimination
 Suffrage
                                 Neutrality, war-time
                                  economies, U. S. role in world
                                  affairs, League of Nations,
                                  Josephus Daniels, factories,
                                  training camps, Wilmington
                                  shipyards, Woodrow Wilson.

6.01 Identify the causes and     What were the causes of the       Have students use the fishbone      Chapters 20, 21 Section 1
effects of the Great Depression   Great Depression?                  map and list the causes of the      TR 303
and analyze the impact on New    What affect did the Great         Depression that begin in 1929.      CA Chapters 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
Deal policies on Depression Era   Depression have on North
life in North Carolina.           Carolina?                         Students will develop a chart
                                 Explain Roosevelt’s New Deal      Contrasting Roosevelt and
                                  and the relief it offered to       Hoover’s Approach to the
                                  North Carolina.                    depression.
                                TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
                                Consumer goods, International       Students will use resources and
                                Trade                                technology to research the
                                Stock Market, Minimum wage,          actions taken by North Carolina
                                Credit                               to relieve the effects of the
                                Lines. Great Smokey Mountains,       Depression. In groups,
                                Deflation, Bank failures,            students will give oral reports.
                                Programs:WPA, CCC, PWA,

                                     TVA, REA
                                     Social Security Act, Herbert
6.02 Describe the significance of     How did World War II Begin?         Students will list the events in    TR 322
major events and military             Why did the United States            the order in which they             Chapter 21
engagements associated with            delay in joining the war?            occurred. Then students will        CA 22
World War II and evaluate the         What were the problems               create a time line to visually
impact of the war on North             between the US and the Soviet        display the events in sequence.
Carolina.                              Union that led to the beginning     Students will role play possible
                                       of the Cold War?                     discussions of president
                                      What factors played a role in        Truman as he decided to drop
                                       Truman’s decision to drop the        the atomic bomb. How could
                                       atomic bomb?                         he determine the results? What
                                     TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                    thoughts would be paramount?
                                     Nazism, Fascism, Prisoners of          What factors would have to be
                                     War,                                   considered?
                                     Military camps, USS North             Interview older relatives or
                                     Carolina                               friends concerning military and
                                     Pearl Harbor, Allies, Holocaust,       home front experiences during
                                     Dday, Japanese Internment              World War II. Complete
                                                                            booklet on the results.
6.03 Examine the significance of      Who were the dictators in           Working individually or in a        Chapter 21
key ideas and individuals              Europe and Asia?                     small group, draw a poster          CA 27
associated with World War II.         How did North Carolina               showing how North Carolina
Assess the impact of World War         contribute to WW II?                 used its natural and human
II on the economic, political,       TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                    resources to help the nation
social, and military roles of        Leadership responsibility,             achieve victory in WW II.
different groups in North Carolina   Military vs. political leadership,
including women and minorities.      Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini,
                                     Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt,
                                     Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill,
                                     Dwight Eisenhower, George
                                     Patton, Harry Truman
6.04 Assess the impact of World       What gains were made in the         Students will role play a mock      Chapter 22
War II on the economic, political,     area of Civil Rights?                court for Brown vs. Boar.           CA 27
social, and military roles of                    o Rosa Parks               Provide students with Judge
different groups in North Carolina               o Montgomery Bus         opinions, and court recordings.
including women and minorities.                      Boycott             Students will interact with
                                                 o Martin Luther          History Alive (available
                                                     King, Jr.            September 20, 2004.
                                                 o Brown vs. Board        slides, of various sit ins and
                                                     of Education.        demonstrations and interview
                                     TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                  participants and report (live
                                     Urban growth, suburbs,               news reporting)
                                     infrastructure, Cold War, Civil
                                     Rights, Unemployment, Right to
                                     Work law, GI Bill, Interstates,
                                     Skilled workers/higher education

7.01 Analyze the extent and            What were the forms of protest      Students in small groups will      Chapters 22, 23
significance of economic changes         used by civil right marchers?       create signs, and organize         CA 29
in North Carolina.                       Were these forms effective?         demonstrations to represent
7.02 Evaluate the importance of          Why?                                different civil rights issues.
social changes to different groups     Explain how the struggle for        Students write a
in North Carolina.                       civil rights continues for many     problem/solution essay
7.03 Assess the influence of             groups in the U.S. today.           addressing civil rights issues.
technological advances on             TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
economic development and daily        Diversification, Tax structure,
life.                                 Service industries, Unionization,
7.04 Compare and contrast the         City growth, Tourism, Kerr Scott,
various political viewpoints          Terry Sanford, Equal Rights,
surrounding issues of the post        Integration, Jesse Jackson, Henry
World War II era.                     Frye, Billy Graham, Women’s
7.05 Evaluate the major changes       rights, Busing
and events that have affected the      How did the Civil rights
roles of local, state, and national      movement change life for
governments                              African Americans in North
                                       What was the purpose of the
                                         NC fund?
                                       What reforms in State
                                         government were most
                                      TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
                                      Republican party, National vs.
                                      Elections, Segregation, Party
                                      affiliation, Conscientious
                                      NAACP, Civil Rights act,
                                      Vietnam war, Korean War, John
                                      Kennedy, 26th Amendment,
                                      Balanced Budget, ERA, Nuclear
                                      family, War on Poverty

8.01 Describe the changing          What social, political, and     Students will develop graphic    TR 335,336,337,339
demographics in North Carolina       economic changes have taken      organizer listing social,        Chapter 23
and analyze their significance for   place in North Carolina in the   political, and economic          CA 27,28,29.30
North Carolina’s society and            th
                                     20 century?                      changes.
economy.                            Why did North Carolina’s        Students will write 2 page
8.02 List economic and                  schools begin to integrate?       essay on the equal rights
technological advances occurring       What was the purpose of the       amendments and give their
in North Carolina since 1970, and       Equal Rights Amendment?           opinion of examples of civil
assess their influence on North        Why did North Carolina            right issues that are still
Carolina’s role in the nation and       undergo redistricting in 1990?    ongoing today.
the world.                             What 3 industries have
8.03 Describe the impact of state       continued to grow in North
and national issues on the              Carolina?
political climate of North             What are 2 new industries that
Carolina.                               developed in North Carolina in
8.04 Assess the importance of           the 1980’s?
regional diversity on the              What are 2 environmental
development of economic, social,        problems facing North
and political institutions in North     Carolina?
Carolina.                             TERMS AND CONCEPTS:
                                      Education reform, Census,
                                      Population Boom, Ethnic groups,
                                      Political refugees, Minority
                                      groups, Global economy,
                                      Tobacco lawsuits, space travel,
                                      internet, transportation, natural


9.01 Describe contemporary              Describe the impact of Military     On a North Carolina Map,               Chapter 24
political, economic, and social           bases located in North              students will locate seven             CA 32
issues at the state and local levels      Carolina.                           military bases, including the          TR 353,354,367
and evaluate their impact on the        Do North Carolina’s voters           key installations of Fort Bragg,       TR 364, 369
community.                                tend to vote Democratic or          Pope Air Force Base, Seymour
9.02 Identify past and present            Republican? Explain                 Johnson Air Force Base, and
state and local leaders from            How did North Carolina               Camp Lejune. Students will
diverse cultural backgrounds and          contribute to the war on            then use this information to
assess their influence in effecting       terrorism? How is North             determine the political,
change.                                   Carolina still contributing?        economical, and social
9.03 Describe opportunities for        1. Describe some symbols of            consequences of these military
and benefits of civic participation.   patriotism and citizenship.            bases to North Carolina. (Small
                                        Analyze whether the value            group activity, groups will
                                          attached to these symbols           present their determination of
                                          changed over time. Explain.         impact on North Carolina’s
                                       2. What percentage of the eligible     economy, and cultural
                                       voters participated in the last        traditions.
                                       local/state or national elections?    Students prepare a presentation
                                        Explain factors that could           on the following topic: If you
                                          cause this percentage to            were in charge of the state
                                          increase or decrease.               school system today, what
                                       TERMS AND CONCEPTS:                    changes would you make to
                                       Incumbent, delegation, Jessie          improve education and why?
                                       Helms,                                Use a formal decision-making
                                       Terrorism, globalization, free         process related to a state
                                       trade, NAFTA, demographers,            problem or issue. Define the
                                       natural increase, George W.            problem, propose a solution,
                                       Bush, Persian Gulf War, Bill           give advantages of the solution,
                                       Clinton, impeachment,                  and write a letter to the editor
                                       downsizing                             giving your views.
                                        How has North Carolina              After students comb
                                          conservative background             newspapers for examples of
                                          influenced decisions made           active citizenship, have them
                                          today in areas of education,        create a visual representation of
                                          economy, and industry?              these opportunities.
                                        How do North Carolina leaders
respond to the needs of a    Discuss how opportunities for
growing population?           active citizenship have or have
         o Gov. Easley        not changed over time.
         o James V. Hunt
         o Jessie Helms      Have students devise a plan for
                              stimulating voter participation
                              in school, community, state,
                              and/or national elections.




                                                              PACING GUIDE
                                          EIGHTH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES
                            TEXTBOOK REFERENCES: North Carolina: A Proud State in Our Nation (NC)
                                         Creating America (CA) (McDougall Littell)
                                                                    GRADING TIME      CURRICULUM
                           TOPIC/CONCEPTS                           PERIOD             OBJECTIVES                 RESOURCES
The Five Themes of Geography: Geographic Regions, Impact of landforms,             1     10       Obj. 1.01    (NC) Chapter 1
resource distribution, settlement patterns, Graveyard of the Atlantic, Barrier           days     Skill        (CA) Geography
Islands, Fall Line, Cape Fear River.                                                              Objective    Handbook pages 2-16
                                                                                                  3.01, 3.02
American Indians: impact of geography, migration theories, cultural                1st   10       Obj. 1.02    (NC) Chapter 2
borrowing/exchange, oral history, aboriginal populations, place names.                   days                  (CA) Chapter 1

European Exploration: impact of geography, motives (push and pull),                1st   5 days   Obj. 1.03,   (NC) Chapter 3
nationalism and competition, legacy of European exploration and settlement,                       1.04         (CA) Chapter 2
Northwest Passage, water routes, empire building, rivalry among nations,
spread of Christianity, conquistadors. Columbian exchange, cultural contact,
Age of Discovery, introduction of disease, slavery, foods, trade goods.

Founding and settlement of American Colonies: impact of geography, reasons         1st   5 days   Obj. 1.05,   (NC) Chapter 4
for movement, migration , immigration and emigration, refugees, Raleigh                           1.06, 1.07   (CA) Chapter 3
Expeditions, religious conflict, economic opportunity, Joint Stock Companies,
political oppression/suppression, indentured servants, slavery (Triangle Trade),
Middle Passage.

A Distinct North Carolina Colony: impact of geography, colonialism, national       1st   10       Obj. 1.06,   (NC) Chapters 5 and 6
and ethnic identity, profit motives and competition, rebellion, civil                    days     1.07         (CA) Chapters 4 and 5
disobedience, Heath Patent, Lords Proprietors, Carolina Charter, Fundamental
Constitution, Vestry Act, Cary Rebellion, Culpepper Rebellion, Tuscarora
War, colonial empires, competition for land, trade routes, wealth, royal
proprietary colonies.
Contributions of Ethnic and Social Groups: Salem (Moravians), Highland
Scots, Germans, Africans, Native Americans, Gentry, Artisans, Yeomen,
Apprentices, Slaves.
Colonial Regions: New England, Middle, Southern. Great Wagon Road.

                                                                                 GRADING   TIME       CURRICULUM
                          TOPIC/CONCEPTS                                         PERIOD                OBJECTIVES       RESOURCES

End of Marking Period Review and Test                                                      5 DAYS
Events Leading to Revolutionary War: Rebellion/revolution, Terrorism,              2nd     10        Obj. 2.01      (NC) Chapters 7 & 8
Colony, Taxes, Actions and Reactions. Regulators (Battle of Alamance),                     days                     (CA) Chapter 6
Arthur Dobbs, Hugh Waddell, NC skirmishes (colonists & French/Indians),
Edenton Tea Party, Provincial Congresses, Taxation issues, Boston Tea Party,
Continental Congresses, Protests.
North Carolina in the Revolutionary War: Heroes, Leadership, Richard               2nd     30        Obj. 2.02,     (NC) Chapters 9, 10, 11
Caswell, Dragging Canoe, Robert Howe, Penelope Barker, Attakullakulla,                     days      2.03, 2.04,    (CA) Chapters 7, 8
Richard Chavis, Thomas Day, Over the Mountain Men, Josiah Martin.                                    2.05
Moore’s Creek Bridge, Kings Mountain, Guilford Courthouse, Militia, Partisan
Bands, Cherokee, Loyalists, Tory War, State of Franklin.
National: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, George
III, Cornwallis War. Continental Army, Battle of Saratoga, Lexington &
Concord. Colonial strengths/British weaknesses, George Washington,
Lafayette and the French, Yorktown, War debts, Treaty of Paris. Grievances,
Declaration of Independence, Confederations, Constitutionalism, Individual
Rights, Statehood, Federal Systems, Hugh Williamson, Richard Dobbs
Speight, William Blount, State Constitution of 1776, Hillsborough Convention,
Congresses: Continental, Provincial, Constitutional. Ratification, Bill of
Rights, Articles of Confederation, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Albany
Plan, Alexander Hamilton, Federalists & Anti-Federalists.
End of Marking Period Special Project, Review and Test                                     10 days
North Carolina first half of 19th Century: Financing governments, Federalism,                                       (NC) Chapters 12, 13, 14
trade agreements, expansion, Dolley Madison, Otway Burns, Johnston                 3rd     20        Obj. 3.01,     (CA) Chapters 9, 10, 11,
Blakeley, embargo, impressments, War Hawks, James Madison, Andrew                          days      3.02, 3.03,    12, 13, 14
Jackson, Francis Scott Key.                                                                          3.04, 3.05,
                                                                                                     3.06, 3.07,
Identify and analyze the significance of the causes of the secession from the              20        Obj. 4.01,     (NC) Chapters 15, 16, 17
Union and compare reactions in North Carolina to reactions in other regions of             days      4.02, 4.03,    (CA) Chapters 15, 16,
the nation. Describe the political and military developments of the Civil War                        4.04, 4.05     17, 18
and analyze their effect on the outcome of the war. Assess North Carolina’s

                                                                                     GRADING   TIME      CURRICULUM
                           TOPIC/CONCEPTS                                            PERIOD               OBJECTIVES      RESOURCES
role in the Civil War and analyze the social and economic impact of the war on
the state. Evaluate the importance of the roles played by individuals at the state
and national levels during the Civil War and Reconstruction Period. Analyze
the political, economic, and social impact of Reconstruction on the state and
identify the reasons why Reconstruction came to an end.
End of Marking Period Review and Testing                                                       5 days
Identify the role played by the agriculture, textile, tobacco, and furniture           4th              Obj. 5.01,
industries in North Carolina, and analyze their importance in the economic                     10       5.02, 5.03,    (NC) Chapters 18, 19
development of the state. Examine the changing role of educational, religious,                 days     5.04, 5.05     (CA) Chapters 20, 21
and social institutions in the state and analyze their impact. Describe the
social, economic, and political impact of migration on North Carolina.
Identify technological advances and evaluate their influence on the quality of
life in North Carolina.
Describe North Carolina’s reaction to the increasing United States involvement                 20       Obj. 5.06,     (NC) Chapters 20, 21
in world affairs including participation in World War I, and evaluate the                      days     6.01, 6.02,    (CA) Chapters 22, 23,
impact on the state’s economy. Identify the causes and effects of the Great                             6.03, 6.04,    24, 25, 26
Depression and analyze the impact on New Deal policies on Depression Era                                7.01, 7.02,
life in North Carolina. Describe the significance of major events and military                          7.03, 7.04,
engagements associated with World War II and evaluate the impact of the war                             7.05
on North Carolina. Examine the significance of key ideas and individuals
associated with World War II. Assess the impact of World War II on the
economic, political, social, and military roles of different groups in North
Carolina including women and minorities.
Goal 8: The learner will evaluate the impact of demographic, economic,                 4th     15       Obj. 8.01,     (NC) Chapters 22 & 23
technological, social, and political developments in North Carolina since the                  days     8.02 8.03,     (CA) 28, 29, 30, 31
1970’s.                                                                                                 8.04
Goal 9: The learner will explore examples of and opportunities for active              4th     5 days   Obj. 9.01,     (NC) Chapter 24
citizenship, past and present, at the local and state levels.                                           9.02, 9.03     (CA) Chapter 32
End of Marking Period Review and Testing                                                       5 days
 Total Planned Days: 165. Others available for special projects, reading instruction, etc. 165


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