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The College of North West London by 2M2E0P7


									                                       The College of North West London
                                                Job description

Post:                        Lecturer EFL/ESOL                            Post No:         0398
Faculty/Division:            Skills for Life                              Grade:           MGL 1-14
Reports to:                  Head of School ESOL Willesden                Terms &          Lecturers

1           Main purpose of job

                To contribute to the achievement of the College’s strategic objectives by:
                          The development, co-ordination, planning and delivery of high quality
                           learning opportunities for students and clients in support of their learning
                          The effective and efficient completion of all related and necessary
                           assessment, verification, quality assurance and administrative duties

2           Responsible for
            EFL/ESOL programmes from beginner to level 2.

3           Liaison with
                  Head of School
                  Curriculum Managers
                  Other Lecturers
                  College Service Staff

4.          Duties and responsibilities

4.1         To contribute to the planning and preparation of the learning programmes in EFL/ESOL
            and associated subjects to College and Faculty standards, by:

                          preparing coherent lesson plans with clear aims
                          preparing appropriate resources (e.g. giving prior notice to technicians of
                           equipment /materials / software required for the class, preparing handouts,
                          contributing to the preparation of schemes of work

4.2         To deliver effective programmes of learning, through efficient classroom management
                     conducting initial assessments and contributing to the induction of learners
                     promoting learning in a stimulating context
                     ensuring all classroom activities are conducted in a safe manner with
                         appropriate use of safety equipment / clothing
                     implementing strategies for managing student lateness

4.3         To undertake monitoring and assessment of students’ and clients’ progress and maintain
            up-to-date and accurate records in line with College internal verification procedures and
            examining body standards by:
                    establishing action plans, setting assignments and / or homework as
                        appropriate and required by Course Team.
                    following the College Charter commitment that all work is marked and
                        appropriate feedback given within 10 working days.

4.4         To contribute to relevant curriculum review and development activities as required, such as
                     developing new materials and delivery methods suited to purpose, including
                        the development, if required, of materials for a variety of learning
                     contributing to the review of learning programmes through the Quality
                        Assessment Framework and supporting the implementation of outcomes to
                        ensure continuous improvement
                     contributing to the development of the Faculty’s Self Assessment Report.

4.5         To undertake administrative duties associated with allocated learning programmes or as
            may otherwise be required for example in relation to the recruitment, enrolment,
            tutoring, attendance, support and achievement of students. This includes:
                     maintaining accurate and up to date registers
                     ensuring that students are enrolled appropriately
                     making appropriate referrals to College services
                     identifying to the Course Team Leader regular non attendances
                     registering students for external awards as required
                     contributing to course reviews

4.6         To provide a high standard of academic, pastoral and personal support for students and
            clients, including the provision of induction for students, acting as course/personal tutor
            if required, to ensure the best possible satisfaction, attendance and achievement levels.

4.7         To act as a Course Team Leader for one or more courses and maintain Teachers’ Files if
            required and participate in course team activities.

4.8         To act as an Assessor and/or Internal Verifier if so required and achieve the appropriate
            accreditation, if necessary.

4.9         To liaise, from time to time as necessary, with employers, awarding bodies, schools and
            other organisations as necessary to enable the learning requirements of students to be
            met effectively, course programme/publicity and promotion, validation, quality
            assurance or other reasons.

5           Other information

5.1      To undertake any training relevant to the efficient delivery of any of the above
         duties and to take responsibility for the post holders own professional

5.2      Undertake any other broadly analogous duties as may reasonably be required
         from time to time by the Principal.

5.3      Carry out the above duties at all times with the College’s Equal Opportunities,
         Health and Safety, No Smoking and Quality Management Policies.

5.4       To promote and safeguard the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults that        he
      or she is responsible for or comes into contact with.

                                                  College of North West London
                                             Person Specification & Short listing criteria

               Minimum requirements of the post, with an indication of how these are to be assessed.
1     Education/Qualifications                                              Essential     Desirable               How
1.1   A relevant degree level qualification                                                                     AF/Cert

1.2   A teaching qualification (e.g. DTLLS, Cert Ed. or PGCE)                                                  AF/Cert

1.4   A level 5 Additional Diploma in ESOL (or equivalent)                                                     AF/Cert

1.3   An EFL qualification (e.g. Cambridge DELTA)                                                              AF/Cert

2     Experience/Knowledge                                                              Essential   Desirable     How
2.1   Recent, relevant teaching experience in EFL/ESOL across a range of                                         AF/IV
      levels and types of provision

2.2   Knowledge and understanding of current curriculum and accreditation                                       AF/IV

2.3   Experience of working as a member of a team and with people of                                            AF/IV
      diverse backgrounds

2.4   Experience of using IT in the delivery of EFL/ESOL                                                        AF/IV

3     Skills/Abilities                                                                  Essential   Desirable     How
3.1   Effective interpersonal skills with students and staff at all levels in the                                AF/IV

3.2   Ability to produce high quality learning materials                                                        AF/IV

3.3   Excellent organisational and administrative skills.                                                       AF/IV

3.4   Ability to act as a leader of a course team                                                               AF/IV

3.5   Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines                                                         AF/IV

3.6   Ability to demonstrate excellence in the delivery of teaching and                                         AF/IV

4     Qualities/Genuine Occupational Requirements                                       Essential   Desirable     How
4.1   A genuine commitment to equal opportunities and sensitivity to
      students' and clients' differing needs                                                                    AF/IV

4.2   Enthusiastic and able to inspire students and clients                                                     AF/V

4.3   A willingness to adapt and respond to the changing and varied needs of                                    AF/IV
      the further education service

4.4   In addition to candidates ability to perform the duties of the post, the                                  AF/IV
      interview will also explore issues relating to safeguarding and
      promoting the welfare of children including:
            Motivation to work with children and young people;

           Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and
             personal boundaries with children and young people;
           Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours;
           Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline;

    Evidence of criteria will be established from: AF - Application form, IV - interview, Test - skills test /
*   prepared question / presentation            Cert - certificate checked by interview panel


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