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									                        100 Books to Read in Middle School 2010-2011

Alvarez, Julia           Return to Sender                 Korman, Gordon        Pop
Anderson, Laurie Halse   Wintergirls                      Lamba, Marie          What I Meant
Applegate, K. A.         Home of the Brave                Law, Ingrid           Savvy
Balliett, Blue           The Calder Game*                 Lowry, Lois           The Willoughbys
Bauer, Joan              Peeled                           Lupica, Mike          The Batboy
Blundell, Judy           What I Saw and How I Lied        Marsden, John         Hamlet
Boyne, John              The Boy in the Striped Pajamas   Mikaelsen, Ben        Ghost of Spirit Bear
Bradbury, Jennifer       Shift                            Moriarty, Jaclyn      The Ghosts of Ashbury High
Burg, Ann E.             All the Broken Pieces            Morpurgo, Michael     Private Peaceful
Cashore, Kristin         Graceling                        Muchamore, Robert     Eagle Day*
Choldenko, Gennife       All Capone Shines My Shoes       Myers, Walter Dean    Riot
Clement-Davies, David    The Sight                        Napoli, Donna Jo      Alligator Bayou
Collins, Yvonne          The Black Sheep                  Northrup, Michael     Gentlemen
Collins, Suzanne         The Hunger Games                 Oppel, Kenneth        Starclimber
Cooney, Caroline B.      They Never Came Back             Paolini, Chris        Brisingr*
Corbett, Sue             The Last Newspaper Boy in        Parker, Robert P.     Chasing the Bear
                           America                        Parkinson, Siobhan    Something Invisible
Couloumbis, Audrey       Summer’s End                     Patterson, James      Fang: a Maximun Ride Novel*
Cummings, Priscilla      Red Kayak                        Paulsen, Gary         Woods Runner
Deans, Sis Boulos        Racing the Past                  Pearson, Mary         The Miles Between
Dessen, Sarah            Along for the Ride               Pfeffer, Susan Beth   The World We Live In*
Dionne, Erin             The Total Tragedy of a Girl      Philbrick, Rodman     Mostly True Adventures of
                           Named Hamlet                                           Homer P. Figg
Dowell, Frances          Shooting the Moon                Perkins, Lynne Rae    All Alone in the Universe
Dowd, Siobhan            The London Eye Mystery           Pixley, Marcella      Freak
Dunlap, Susanne          The Musician’s Daughter          Porter, Tracey        Billy Creekmore: a Novel
Ehrenberg, Pamela        Ethan, Suspended                 Riordan, Rick         The Red Pyramid*
Ellsworth, Loretta       In Search of Mockingbird         Rodman, Mary Ann      Jimmy’s Star
Feinstein, John          Cover-Up: Mystery at the Super   Qamar, Amjed          Beneath My Mother’s Feet
                           Bowl                           Swanson, James L.     Chasing Lincoln’s Killer (nf)
Frost, Helen             Crossing Stones                  Schlosser, Eric       Chew on this (nf)
Gaiman, Neil             The Graveyard Book               Schmidt, Gary D.      Trouble
Gantos, Jack             Hole in My Life (nf)             Sciezka, Jon, ed.     Guys Write for Guys Read (ss)
Giff, Patricia Reilly    Eleven                           Smith, Sherri L.      Flygirl
Gratz, Alan              Samurai Shortstop                Smith, Roland         Cryptid Hunter
Green, Tim               Football Genius                  Sonnenblick, Jordan   Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie
Haddix, Margaret         Sent*                            Stead, Rebecca        First Light
Hahn, Mary Downing       Closed for the Season            Staples, Suzanne      Under the Persimmon Tree
Hazuka, Tom              Last Chance for First            Stewart, Mark         Goal! : the Fire and the Fury of
Hechtman, Betty          Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti’s                           Soccer’s Greatest Moment (nf)
                           Necklace                       Stone, Phoebe         Deep Down Popular
Hesse, Karen             Brooklyn Bridge                  Thompson, Kate        Creature of the Night
Hoose, Phillip           Claudette Colvin: Twice          Thor, Annika          A Faraway Island
                           Toward Justice                 Toksvig, Sandi        Hitler’s Canary
Horowitz, Anthony        Necropolis*                      Ursu, Anne            The Shadow Thieves*
House, Silas             Eli the Good                     Wells, Rosemary       Red Moon at Sharpsburg
Jinks, Catherine         The Genius Wars                  Werlin, Nancy         Double Helix
Johnson, Maureen         13 Little Blue Envelopes         White, Ruth           Little Audrey
Jonsberg, Barry          Am I Right or Am I Right?        Winerip, Michael      Adam Canfield of the Slash
Kashmira, Sheth          Boys Without Names               Westerfield, Scott    Leviathan
Kershaw, Alex            The Longest Winter (nf)          Zevin, Gabrielle      Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Key, Watt                Alabama Moon                     Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn Reaching for the Sun
Klages, Ellen            The Green Glass Sea
Kluger, Steve            Last Days of Summer               * ~ series, sequel, or companion
Konigsburg, E.L.         The Mysterious Edge of the       nf ~ non-fiction
                           Heroic World                   ss ~ short stories

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