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Adult Basic Education (ABE Program) by E8S4V8u


									Adult Basic Education (ABE Program)

The Adult Basic Education English
Transitional Program (ABE) is a four-
level program for intermediate learners
of English.

The ABE program offers no-cost classes for qualified intermediate-level
immigrant adults. This program serves as a transition between ESL
classes and higher education. The program prepares students to enter
college, job training programs, alternative high school diploma
programs, or to get a higher-level job.

There is a strong emphasis on reading and writing in addition to
listening and speaking.  Students are expected to work hard to
improve their ”academic” English skills to help them achieve their

The ABE program began in January, 1993. Before that time, it was
very difficult for our ESL students to make the jump from the highest
levels of ESL in the community to a two-year college or to job
training. Students would often be rejected or drop out. Since 1993,
the ABE Program has sent almost 300 students to community colleges,
especially Bunker Hill, and many program graduates have continued to
study at four-year schools such as UMass Boston, Northeastern,
Wentworth, Bentley, UMass Lowell and Worcester Polytechnic.

The ABE Program is funded by the Massachusetts Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education/Adult and Community Learning
Services in 5-year funding cycles. The current cycle is for the years
2006-2010. The ABE program serves around 65 students a year.

     Cycle Dates: September-January (18 weeks), February-June (18
      weeks), July-August (6 weeks)
     Class Schedule: Tuesdays through Fridays.
         o Level 1 and Level 2 meet from 8:30 - 10:30 AM.
         o Level 3 and Level 4 meet from 11 AM - 1 PM

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