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                    Year 3 - Autumn Term 2012
 LITERACY                                           NUMERACY
   This term our literacy lessons will              Children will focus on:
focus on settings, information texts and            *Understanding number – place value,
poetry. Children are encouraged to read             sequences etc.
regularly at home and we should be grateful         *Mathematical reasoning
if parents would support their child by             *Problem solving
spending a few minutes every day listening to
them. Your child has brought home a letter          *Shape
explaining our new reading system.                  *Handling data
P.E During PE lessons children will be
                                                    *Properties of position and movement
playing Cricket and practising their ball skills.
Please could appropriate indoor and outdoor         *Operations and the relationships
named PE kit be provided (see overleaf for          between them
our PE days).
P.H.S.E/SEAL                                        ICT
As well as thinking about ‘Going for Goals‘,        Children will develop a wide range of
children will also be thinking about                skills using programmes such as Word
relationships in ‘New Beginnings’                   and PowerPoint.

                                ‘Home, Near and Far’

GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, MUSIC                           DT
AND ART                                             During our topic the children will be
  During the first half of the term children        undertaking various projects including
will be learning about Kempston and its             a photo frame, a woven bookmark and
environs. As well as thinking about current         an African mask.
land use, they will be looking at how Kempston
has changed throughout history. If anyone
has a story to tell or local historical objects
that they are prepared to share with us, we
would be very grateful.                                               FRENCH
We will then move on to studying France and            Over the course of the term,
Africa, particularly focussing on Kenya             children will be learning greetings and
and how it is so different from what life is        numbers to 20.
like in Kempston.                                   At the end of the term the children
                                                    will spend some time learning about
                                                    the geography and culture of France
                                                    and will have the opportunity to
                                                    perform a short nativity play
                                                    in French.

                    Beech                          Willow

Homework   Reading – please comment in the home-school diary
           (10 mins).
           Spelling – Practise each night, check with a test on
           Fridays (5 mins)
           Times Tables – The intention is that all children will
           confidently know their 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables
           by the time they go into Year 4 (5 mins)
           Take Home Tasks are sent out on Friday s and
           should be returned by the following Wednesday. It
           is an expectation that these tasks are completed
           and forms part of the Home/School agreement that
           we have.

   P.E      Tuesday and Thursday           Tuesday and Thursday

 Library          Wednesday                         Monday

Parent     As usual, we would appreciate help with listening to
Helpers    children read, accompanying school trips and the
           benefit of any other skills (e.g. cooking, crafts) that
           you would be prepared to share with us. Please let
           us know if you can help!

 School    During the first half of the term we will escorting the
           children around the local community looking at various sites
           and buildings associated with Kempston’s past.
           In the second half of the topic we will be arranging a visit
           from a group to enhance our learning about Africa.

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