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									Nutrition Requirements

All menus and portions are planned to meet the Meal Pattern Requirements established by
the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

School lunches and breakfasts must meet the applicable recommendations of the Dietary
Guidelines for Americans which recommend that no more than 30% of an individual’s
calories come from fat and less than 10% from saturated fat.

Regulations also require that school lunches provide 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary
Allowances (RDA) of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium and calories based on the
appropriate age group. Breakfasts must provide 1/4 of the same nutrients and calories.

Our district provides “offer versus serve” to all students. Under offer versus serve,
students must be offered the five food items of the school lunch pattern requirements but
have the option of selecting a minimum of three of the five food items offered. Students
are offered four items at breakfast and are required to take three to meet the requirements.
The purpose of offer versus serve is to reduce food waste and cost while maintaining the
nutritional integrity of the meal. Please be aware that one set meal price will be charged
whether or not all food items are selected. The school meal pattern that must be offered to
students is the following:

       Fruit or Vegetable (1/2 Cup)
       2 servings Bread/Bread Alternate or 2 ounces Meat/Meat Alternate or 1 serving
        Bread and 1 Ounce Meat
       Milk (1/2 pint)

        Food Groups                    Minimum Quantities             Recommended Quantities
                                           Grades K-5                      Grades 6-12

        Meat/Meat Alternate            2 Ounces                       2 Ounces
        Vegetable and/or Fruit         ¾ Cup                          1 Cup
        Bread/Bread Alternate          12 Servings per Week           15 Servings per Week
        Milk                           ½ Pint (8 Ounces)              ½ Pint (8 Ounces)

Because younger children are in the process of learning to make good food choices, they
need help in choosing what they eat. Please review the lunch menu with your child and
help her/him decide what to select. If there is an unfamiliar or unpopular item on the
menu, encourage your child to try a “taste” rather than totally refuse it. This will introduce
your child to new foods. The four items offered at breakfast and the five items offered at
lunch were specifically designed to provide a child with their daily nutrition needs.
Therefore, selecting all food items daily should be encouraged.

The food service department serves baked, never fried potato products in addition to:

               Whole grain pizza products
               Whole wheat bread and buns
               Skim or 1% milk
               100% Juice products
               Reduced fat cheese products

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