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Do you find yourself feeling pessimistic about yourself and your possibilities? If so, you're not alone and there are some simple things you can do to feel better.

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									Ten Tips for Mastering
  Positive Thinking
Do you find yourself feeling pessimistic
 about yourself and your possibilities? If
 so, you're not alone and there are some
 simple things y
     p      g you can do to feel better.

                      positive thinking
With these simple "positive thinking"
 strategies, your life can start to change
 in amazing ways.
Why is learning how to be more positive
                       health, wealth
 so important for your health wealth, and
 happiness? As personal growth pioneer
 Earl Nightingale taught, "You become
        g    g       g ,
 what you think about most of the time."
How Positive Thinking Works
Nightingale's teachings formed a
 foundation for the current popularity of
 the Law of Attraction If you understand
 how this works, you know that staying
 p           just about the most important
 positive is j                      p
 thing you can do. When you are positive
 and optimistic, you attract to you more
 things t b positive and optimistic
 thi    to be      iti    d   ti i ti
On the other hand, when you are
 negative and pessimistic you attract
 more things to be pessimistic about.

With this in mind, staying positive is well
                         doesn t
 worth the effort and it doesn't have to be
Some people think that a few positive
 thoughts now and then will do the trick

This is not true and this
 misunderstanding explains why so many
 people think the Law of Attraction
 doesn't work. Again, it's what you think
 about ALL DAY LONG that counts.
Ten Tips for Staying Positive

1. Decide to take charge of your life and
 your thinking If you believe that you are
 a victim, you are. If you believe you are
 an empowered creator, you are, and this
 is what you need to be. Tell yourself "I
 am in charge of my life."
2. Start your day, while you are still in
 bed by thinking of a few things you are
 thankful for. Gratitude makes you feel
 good and it attracts more things to be
 g                              g
 grateful for.
                y     g
3. Next, when you go into the bathroom,
 look at yourself in the mirror and say
 something positive, like "You're
       ifi   t"    "this i       d f ld
 magnificent," or "thi is a wonderful day.''
4. Do the "yes" exercise. As you dress or
 while you are in the shower say yes out
 loud five or ten times. You may be
 surprised how g
    p            good this feels.
5. Dress like the successful person you
 want to become. You'll feel better.
6. As you go through your day, be aware
 of your posture. When you sit or stand
 up straight, you automatically feel better.
7. During the day, take a few deep
 breaths now and then and clear your
 mind. A confused mind tends to be a
 negative mind. A few nice breaths of
 fresh air stops momentums and gives
 your mind a chance to relax. You'll feel
 better and when you f feel good, you
 attract more things to feel good about.
8. Place positive affirmations around you
                                 day Here's
 and focus on them during the day. Here s
 a powerful example. Place this message -
 "I know that something wonderful is
 happening today" - on sticky notes.
Put them everywhere you go, like the
 bathroom,                      door
 bathroom on the refrigerator door, in
 the car, on your computer monitor, on
 y       ,       y            y
 your TV, and anywhere else you can
 imagine. Say this affirmation silently or
 out loud often AND look for wonderful
 things. You may be surprised how they
 show up.
9. Decide that you love people and they
 love you. Smile and say hello to people
 whenever you can, even strangers.
 Acknowledge and compliment them
            g          p
 whenever possible. When you make
 other people feel good, you feel better,
10. At the end of the day, take a few
 moments to think about the wonderful
 things that happened today. Express
 gratitude again for the blessings in y
 g            g                 g      your
       y                                 p
Always remember, "If it's to be, it's up to
 me." None of these positive thinking
 practices take much of your time, and
 they can literally t
 th        lit          f          lif
                ll transform your life.
 Being more positive may be much easier
 than you might imagine
A final tip - START TODAY!
The longer you delay taking action the
 less likely it is that anything will change.
 The best time for staying positive is
 always NOW.
Want more tips for staying positive?
If so, start now at this site focusing on
 "How to Be More Positive".
Also watch a video about the power of
 "Thinking Big" at
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v UpRU

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