Finger Lakes District 2011 by 1yhM8JK


									Finger Lakes District 2011

Pastoral Conversations

1. How is it with your soul, mind and body? How is it with your family?
2. What goals and expected outcomes were set for 2010?
     List:
     Do these Goals resonate with the vision of the Upper New York Annual
        Conference, “to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be God’s Love with our
        neighbors in all places”?
     Which of these expected outcomes agreed upon between you and your
3. What specific progress have you made toward your goals? What have you learned
    about the process both of setting and living into goals?
4. Please describe those areas, if any, where you feel your ministry performance has
    not met the churches or you own expectations.
5. In those areas of performance where you might need to grow, what specific steps
    can you take to improve?
6. What are the goals and expected outcomes for the next three years to live out the
    vision of the UNY Annual Conference? These goals and outcomes should be
    agreed upon between you and your S/PPRC in covenant.
7. How does your S/PPRC work with you to name, help you to lead with, and affirm
    your gifts and strengths in ministry?
     _____________________________________________________________
     Which of your gifts are being under-utilized? _________________________
8. How might you District Superintendent encourage and support you to build on your
    gifts and to grow spiritually and professionally?
9. What are your continuing education plans for the coming year? How do these relate
    to your personal and professional goals, and to the vision of the congregation?
10. What else do you want your superintendent to know?
     _______________________________________________________________
     Are there any changes or challenges on the horizon that might affect your current
     Are there any additional questions you would like to ask?

Name: ____________________________________________ Date _______________

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