Under15 Champs6 Mar11 by 0jOUuD


									           UNDER 15 CHAMPIONSHIPS - SUNDAY 6 MARCH 2011
              TUDOR GRANGE (formerly Elgar Tech College) Bilford Road, Worcester WR3 8HN

             Conditions of entry – please keep this section for your information

             1.     Players shall be eligible to play provided they were born on or after: 1st January 1996
             2.     The tournament is open to any player living or attending school / college in the County of Worcestershire.
             3.     Feather shuttles will be used.
             4.     All events will be played in groups leading to a Knock Out. We reserve the right to alter the conditions
                    should entry numbers or time dictate.
             5.     Entry fees are £5.00 per event.
             6.     Trophies or medals will be awarded to winner and runners-up in all events.
             7.     Suitable sports clothing to be worn including trainers with non-marking soles.
             8.     No food or drink is allowed in the playing area.
             9.     Play will commence at : 9.30am for boys singles, 11:30am for girls singles. Doubles to follow at approx
                    1:30pm Please note there may be a long wait between games.
             10.    Registration will be from 9.00am.

 A list of competitors and any time changes will be shown on the website from Friday 4 March 2011
                      Please check website: www.badmintonworcestershire.co.uk
     Tournament Secretary: Melanie Griffiths Tel: 01562 886473 or 07771-333010 Email: mellyg1961@yahoo.com

                           This part of the entry form to be detached and returned with the appropriate fees to:

                                  Melanie Griffiths, 142 Worcester Road, Hagley, Stourbridge DY9 0NR

                                Tel: 01562-886473 or 07713 333010 Email:                     mellyg1961@yahoo.com

                                         By: Sunday 27 FEBRUARY 2011
                                                               PLAYER DETAILS

Name:                                                                                     Date of Birth:


Telephone Number:                                                       Email:

                            PARENTS/GUARDIAN DECLARATION: I have read the conditions of entry, I acknowledge the need for
                              my child to act responsibly and I accept full responsibility for their behaviour during the tournament.

                                                                          Parent/Guardian Name:
                                                                             Emergency Number:

Are there any medical conditions
                                                Yes          No           If yes give more details:
we need to know about?

Singles:           £5.00      Doubles:          £5.00         Partners name or Partner required:

                                           Please make all cheques payable to: WSBA

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