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How to: Get toned arms like Michelle Obama by ouabou


How to: Get toned arms like Michelle Obama

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									She’s a Harvard law graduate, President’s wife, mother, healthy eating advocate and a
fashion icon….is there anything that Michelle Obama can’t do? We might not be able to
turn you into a First Lady-style superwoman, but we can show you the best arm sculpting
exercises to banish those bingo wings….

Push it, push it real good
Michelle Obama is an incredibly busy woman but she still has time to exercise between public speeches and

One sure fire way to improve your arms and banish bingo wings is to do push-ups at home or in the gym.

This exercise work your triceps (the muscles in the back of your arms) and biceps (the bodybuilder-style muscles
at the front) increasing the strength and size of the muscle overtime.

Place your hands on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Straighten your legs behind you and place
your toes on the floor with your feet in line with your hips.

Straighten your arms and keep your head, torso and legs in a line. Inhale as your bend your elbows out to the sides
and lower your body to the floor. Stop before your nose hits the carpet and exhale as you straighten your arms
back to the start position.
If you’re a complete beginner rest your knees on the floor to lessen the strain on your upper body.
Too many push-ups can result in Madonna-style arms so don’t over train. In time you should notice an
improvement in the shape and tone of your arms and a slight increase in muscle definition.

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