The Life of Einstein

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					The Life of Dr. Einstein
    By Shawn Hiramatsu
Early Life
 • Albert Einstein has been considered as the most
   genius person in the world.
 • Did you know that Albert Einstein was slow in
   learning to speak in first years of his childhood it
   took him till 4 years old.
 • At school he did his learning much less than
   other students he often fell asleep in classes.
 • By his teens Einstein failed to finish high school
   and also failed the test to enter Zurich
   Polytechnique School in Switzerland.
 • Then he took language study and physics in pre
   college school.
 Even this genius had proved to become one
   without a good background.
• In 1922, he traveled throughout Asia as part of a six-
  month excursion and speaking tour. His travels included
  Singapore, Ceylon, and Japan, where he gave a series of
  lectures to thousands of Japanese.
• His first lecture in Tokyo lasted four hours, after which
  he met the emperor and empress at the Imperial Palace
  where thousands came to watch.
• Einstein later gave his impressions of the Japanese in a
  letter to his sons "Of all the people I have met, I like the
  Japanese most, as they are modest, intelligent,
  considerate, and have a feel for art."
Location Lived
• Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, in the Kingdom
    of Württemberg in the German empire on March
    14 1879 and died April 18 1955 at age 76 in
    Princeton, New Jersey, United States.
•   He lived in many different place like the:
    German empire, Switzerland, Austria, United
    States, Germany, and one time Stateless ( it
    basically means 1 Having no state or 2 not
    having any recognized citizenship in a state or
Picture in 1921 Handsome Huh?
• On April 17 1955 Dr.Einstein died cause of
  something called abdominal aortic aneurysm at
  that time he was making a speech for Israel 7
  year anniversary that was going to be on TV he
  was at Princeton hospital that time.
• But he didn’t live long enough to finish it.
In the hospital Einstein said, "I want to go when I
  want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I
  have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it
Awards Won

• Nobel Prize in Physics (1921)
• Copley Medal (1925)
• Max Planck Medal (1929)
• Time Person of the Century

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