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                                                          TRAINING TECHNOLOGY

                      Maritime Composite Training System
                                                           TRAINING TECHNOLOGY
                                         At Home on the (Virtual) Range
                                                           TRAINING TECHNOLOGY
                                              Beyond Remove-and-Install
                                                           TRAINING TECHNOLOGY
                                             Distributed Mission Training

ISSN 1471-1052   |   US $14/£8                                       Issue 1/2012

                      At Home on the (Virtual) Range
                      Virtual technologies bring a host of benefits to small arms training. Robert W Moorman outlines
                      the benefits and checks out the training devices.

                                   hen U.S. Army Lt. Kevin         “These virtual systems are designed to      Above
                                   Dietrick learned to shoot       enhance, not replace live fire training,”   The Engagement Skills Trainer – EST 2000.
                                   in the mid-1970s, live fire     said Army Major Robert DeGaine, assis-      Image credit: U.S. Army PEo STrI.
                      small arms training was limited by the       tant product manager for Ground Com-
                      cost of ammunition, the inadequate           bat Tactical Trainers for the U.S. Army
                      access to training ranges and the logis-     Program Executive Office for Simula-        users, and are under contract for another
                      tics involved to run and staff a live fire   tion, Training and Instrumentation (PEO     100 systems.
                      exercise. These challenges still exist       STRI). Example: “If you have a soldier           Cubic also makes the EST DS (Dis-
                      today; however, technology is making         that is having a hard time shooting, that   mounted Solution), a compact, single-
                      the task manageable, particularly in a       soldier can go on the EST [Engagement       shooter system that combines capabilities
                      time of shrinking defense budgets.           Skills Trainer] and work on the funda-      of the EST 2000 plus additional capabili-
                           Advances in virtual technologies        mentals of marksmanship.” If you know       ties for dismounted warrior training.
                      have helped change the mindset of tradi-     the fundamentals – breathing, trigger            On one point there is little debate
                      tional trainers — live fire only — toward    control, grip, sight alignment and hold-    among trainers. Virtual training systems
                      the benefits of using technology in small    ing a stabilized platform, “you should be   make better marksmen. “It has been
                      arms training.                               able to shoot,” he added.                   found that the initial pass rate of recruits
                           “The virtual (and constructive) envi-       Feedback provided by virtual train-     on a live range can jump from 52% up to
                      ronment should be viewed as compli-          ing devices reinforces the learning         98% when recruits first train on a marks-
                      mentary to live fire training; both are      experience.                                 manship trainer, noted Dietrick.
   ISSUE 1.2012

                      important and add value to the training          The EST 2000, produced by Cubic              The Laser Marksmanship Training
                      domain,” said Col. Dietrick, (U.S. Army-     Corp., provides initial and sustainment     System, a transportable device produced
                      Ret), vice president of business devel-      marksmanship, tactical and shoot/don’t      by L-3, is ideal, the Army says, for ini-
                      opment for Meggitt Training Systems,         shoot training. The virtual trainer sup-    tial and recurrent training in the field.
  10                  a leading provider of virtual small arms     ports three modes of training: marks-       LMTS accommodates numerous weap-
                      weapons trainers (SATs). To date, Megg-      manship, squad/fire team collective and     ons including the M9 pistol, the M16 and

                      itt has sold more than 5,000 systems and     judgmental use of force.                    M4 rifles as well as M240, M249 and M2
                      40,000 simulated weapons worldwide.              The Army has procured 948 EST           machine guns.
                           Virtual systems are teachers that       systems. Cubic has fielded another 100           Everyone is looking for ways to reduce
                      never get tired and school is always open.   systems to domestic and international       costs – and the payoff can be large. Small
arms simulators save money on ammuni-          trainers have even been used as thera-
tion alone, as revealed by breakdown of        peutic tools for doctors to treat soldiers
EST 2000 simulated ammunition usage            suffering from Post Traumatic Stress
of 9 mm pistols from January to Decem-         Syndrome (PTSD) by placing them in a
ber 2009 at the Joint Training and Train-      real-like battlefield environment.
ing Development Center at Fort Dix, New
Jersey. The New Jersey Army National           Challenges & Trends
Guard saved nearly $12,000 by substi-          Environmental concerns over live fire
tuting 100 live rounds with 100 virtual        ranges, encroachment of ranges into
rounds from the EST 2000 during one            urban areas and the ongoing need to
training exercise involving 844 soldiers.      train soldiers and their civilian counter-
Live rounds cost 14 cents apiece.              parts to a higher standard in the new
    U.S. Air Force enlisted personnel          reality of shrinking defense budgets has
receive eight hours of academic and            prompted several major trends in the
live fire training on the M16A2 not long       firearms training business, according to
after induction. Officers get orientation      several experts interviewed.
training on the M9 pistol during sum-               The use of virtual training devices as
mer camp for Reserve Officers’ Training        a way to deal with environmental con-
Corps (ROTC) or as part of their inductee      cerns cannot be understated. “Live train-
training at Maxwell Air Force Base. Nei-       ing ranges are becoming more expensive
ther enlisted personnel nor officers have      to operate and maintain due to increased
to qualify on small arms, but must com-        environmental constraints and regula-
plete the training program, according to       tions,” said Mark Saturno, senior direc-
Rolland Roth, program manager for U.S.         tor business development with Cubic
Air Force Combat Arms, who has per-            Simulations Systems, based in Orlando,
sonally trained over 100,000 people on         Fla. “Simulators can reduce the negative
small arms during his 30-year career. The      impact on the environment by transition-
Air Force trained 402,000 people on small      ing live training indoors.”
arms during 2011.                                   There are several trends in small arms
    U.S. Navy enlisted recruits receive        training worth noting. Initial training is
two-day small arms training on the 9           being used more as a “gated qualifier”
mm and shotgun at the Recruit Training         and “re-qualification system in conjunc-
Command in Great Lakes, Ill., the Navy’s       tion with live fire training,” Dietrick said.
only boot camp. Recruits that qualify               Another growing trend, resiliency
on the weapons are given a marksman,           training, immerses soldiers in a war-like
sharpshooter or expert rating, according       environment. The training is meant to
to Jeff Miller, public information officer.    help the soldier deal with the chaos of
    Virtual devices help make the train-       battle prior to deployment. While mainly
ing program more efficient. At Ft. Hood,       a war-preparation tool for soldiers, resil-
Texas, the largest active duty base in         iency training has value for their civilian
the U.S. Armed Services, the EST 2000          counterparts, trainers say, and can act as
had a 72% usage rate during training,          way to reduce on the job training.
DeGaine said. With the increased use of             Small arms training is evolving as
simulators, come changes in the training       needs and equipment change. The pri-
regimen from long-range to close com-          mary drivers, are the modification of
bat training. New courses on firearms          existing weapons, introduction of new
and reflexive training are now offered.        ones and the “requirement to incorporate
Another change: soldiers are melding           appended optics into training scenarios,”
marksmanship training with decision-           Saturno noted.
making and squad tactics, so the train-             Another trend: The wars in Iraq and
                                                                                               ISSUE 1.2012

ing emphasis is more on “shooting under        Afghanistan have prompted a need to
pressure,” DeGaine said.                       bring increased training capability to the
    Virtual training devices have become       squad-sized unit with the use of various
an integral element of scenario based          training solutions.
training, whether it is to train for a mili-        Equally noteworthy, and not specifi-       11
tary policeman responding to domestic          cally directed at firearms training, is the
                                                                                               MS&T MAGAZINE

violence to infantry soldiers conducting       trend toward augmenting or replacing
operations at a vehicle checkpoint. Fire-      task trainers with full spectrum opera-
arms trainers help in some not-so-obvi-        tions trainers. In effect, this amounts to
ous ways as well. DeGaine says these           combining, say, a small arms trainer, a
                      tank trainer and forward observer trainer                                                           The Academy also provides recurrent
                      with a howitzer and aircraft simulators.                                                            small arms training for airline pilots, who

                      The end result is a more realistic training                                                         have gone through DHS’s initial federal
                      scenario for those on the battlefield.                                                              flight deck officers (FFDO) training in
                                                                                                                          Artesia, New Mexico.
                      On the Other Hand                                                                                        There are other training facilities
                      Virtual training devices are an integral                                                            throughout North America that provide
                      part of small arms training, particularly                                                           small arms training similar to that offered
                      for the military. But some trainers of law                                                          by SSA. Belllingham, Washington-based
                      enforcement or related personnel, within                                                            Cutting Edge Training provides three
                      the U.S. or other governments, whose                                                                train-the-trainer programs worth not-
                      classes tend to be smaller, believe there                                                           ing. CET’s 80-hour Pistol Combatives
                      is too much emphasis on technology.                                                                 Instructor course teaches troops or para-
                           “The best simulator for small fire                                                             military forces combat-proven concepts
                      arms training is a real gun and real bul-                                                           and drills that will “prepare them for
                      lets,” said Adam Painchaud, director of          Above                                              those times where only ‘Big Boy Rules
                      the Sig Sauer Academy (SSA) in southern          The SSA provides specialized small arms            apply,” according to a company back-
                      New Hampshire. The Academy, known                training for military and paramilitary forces.     grounder. The 80-hour M16/M4 Com-
                      for tailoring training to the needs of the       Image credit: Sig Sauer Academy.                   batives Instructor course provides close
                      customer, provides training on weapons                                                              quarters training as well as Airsoft force-
                      other than just those made by Sig Sauer.                                                            on-force exercises. The 40-hour Shotgun
                           If not live fire training, then offer       and around buildings. The following day            Combatives course teaches instructors
                      the next best thing, Painchaud recom-            instructors could simulate a live firefight        to train troops on the basics of the shot-
                      mended. SSA’s Force-on-Force training            with good guys versus bad guys firing              gun and how to fight with it.
                      involves real people and real guns con-          paint-leaving projectiles.                              Nevertheless, small arms training
                      verted to fire projectiles. The handguns              SSA also offers three-day and five-           has become inexorably linked to the vir-
                      and rifles fire a special projectile produced    day executive protection courses as well           tual training world. Simulators reduce
                      by Simunitions, which makes a training           as a close quarter pistol course. All train-       training costs while maintaining train-
                      marking round. The projectiles travel at         the-trainer courses have a pre and post-           ing standards. This is a good thing in an
                      375 feet per second and leave a paint spat-      shooting test as well as a practical exam.         environment of shrinking defense and
                      ter “that hurts like hell,” Painchaud said.           SSA provides advanced training for            law enforcement budgets, where trainers
                           SSA students could spend a day              the U.S. Department of Homeland Secu-              must deal with the reality of doing more
                      of advanced live fire firearms tactics in        rity (DHS) and its related organizations.          with less. ms&t

                       Some Additional Sources
                       •Advanced Interactive Systems: AIS’s PRISim Suite simula-                 Target Simulator, to Quonset and Mobile Shooting ranges. In late
                       tors, introduced in 1998, provide realistic use-of-force training to      November 2011, Laser Shot delivered a new 3,800 square foot
                       develop the skills for using lethal and non-lethal weapons at fixed       Modular Indoor Firing Range facility to the U.S. Navy.
                       facilities or at any off-site location. The PRISim Suite platform         •Marathon Targets: The T20 Smart Target, a military version
                       features realistic video and CGI environments for marksman-               of the Segue battery powered vehicle with a bad-guy dummy
                       ship, tactical strategies, observation skills, scene assessments,         attached to the steering bar, brings an “urgently needed new
                       interactive dialogue, problem solving and decision-making. An             level of realism to live-fire training,” said Marathon Targets CEO
                       optional sixteen-hour training session is offered on all simula-          Dr. Alex Brooks.
                       tors. Judgment Trainer software for the PRISim Suite system is                Marathon also produces the T40 four-wheel drive target for
                       also offered.                                                             unpaved ranges. Marathon recently delivered its second-genera-
                       •Baur SA: In the early 1980s, Baur SA introduced the CF target            tion two-wheel smart targets to Quantico and received a follow-
                       system. The Swiss army uses around 1,500 systems. About 500               on contract from the Marines for its four-wheel smart target.
                       systems were sold under licensing to the international market             •Saab: Saab Training and Simulation provides live fire and laser
                       and most of the systems are used for urban fighting training. The         based gunnery and combat solutions. Savit, the Small Arms Vir-
                       CF3x target system, the last evolution of the CF product line,            tual Indoor Trainer and miniaturized laser transmitters for pistols
   ISSUE 1.2012

                       is the main component for firearms training for several infantry          and rifles, are a few of the training products Saab produces. The
                       groups, special intervention units and police forces.                     company also provides target and range equipment that is used
                       •Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW): KMW Training & Simu-                        in over 20 countries.
  12                   lation (T&S) provides gunnery and combat simulator software               •Theissen Training Systems: This company makes fixed-
                       for small arms training. Different types of pistols, rifles, machine      base and moving target systems from small arms ranges

                       guns, sniper rifles and recoilless rifles can be linked to KMW T&S        (including marksmanship and deployable ranges to elaborate
                       combat simulation systems.                                                Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise (CALFEX) Ranges. It also
                       •Laser Shot: The product range encompasses the Thermal                    produces visible and auto-effect simulators to make live fire
                       Shot Live Fire Virtual Targetry system and Running Man Moving             training more realistic.
Show RepoRt

                  I/ITSEC 2011
                  the military and simulation industry returned to orlando’s orange County Convention Center
                  in orlando to participate in this keystone event. MS&t’s editors report.

                       /ITSEC 2011 again proved that           Boeing’s on-going programmes have           Above
                       it is the premier military simu-        largely remained unaffected.                An interview with an avatar.
                       lation and training show and                Lenny Genna, president of L-3 Com-      Image credit: elke Ullrich.
                  conference. According to the organis-        munications’ Link Simulation and Train-
                  ers, there were about 20,000 total regis-    ing said that 2012 will be spent watch-
                  trants, including some 4000 conference       ing the opportunities from the evolving          In this type of business environ-
                  delegates and an additional 7500 exhibit     training system requirements for the U.S.   ment, McGraw emphasised that one
                  visitors; approximately 50% of the regis-    Air Force’s embryonic KC-46 tanker and      should “think opportunities in the cur-
                  trants were from government; and 2000        T-X trainer programs. “As far as large-     rent budget times”. And thinking oppor-
                  international registrants represented 56     scale programs, those are the major ones    tunities leads to “adaption”. “There is
                  countries. There were 590 exhibiting         we are monitoring.” Link, as the current    just one thing that remains constant –
                  companies in 441 exhibits. MS&T editors      incumbent for the U.S. Air Force’s Preda-   and that is change,” said LeAnn Ridge-
                  and writers visited exhibits, spoke with     tor Mission Aircrew Training System         way in her Industry Keynote. Industry
                  exhibitors, and attended events. Even        program, also intends to pursue the rec-    has to adapt to the prevailing economic
                  with five editorial staff we could not see   ompete of the program contract sched-       conditions like it has to adapt to new
                  everything, or every company, or attend      uled for 2012                               tasks and changing threats. But training
                  every event.                                     On the other hand, some S&T prod-       providers also have to adapt to the tech-
                      But underneath the hustle and bus-       uct managers are increasingly trans-        nology applied by social networks. “We
                  tle was an undercurrent of uncertainty       lating the falling number of materiel       cannot expect a generation who grew
  ISSUe 1.2012

                  about the future. Everyone was certainly     and active soldiers straight into fewer     up with constant connectivity, iPods,
                  aware of the budget challenges facing,       simulators and fewer training courses.      smartphones, Facebook and Twitter
                  not only the DOD, but also many other        Those who directly support the pro-         to adapt to or learn different cognitive
                  militaries. Nevertheless, there are execu-   grammes may be particularly hit by the      skills for the battlefield,” the Vice Presi-
 30               tives who still see lots of opportunities    cuts. First impacts were visible in some    dent and General Manager, Simulation
                  for their companies at a time when live      smaller footprint booths with reduced       & Training Solutions at Rockwell Col-

                  is going more and more virtual. Boeing’s     crews. We also noted reports that some      lins said. Dr Laura Junor, Deputy Assis-
                  Mark McGraw, VP Training Systems and         companies were reorganising - some          tant Secretary of Defense for Readiness,
                  Services, sees a strong market in virtual    well-known faces were missing at this       addressing the General and Flag Officer
                  maintenance training, while noting that      I/ITSEC                                     Panel, stressed the need for a scalable
                                                                                                 Serious Games Showcase
                                                                                                      and Challenge

                                                                                              This was the sixth annual Serious
                                                                                              Games Showcase and Challenge
                                                                                              (SGSC) and MS&T has been present
                                                                                              at and reported every event. The goal
                                                                                              of the SGCS is to identify innovative
                                                                                              game-based technologies and solu-
                                                                                              tions that improve training across
                                                                                              all segments for individuals, groups
                                                                                              and systems. And this is a goal that
                                                                                              MS&T, sponsor of the People’s Choice
                                                                                              award, strongly supports.
                                                                                                  The SGSC had a 45% increase in
                                                                                              entries over last year. The committee
                                                                                              received 54 submissions from serious
adaptive force and the way to do that          Above                                          game developers and selected 21 final-
is through placing increased weight            Medical simulation had an increased            ists to be showcased. This year the
on developing and maintaining human            presence at this year's show.                  committee added two new catego-
capital.                                       Image credit: elke Ullrich.                    ries: mobile games and adaptive force
                                                                                              training. Dr James Blake, PEOSTRI, in
Issues and Themes                                                                             his remarks, noted the impact of seri-
There seemed to be a general accept-           consequences of those decisions. NAU-          ous games on the training community
ance that budgetary constraints and the        TIS Port Security Awareness addresses a        and said he was “looking forward to
priority demands of the new tanker and         more specific but no less topical threat.      how far serious games will take us”, a
the F-35 would mean a slip to the right        In a related theme CAE demonstrated            view shared by MS&T.
for the T-X program. Boeing, predict-          the Multi-Agency Situational Aware-                The following teams emerged as
ably, were of the view that this would         ness System (MASAS), designed to dra-          winners: Best Serious Game Busi-
mean that there would still be time for        matically improve information sharing for      ness Category was awarded to Air
a new design, which would be low-risk          emergency management organizations.            Medic Sky One by the University
and, therefore affordable. Lockheed Mar-       MASAS is not just software, but rather a       Medical Center Utrecht (Holland),
tin and BAE Systems, unsurprisingly,           framework to support information shar-         Best Serious Game Student Category
did not take this view. Alenia and the         ing based on geography and interoper-          was awarded to Garden Defense by
M-346/T100, as for other recent shows,         ability standards.                             Katelyn Procci from the UCF Retro
were invisible. One issue of interest con-          3D is becoming ubiquitous in mainte-      Lab, Best Serious Game Government
cerns meetings between ETC and T-X             nance and other training domains. Gabe         Category was awarded to First Per-
competitors BAE Systems and Lockheed           Batstone, NGRAIN’s new CEO, feels that         son Cultural Trainer by US Army's
Martin, to discuss the merits of including     it is an exciting time to be in the training   TRADOC-TRISA, Best Serious Game
the Authentic Tactical Flight Simulation       and simulation industry, forecasting an        Mobile Category was awarded to
(ATFS)-400 in their ‘suites of training sys-   unprecedented period of growth in the          EPP Operator Maintainer Course by
tems’. It may be that a high performance       use of 3D models.                              C2 Technologies, Best Serious Game
motion simulator could be considered a              Finally, we noted the growing pres-       for this year's Special Emphasis Cat-
means of down-loading expensive and            ence of medical simulation. The range          egory of Adaptive Force Training was
fatigue-sapping training, thereby reduc-       included serious games applications            awarded to Bushudo: The Way of the
ing the overall costs.                         for training young doctors to improve          Radical by Mr Kevin Harris of the Uni-
    Another emerging theme was the             patient safety, robotic surgery simulation     versity of Wisconsin-Madison, and the
increasing use of simulation in train-         and hyper combat wound special effects.        MS&T sponsored Best Serious Game
ing for disaster and terrorism response        As an aside, Halldale Media Group has          People's Choice was awarded to Qual-
and emergency services training. Elbit’s       just launched a new publication focussed       ity Tycoon by Northrop-Grumman.
                                                                                                                                        ISSUe 1.2012

Emergency Events Management Train-             on medical simulation – MEdSim. See it         MS&T was intrigued by Foldit, a puz-
ing System, concentrates on the com-           online at                     zle game designed to source a crowd
mand, control and integration aspects,                                                        to solve problems for science, rather
and can simulate, in great details, the        From the Floor                                 than focusing on training. The puzzles
effects of several simultaneous events at      BAE Systems demonstrated how the               address protein structure prediction      31
separate sites. VStep’s RescueSim pro-         concept of Distributed Mission Opera-          and protein design, both key to solving
                                                                                                                                        MS&t MAGAZINe

vides virtual training for first responders    tions (DMO) can be practiced by the T-X        problems like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and
and emergency organisations in assess-         Trainer program by introducing both            Alzheimer’s. See more at
ing situations, determining the best           simple and complex DMO scenarios into          portal and contribute to science!
response strategies, and observing the         training providing many learning points
                                                           for student pilots. The Joint Fires scenario   tified for Level D trainers, the highest in
                      Military Commands                    demonstrated featured an operational           this sector. INGRID, our Database Gener-
Show RepoRt

                      and Organisations                    mission carried out within the vicinity        ation toolset, allows for simple modeling
                                                           of Randolph Air Force Base in Texas.           of the training scenarios,” Carlos Acosta,
                  JUDGING By THE EXHIBITS, there           Three Hawk aircraft (from the BAE Sys-         the company’s president and CEO said.
                  was more emphasis on emerging            tems Hawk AJTS Demonstration Trailer)          INVIS2 provides geo-typical and geo-
                  technologies in this edition of I/       participated in the training exercise; one     specific image generation capabilities.
                  ITSEC than ever before. We also          aircraft configured in the air-to-ground            Christie’s new product offerings and
                  noted a leaner presence - a harbin-      role supported by two additional Hawk          technology demonstrations included a
                  ger of leaner times ahead?               aircraft in the Defensive Counter Air role.    4K Resolution Virtual Sand Table, the
                       Anchored by their announce-         The mission was orchestrated from the          EGG (Edgeless Graphics Geometry)
                  ment of awardees for their $2            BAE Systems booth which provided a             concept, a Personal Immersive Environ-
                  billion Training System Contract III     Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)        ment (PIE), a Stereoscopic Collimated
                  (TSC III) multiple-award, indefinite     to coordinate the strike and with pre-         Display, and a 60 /120HZ High Speed
                  delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ)     and post-strike reconnaissance under-          Comparison. Dave Kanahele, director of
                  omnibus contract, NAWCTSD                taken by a Remotely Piloted Air System         simulation solutions, noted Christie’s PIE
                  focused on the virtual. The Naval        (RPAS).                                        concept is a low-cost, faceted simulation
                  Air Warfare Center Training in 3              Bohemia Interactive Simulation            display system that is perfect for deploy-
                  Dimensions (NAWCT3D) employs             introduced VBS2 v2.0 and VBSWorlds,            able and scalable training systems such
                  the Second Life virtual world to         along with a wide range of partner prod-       as aerial training systems, replicating the
                  provide virtual access to its training   ucts. VBS2 is an open platform that read-      fidelity of ship bridges, air traffic control
                                                           ily supports plug-ins through APIs like        towers and other environments. Com-
                  products. The products included a
                                                           VBS2Fusion. VBS2 is ubiquitous – over          posed of Christie FHD551-X HD LCD flat
                  virtual version of the Battle Station
                                                           30 companies exhibited VBS2 in their           panels, the Christie PIE concept features
                  21 simulator and the Multi-Purpose
                                                           booths.                                        a three-panel arrangement in portrait
                  Reconfigurable Training System
                                                                Meggitt Training Systems unveiled         mode for a roughly 90 degree field of view
                  (MRTS) submarine undersea trainer.
                                                           its evolving FATS® M100 system archi-          (FOV). Additional flat panels are added to
                  Two NAWCTSD goals are to
                                                           tecture for next generation simulation         increase the FOV up to as much as 270
                  develop an Acquisition Integrated
                                                           and training systems. The new product          degrees.
                  Product Team (IPT) Virtual World
                                                           has a number of hardware and software               Quantum3D demonstrated its Mantis
                  to enhance collaboration and a per-
                                                           innovations, including the addition of         V3.0 software platform’s new capabil-
                  sistent virtual world for workforce
                                                           Bohemia Interactive’s VBS2 virtual envi-       ity to operate on standard PC platforms.
                  training.                                ronment.                                       Instead of just relying on the IDX 7000
                       The Soldier Centered Army                L-3 Communications’ Link Simula-          platform, Mantis is now available for
                  Learning Environment (SCALE),            tion and Training Division announced it        multiple types of simulation and train-
                  being developed by the Army              will deliver the first SimuStrike full-capa-   ing environments, on standard PC plat-
                  Research Lab (ARL)'s Simulation          bility flight simulator before the end of      forms. Additionally, the company and
                  and Training Technology Center           December to Naval Air Station Patuxent         CymSTAR LLC announced their Boom
                  (STTC) and the Army Research             River, Maryland to support F/A-18 pilot        Operator Weapons System Trainer aerial
                  Institute (ARI), incorporates            and weapon system operator training.           refueling simulator has been declared
                  advanced training technologies           The product was developed to meet their        ready-for-training by the U.S. Air Force.
                  to support the Army Training and         customer’s requirement for a diverse,          This is the first KC-135R boom operator
                  Doctrine Command (TRADOC)'s              lower cost trainer, and to supplement          trainer to receive simulator certification
                  new Army Learning Concept (ALC)          Link’s F/A-18 Tactical Operational Flight      allowing transfer of training credits from
                  for 2015. SCALE system will deliver      Trainer product line.                          the aircraft to the simulator.
                  non-traditional learning content              projectiondesign showcased their               Rheinmetall’s ANTares modular tac-
                  to soldiers via virtual worlds, Web      FL35 wqxga, the latest addition to the         tical training system provides fully net-
                  browsers and mobile devices.             projectiondesign range. It combines 4.1        worked and interoperable air, land and
                       PEO STRI and the STTC               million pixel resolution and 2nd Genera-       maritime weapon platform simulators in
                  displayed new jointly developed          tion LED illumination technology offer-        a realistic, high-intensity virtual combat
  ISSUe 1.2012

                  medical simulation products:             ing the benefits of low cost of owner-         training environment. Using commercial
                  the Standalone Patient Simulator         ship, operation for up to 100,000 hours,       off-the-shelf equipment and a common
                  (SAPS), HapMed Medic Skills train-       highly accurate color reproduction and         design for all simulated weapon plat-
                  ing system, Hemostatic Agents            unmatched reliability and system up-           forms, the transportable ANTares system
 32                                                        time. projectiondesign projectors were         reduces lifecycle costs by minimizing
                  Training Simulation (HemSim)

                  and the Virtual Medic Simulation         deployed across 8 partner booths.              maintenance needs.

                  (vMedic). The latter, produced                Indra demonstrated its INVIS2, PC-             Presagis’ new server-based SEGen
                  by Engineering and Computer              based IG, available for both military and      Server provides the capability of auto-
                                                           civil aviation applications. “In particular    matically generating synthetic envi-
                  Simulations, Inc., is a spinoff of the
                                                           for civil applications, the IG has been cer-   ronment databases in minutes instead
                                                                                           Tactical Combat Casualty Care
                                                                                           (TC3) Simulation. These medical
                                                                                           simulations and others were dem-
                                                                                           onstrated in PEO STRI's extensive
                                                                                           Medical Simulation Training Center
                                                                                           (MSTC) exhibit, which featured
                                                                                           additional new medical training
                                                                                           devices, including the Augmented
                                                                                           Reality Intubation Trainer.
                                                                                                Air Force Agency for Modeling
                                                                                           and Simulation (AFAMS) featured
                                                                                           a new DMO Network online portal;
                                                                                           the Air National Guard showcased
                                                                                           its Distributed Aerial Refueling
                                                                                           Trainer (DART) and the Micro
                                                                                           Boom Operator Simulation System.
Above                                       tor training demonstration, allowing
                                                                                           Combined they formed a capability
CAe's exhibit featured the At-6 Unit        Predator operators to practise integrat-
                                                                                           for tanker aircraft refueling boom
training Device.                            ing attack operations with their ISTAR
                                                                                           operators to refuel virtual aircraft in
Image credit: elke Ullrich.                 activities.
                                                                                           real-time and space.
                                                Thales demonstrated their Sagit-
                                                                                                The Marine Corps, PM TRA-
                                            tarius suite of small arms and tactical
                                                                                           SyS, featured the service's new
of hours or days. By allowing users to      scenario trainers, comprising Land (driv-
                                                                                           Advanced Distributed Virtual
quickly make changes or add data to the     ing, mounted and dismounted scenarios
                                                                                           Training Environment (ADVTE).
CDB repository organisations avoid time-    and weapon mount firing), Sea (as for
                                            land but dedicated to speedboats and           The ADVTE is a system of local and
consuming recompiling of data. The
                                            offshore raiding craft) and air (mounted       wide-area networks that will ulti-
SEGen Server can save the user valuable
                                            and unmounted weapon operation from            mately link together the majority of
time, money and resources.
     B-Design3D’s interactive 3D model      a helicopter).                                 Marine aviation simulators located
of the city of Zurich in Switzerland cre-                                                  at Marine Corps Aviation Train-
ated for security forces and immersive      A Couple to Watch                              ing System sites in the continental
first responders’ training systems dis-     The Dutch company E2M, demonstrated            United States.
tinguished itself through exceptional       a new electric extremely compact 6                  In the future, the system will
visual appearance, size and complexity.     degree of freedom motion base using a          train maintainers as well as aviators
The same is true for the highly accurate    technique not seen before. The compa-          and discussions are taking place
reproduction of the city of Tel Aviv.       ny’s eM6-ROT-1000 uses a curved push-          on how to connect Marine Corps
     Night Readiness have adapted their     pull arrangement to allow it to reach          simulators internationally. The
low-cost aviation night vision goggle       an unparalleled settled height of only         Marine Corps also plans to expand
technology to ground forces training        385 mm. With a payload up to 1000 kg,          the ADVTE to allow linking with
through the Virtual Terrain Board, and      look for this technology to be featured in     its ground training systems and
have enhanced the air training scenarios    transportable vehicle simulators.              unmanned aviation training sys-
through the addition of surface-to-air          Fast growing CM Labs was show-             tems.
threats and other effects.                  ing off the latest versions of Vortex, their        Other notable training sys-
     CAE demonstrated a full spectrum       ground vehicle simulation tool. The latest     tems displayed included the Air
of simulation and modeling capabilities.    wrinkle is deformable terrain technology.      Force Synthetic Environment for
Their exhibit featured technology and       This software accepts a mesh as a start-       Reconnaissance and Surveillance
capability demonstrations of Unmanned       ing point, and at run time can generate        (AFSERS/MUSE) for training for
Aerial System (UAS) mission training        additional data structures that represent      unmanned aerial systems, NAW-
solutions, AT-6 Unit Training Device        earth volumes. Additionally the move-          CTSD’s new 3D Weapons Launch
                                                                                                                                     ISSUe 1.2012

(UTD), Maintenance training for ground      ment of the earth, and the interaction of      Console Team Trainer for multiple
combat systems (Abrams tank virtual         the earth with mesh and digging tools,         classes of US submarines, and the
maintenance training), Operational Envi-    is calculated physically using the most
                                                                                           Army Research, Development and
ronment Scenario Generation Tool (OE-       advanced models. The system is scalable
                                                                                           Engineering (RDECOM)'s new
SGT), Multi-Agency Situational Aware-       and may be tuned for increased precision                                                 33
                                                                                           virtual human-based training pro-
ness System (MASAS), and CAE Caesar         or faster run-time rates, depending on
                                                                                                                                     MS&t MAGAZINe

                                                                                           totype for the instruction, practice
trauma patient simulator. An interesting    the needs of the simulation. The effec-
                                                                                           and assessment of personnel lead-
demonstration feature the incorporation     tiveness of this technology was amply
                                                                                           ership skills.
of the AT-6 Texan Unit Training Device      demonstrated in the motion based back
into the scenario for their UAS simula-     hoe excavator – it was realistic! ms&t
                n aT i o n a l T r a i n i n g a n d s i m u l aT i o n a s s o c i aT i o n
                T H e w o r l d ’ s l a r g e s T m o d e l i n g & s i m u l aT i o n e v e n T

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