AS-250B/AR-250B by E8S4V8u


									TM-250M10M Moving Head

The power supply lamp does not       • No mains supply (110VAC).                                          -12-
light up and the fixture does not    • The 3-pin connector’s fuse has
run its reset. (pilot light off)     blown.
The lamp light up the fixture runs   • Signal cable to connected.       GENERAL WARNINGS
its reset, but does not respond to   • Connector plug wrongly wired.
the commands.                        • Start Address switch not         Please carefully read the enclosed instructions that include important
                                     correctly set for the work         points about the safety for the installation, usage and maintenance.
The lamp has problems lighting       • Low voltage.                     Please keep this booklet with the unit for future consultation. If
up.                                  • Lamp life is finished.           you sell the unit to another user, be sure that he also gets this
                                     • Lamp burnt out.
The image is not very bright.        • Lamp life is finished.           instruction booklet. The new owner will thus have all
                                     • Dirty optics.                    information about usage and relevant general warning.

For further tests, contact the nearest sales point or the
                                                                        · After having opened the package, check the entire unit.
                                                                        · In case of any doubt with this unit do not use until having
Please note: All information is subject to change without prior
                                                                            consulted an authorized service centre.
                                                                        · All possibly harmful parts of the package (plastic bags, foamed
                                                                            polystyrene, nails, etc.) should be kept out of children’s reach.
                                                                        · This unit must be used only by adults. Do not let children tamper
                                                                            with it or play with it.
                                                                        · The electricity work that is necessary for installation must be
                                                                            made by a qualified electrician or professional.
                                                                        · Before connecting the unit, check that the data on the
                                                                            registration plate is the same as that of the electrical grid.
                                                                        It the socket and the plug are different, the socket should be changed
                                                                        and adapted by a professionally qualified person. He must also make
                                                                         sure that the sections of the socket cables suit the power absorbed
                                                                                       by the unit. Do not use adapters, multiple
                                                                        · sockets and/or extension cords. Should they be necessary only
                                                                            use simple or multiple adapters and extension cords that comply
    with safety regulations regarding quality and current-carrying      temperatures the device was not designed for. Damages caused by
    capacity.                                                           non-observance are not subject to warranty.
· Always disconnect the line cord from the socket by pulling its
· Wet hands are dangerous. A violent shock could derive by
    touching the socket with wet hands. Do not put any object on the    Projector cleaning
    line cord and never bend the cord at acute angle.                   The cleaning of internal and external optics must be carried out
· Install the fixture in an airy room at about 15 cm. from the walls.
                                                                        periodically, as it is decisive for optimum light output. Cleaning
· Never use the fixture under the following conditions:
                                                                        frequency depends above all on the environment in which the fixture
     - In places subject to excessive humidity.
                                                                        operates: damp, smoky or particularly dusty surrounding in particular
     - In places subject to vibrations or bumps.
                                                                        cause greater accumulation of dirt on the unit’s optics. Clean with a
     - Do not expose to temperatures above 45° C for long periods.
                                                                        soft cloth, using normal products for cleaning glass (or ethylated
     - Do not use in places with temperatures under 2°C.
                                                                        spirits), always drying the parts carefully. Clean the external optics
     - Protect the fixture from excessive dryness or humidity (less
     than35% or more 80%).                                              (head mirror and lens) at least once every 15/20 days. Clean the

· Do not dismantle or modify the fixture.                               internal optics (condensers lenses and reflector) at least once every
· Make certain that no inflammable liquids, water or metal objects      40/60 days.
    enter the fixture, in that case immediately disconnect the main     Before touching internal components, make absolutely certain
    power.                                                              that the main power supply is OFF.
· If you spill water on the unit, be very careful, as a fire could
    break out or there could be a dangerous shock.                      Periodical checks
· Immediately disconnect the main power and contact the nearest         For a perfectly efficient unit, a general check is advisable every 750
    dealer.                                                             running hours.
· In the event of serious operating problems, stop using the unit       Checks of electrical parts must be carried out by qualified technical
    immediately and either contact the nearest sales point for a        personnel.
    check, or contact the manufacturer directly.

                                                                        TROUBLE SHOOTING
                                                                        SYMPTOMS                            POSSIBLE CAUSE OF THE
MAINTENANCE                                                            · Do not open the unit. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
                                                                       · Never try and repair the unit yourself. Repairs carried out by
                                                                           unskilled people can lead to damage or malfunctioning. Please
Lamp fitting and replacement
                                                                           contact the nearest authorized Technical Assistance Centre.
Caution: Only install the lamp with the device switched off!
                                                                           Always require genuine spare parts.
Unplug from mains before!
The lamp must only be changed when wearing appropriate protective
clothing (protection glasses, protection gloves, helmet with sight,
                                                                                            Protect our environment!
leather apron).                                                                             Do not dispose of the
                                                                                            packing cardboard boxes
                                                                                            with household waste!            In compliance
The lamp life given by the manufacturer must never be exceeded.
                                                                                            Please return them to a          with CE norms
This is why you need to take notes on the operational time of the                           recycling centre or a
lamp or check the operating hour meter (if available) regularly and
                                                                                            collecting site for special
replace the lamp in time.
Keep exchanged lamp in a protective container and remove               QL -250 S - MAIN FEATURES
                                                                       QL - 250 S is a high-power intelligent projector which stands out for
                                                                       its advanced technology and high performance. A new circuit which
During the operation, the lamp reaches temperatures of up to 600° C.
                                                                       delays the electronics switch on until the lamp is completely lit up,
                                                                       thus protecting the projector from eventual damage to the electronic
Before replacing the lamp, unplug mains lead and let the lamp
                                                                       Power supply: AC110V, 50Hz
cool down (approx. 10 minutes).
                                                                       Power consumption: 300W
                                                                       Fitting lamp: NSK-250W
  During the installation do not touch the glass-bulbs bare-handed!
                                                                       DMX-control-channels: 10
  Please follow the lamp manufacturer's notes! Do not install lamps
                                                                       Color-wheel 1:7 single filter + White + Rainbow-effect
    with a higher wattage! Lamps with a higher wattage generate
                                                                             Gobo-wheel 1: 7 rotating gobo + open + Rainbow-effect
                                  -3-                                                                   -4-
Shuttle: Flash rate: 0-10Hz                                           1       revolve the demonstration is rESt then presses a time of
Effect wheel: 3-face prism (controllable rotating speed, adjustable   ENTER key then to reposition
positive & negative)
                                                                      2       X axis pro and con choice of direction: When the display
Focus: motorized focus
Dimmer: 0~100% mechanic dimmer                                        monitor demonstrates A001 (if not appear , presses 2 times of
Special function: Master/Slave activated by sound at pre-             “ESE” to demonstrate it )according to “ENTER “then the display
programmed function                                                   monitor demonstrates Add then press “down” or “up” key to
Maximum TILT-movement: 270, self-correcting                           revolve the demonstration is rPAn according to “ENTER” this time
Maximum PAN-movement: 540, self-correcting                            the display monitor demonstrates OFF/ON then press “down” or
                                                                      “up” key to revolve the demonstration is “ON” or “OFF”, to choose
                                                                      X-axis the pro and con direction, then confirmed according to ENTER,
Control channel
                                                                      impressing the ESC withdrawal then.

                                                                      3       Y axis pro and con choice of direction; When the display

                                                                      monitor demonstrates A001 (if not appear , presses 2 times of
Accept DMX512 control channel, detail as follow:
                                                                      “ESE” to demonstrate it )according to “ENTER “then the display
                                                                      monitor demonstrates Add then press “down” or “up” key to
                                                                      revolve the demonstration is rtilt according to “ENTER” this time
       Channel                                  Feature               the display monitor demonstrates OFF/ON then press “down” or
                          0-15                                        “up” key to revolve the demonstration is “ON” or “OFF”, to choose
                          16-31                                       Y-axis the pro and con direction, then confirmed according to ENTER,
                                                                      impressing the ESC withdrawal then.
                          32-47                   Yellow
       1CH: Color
         wheel            48-63                                       4      when the lamp body is in does not have the signal at the
                                                                      appointed time, this lamp body display monitor is at beats the
                          64-79                   Green
                                                                      condition, this time the red LED lamp is not bright, this time the lamp
                          80-95                    Red
                                                                      body is not antis controlled the condition, also cannot carry on XY the
                                                                      pro and Concho ice of direction. Other function choices may use.
                                                                             demonstrate it )according to “ENTER “then the display monitor
                                                                                  demonstrates Add then press “down” or “up” key to
5         voice control adjustments way: When the display monitor                                         -8-
demonstrates A001 (if not appear , presses 2 times of “ESE” to                                       96-111                 Blue
demonstrate it )according to “ENTER“ then the display monitor                                       112-127                Violet
demonstrates Add then press “down” or “up” key to revolve the                                       128-255            Rainbow effect
demonstration is SoNd according to “ENTER” this time the display                                       0                   Stop
monitor demonstrates run and this time the condition for the voice                                                 Positive rotation with
                                                                                                                     increasing speed
control condition.                                                                 2CH : gobo                      Negative rotation with
6         Make the voice program way: When the display monitor                      rotation        86~170
                                                                                                                     increasing speed
demonstrates A001 (if not appear , presses 2 times of “ESE” to                                      171~178                Stop
demonstrate it )according to “ENTER“ then the display monitor                                       179~255          Revolves the pulse
demonstrates Add then press “down” or “up” key to revolve the                                         0-15                 Blank
demonstration is ProG according to press and hold the “ENTER”                                        16-31                 Gobo1
for 3 seconds until the display monitor stop flicker and demonstrates                                32-47                 Gobo2
S 00 now is enter to setup the voice work ‘s step :FIRST : change                                    48-63
                                                                                    3CH:gobo                               Gobo3
the controller ‘s channels’ parameter to setup the light’s channel(i.e.
                                                                                      wheel          64-79                 Gobo4
“color “,”gobo”, “pan”, “tilt”, etc) to make the voice program ‘s step                               80-95                 Gobo5
(this is the light voice work’s first step ) SECOND : change this light ‘s
                                                                                                     96-111                Gobo6
last channel’s parameter to ”128-254” for 3 seconds by the controller
                                                                                                    112-255                Gobo7
then come back to “0” and now the display monitor demonstrates is S
                                                                                                      0~15             Shutter close
01     and now the work’s fist step setup is over !and you can SETUP
                                                                                                    16~127                Dimmer
the another light voice work’s step repeat steps 1 and 2 until you
                                                                                  4CH: Shutter                  Strobe effect with increasing
have set the fixtures the way you like ! When you setup is over you                                 128~207
can according to “ENTER” and this pogrom is voice control ‘s                                        208~255            Shutter open
pogrom!                                                                             5CH: PAN         0~255                  540
    lamps bodies reposition the adjustment: When the display monitor                6CH: TILT        0~255                  270
     demonstrates A001 (if not appear , presses 2 times of “ESE” to
        7CH:PAN/TILT                        PAN / TILT controllable             DMX-output                            DMX-input
                             0~255                                          XLR mounting-socket:                  XLR mounting-plug:
           speed                            speed with decreasing
                                         Continuous adjustment from                        1: Ground                           1: Ground
          8CH focus          0~255                                                         2: Signal -                         2: Signal –
                                                 far to near
                                                                                           3: Signal +                         3: Signal +

                            0~31                     Open                                                   -6-
         9 CH:prism
                           32~255                 Prism effect          If you are using controllers with this occupation, you can connect the
                           0-127                  No function           DMX-output of the controller directly with the DMX-input of the first

        10CH:fuction      128-254            make voice progrom         fixture in the DMX-chain. If you wish to connect DMX-controllers with

                             255                                        other XLR-outputs, you need to use adapter-cables.
                                                                        Building a serial DMX-chain:
Control Board                                                           Connect the DMX-output of the first fixture in the DMX-chain with the
                                                                        DMX-input of the next fixture. Always connect one output with the
Connection with DMX 512 digital signal                                  input of the next fixture until all fixtures are connected.

                                                                        Caution: At the last fixture, the DMX-cable has to be terminated with
                                                                        a terminator. Solder a 120 Ohm resistor between Signal (–) and
                                                                        Signal (+) into a 3-pin XLR-plug and plug it in the DMX-output of the
                                                                        last fixture.

                                                                        Each projector occupies 10 channels. To ensure that the control
Only use a stereo shielded cable and 3-pin XLR-plugs and                signals are properly directed to each projector, the projector requires
connectors in order to connect the controller with the fixture or one   addressing. This is to be done for every single projector by setting
fixture with another.                                                   with the LED display.

Occupation of the XLR-connection:
The starting address is defined as the first channel from which the
QL - 250 S will respond to the controller.

7       Adjusts this code: When the display monitor demonstrated

when A001 (if not appear , presses 2 times of “ESE” to demonstrate
it ) demonstrates 001 according to ENTER, this time may chooses
this yard numeral according to UP OR DOWN, and then presses a
time of ENTER confirmation then.


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