GLRO fficers And Directors by 2M2E0P7



Commissioner, Region Administrator, Controller and Secretary

                   Voting Board Members (BOD)
Girls age division reps: 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, and 13/12 (6)
Boys age division reps: 18/17, 16/15, and 14/13/12 (3)
Male player representatives -2
Female player representatives - 2
Official’s Chair, Legal Advisor, Past Commissioner as an Advisor,
and Region Tournament Director (4)

                 Non Voting BOD Members
Adult Tournament Director, Adult Seeding Chair, Webmaster
Assignment Chair

GLR seeks leadership in a democratic fashion; officers are elected
to office by a vote of a majority of the Great Lakes Region Board
of Directors. Player reps are elected to office by a majority vote of
club directors at the Corporation’s annual meeting and shall serve a
two year term or until a successor is selected. All other BOD
Members” are appointed by the commissioner (except for the Past
Commissioner’s position) and subject to a majority vote of the

Officers and directors are selected without regard to race, color,
religion or national origin and ensure reasonable representation of
males and females.

There shall be no limit on the number of terms an individual may
serve as an Officer, Player Rep or BOD member.
                   Powers and Duties of Officers
 Commissioner shall: Serve as Chair of the BOD, preside at all
meetings, shall have general charge of the affairs of the
Corporation and shall have other duties as may be authorized by
the BOD.

Region Administrator shall: Preside at any meeting when the
Commissioner is absent and have other duties as may be
authorized by the BOD.

Controller shall: Keep or direct another to keep the accounting
records of the Corporation, prepare financial statements and ensure
compliance of GLR financial policy.

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