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					                    INSPECTION CHOICE LIST
Property Address:
Seller/Buyer Name:
(Circle One)

Agent Name:

I/We have been strongly advised to investigate the condition and suitability of all aspects of the property
and understand that if I/We do not do so we are acting against the advice of the Broker. I/We authorize
Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty to obtain any documents, including but not limited to
Building/Environmental permits, Assessor information or other reports available through local government
agencies. I/We also authorize Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty to acts as my/our agent to contract for
the following inspections and/or repairs to the property as listed below and agree to pay for services

           Seller / Buyer Signature                                                   Date

           Seller / Buyer Signature                                                   Date
BUILDING PERMITS:                  Nevada County/City            265-1573     fax: 265-1272
                                   City of Grass Valley          274-4340     fax: 274-4399
Following is a list of commonly requested inspections/inspectors. Please place and “x” next to the inspector you want to use.

Home Inspectors:                                                 Property Corners/Surveyors:
   Alpine Inspections                     272-1270                   American Surveyors                    273-0640
   House Master - Lance Rogers            866-701-8023               California Survey Co.                 273-6651
   JK Home Insp.                          274-7704                   Charles Fletcher                      265-6702
   Merritt Home Inspections               401-2480                   Gerry Stapp                           265-4603
   Michael Thomas                         268-3452                   Keith Waters                          272-6922
   Omni Home Inspections                  477-7878                   Nevada City Engineering               265-6911
   Randi Dickson                          277-5480                   Richard Gerving                       205-8046
   Randy Whitlock                         273-5070                   Other               Phone#
   Rick Hartmann - Home Insp. Plus        916-316-7587
   Erik Skoog/WIN                         274-7795               Roof Inspectors:
   Other               Phone#                                        Anchor Roofing                  887-3300
                                                                     Collins Carpentry               268-3469
Home Warranties:                                                     Loveland Roofing          (916) 761-7455
   American Home Shld                800-735-4663                    Matlock Roofing                 273-8592
   Buyers Home Warranty              800-443-5599                    Sether Bros.                    265-0994
   CB Home Warranty                  800-747-5152                    Shelter Roof Company            268-1729
   Fidelity Home Warranty            800-862-6837                    Steve Halverson                 274-7971
   First Amer. Home Warranty         800-444-9030                    Other              Phone#
   Old Republic                      800-445-6999
   Other              Phone#                                     Septic Inspectors:
                                                                     Navo & Sons                           273-2964
Natural Hazard Disclosure:                                           Quick Response                        273-7538
    Disclosure Save                  877-302-3262                    Urke Pumping & Service                274-3902
    Geo Tech                         877-256-6440                    Other             Phone#
    First American Nat. Discl.       800-748-5233
    Property ID                      800-626-0106                Soil Testing/Engineering:
    Other               Phone#                                        Chalpin                              273-4978
                                                                      Cranmer Eng.                         273-7284
Mold Detection/Air Quality:                                           Debra Robertson                      274-0660
   Air Quality Consultants                273-6653                    Holdredge & Kull                     478-1305
   Marcus Bole                            477-7714                    Lincoln/Long                         273-0503
   Mark Fisher                            477-8526                    Navo & Sons                          273-2964
   Other               Phone#                                         Nevada City Engineering              265-6911
                                                                      Other              Phone#
Other Inspections:
                           Phone#                                Well Drilling/Water Quality Testing:
                           Phone#                                    Blu Built Water Systems          274-2482
                           Phone#                                    Cooler Zone                      274-9030
                                                                     Diamond                          268-2117
Pest Inspectors:                                                     Gary Tanko                       272-1201
     Bear River Termite                   271-0828                   M&M                              272-1040
     Gold Country Termite                 272-2339                   Peter’s                          273-8136
     Lloyd Grieg                          530-878-2121               Sierra Pump                      273-9038
    Pine View Pest                        346-6654                   Tom Mueller                      432-3032
     Rocky Mtn Exterm                     432-1295                   Other               Phone#
     Thomas Termite                       273-7468
     Other              Phone#                                   Woodstove/Chimney Inspections:
                                                                    A-1 Chimney                            477-1979
Pool Inspectors:                                                    Abercrombie                            432-2499
    Paul Anderson Pool Service            274-1004                  Sweep N Co.                            272-8251
    Other              Phone#                                       Woodheat Stoves & Spas                 265-8618
                                                                    Other             Phone#

                                                                                                                REV. 12/2011

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