eco tourism by efctflxG


									places emphasis upon
protecting the environment

                                        Sustainable tourism

                 “Green” tourism or eco -tourism

                                        involves the local people in
                                        making decisions that affects
 run with the co-operation of the       their lives and land
 local inhabitants – they need to
 be able to gain from it
            “Green” tourism in Kenya
• ¾ of the wildlife in Kenya is found outside the game reserves – on land owned
  by the Masai
• At present vegetation is healthy and wildlife is plentiful outside the parks
• 3 tented camps owned and run by Kenyans have been set up in Kimana (a
  corridor of land between Amboseli and Tsavo game reserves)
• Masai are paid £1000 per year and are seen as vital to the success of these
  smaller less environmentally damaging tourist developments
         “Green” tourism in Kenya
The problems
• only a small amount of tourist money trickles down to the
• Unable to read contracts they are regularly cheated by tour
• They continue their traditional way of life (nomadic) –
  conflicts with wildlife

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