KIRKLEES COLLEGE
                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

                                 Maintenance Supervisor


The post holder will be a member of the Estates & Facilities department predominantly
based at the Dewsbury/Huddersfield Centres.

Head of Facilities

1) Development, maintenance, control and statuary compliance of all Mechanical and
   Electrical infrastructure and processes.
2) Efficient and effective maintenance of the estates buildings and services to facilitate the
   operational needs of the College.

All tiers of College structure

Parties involved with the new build
Other College’s and organisations
Contractors and suppliers
Professional advisors
External inspectors in relation to statutory compliance

1) To support the Head of Facilities with the delivery of a full maintenance plan using the
   College’s “In house” team and contractors.

2)   To advise the Head of Facilities on Mechanical & Electrical services.

In the first instance, your duties and responsibilities are listed below including the critical
success factors relating to the post. As the needs of the College change, you will be
expected to take on or drop responsibilities as directed by the Head of Facilties and/or
Director of Estates

1)   Contribute to the College strategy to maximise the use of resources and learning and
     development opportunities for staff and students as applicable, both at community
     venues and at College sites.

2)   To be responsible for the delivery of Mechanical & Electrical maintenance services and
     Access systems on a day to day and long term basis.

3)   Manage and co-ordinate the access equipment safety checks and servicing.
4)   Manage and co-ordinate the vehicular access barrier safety checks and servicing.

5)   To advise the Head of Facilities on Sustainability, Carbon/energy savings initiatives.

6)   Responsible for advising the Head of Facilities on Mechanical & Electrical services &

7)   Responsible for administering the electronic key access control system.

8)   Responsible for control of Mechanical & Electrical maintenance contracts & statutory
     compliance budgets.

9)   Responsible for ensuring statutory checks & inspections are carried out on services &
     equipment controlled by estates (lifts, LEVs, chlorination etc.).

10) Meeting with insurance/bodies representatives to discuss statutory compliances.

11) Advising Subject Sector Leaders & Directors on compliance & servicing of building
    based equipment under their control (local exhaust & ventilation, lifting equipment,
    kitchen equipment etc.).

12) Working with Health & Safety officers in relationship to Mechanical & Electrical safety
    within the college sites.

13) Advise the Head of Facilities on resource procurement matters.

14) Provide cost reports and cost estimates to assist the Head of Facilities in preparing
    annual contract maintenance budget bids.

15) Prepare contract documentation for Mechanical & Electrical projects, including term
     contracts and develop standards for such documentation.

16) Project and financial management of designated projects, ensuring that Tendering and
     Contract documentation are in accordance with the College’s financial regulations and
     purchasing procedures.

17) Ensure effective supervision and control of repairs and maintenance works to all College

18) Ensure high level of customer satisfaction by improving the quality of the services

19) Manage the college BMS system and lead on any system developments that are
     required to the Mechanical & Electrical infrastructure to support the College

20) Cross college liaison on maintenance issues and the collection and development of

21) Assist the Head of Facilities with the preparation and implementation of the College’s
     planned maintenance programme.

22) Actively liaise and communicate with colleagues of other disciplines working within the
     Estates dept.
23) Maintain and further develop relationships with external agencies and statutory bodies
    in relation to statutory, insurance and maintenance matters.

24) Ensure that all Contractors and staff observe Health and Safety Standards.

25) Update Estate records and databases to reflect project changes.

26) Any other duties commensurate with the level of the post.

27) Participate in a Facilities ‘On Call’ rota for emergencies.

28) Assist in ensuring that all records and plans are maintained and kept up to date on the
    College’ information systems.

29) Assist in the compilation of an operational business plan for the Section that meets both
    the needs of internal customers (students and staff), and the longer term plans for the
    College’s estate.

30) Ensure that all work and development complies with the appropriate Health and Safety,
    statutory and Buildings Regulations, in conjunction with the college’s Health and Safety

31) Define and monitor basic standards of fitness for purpose of different types of College
    teaching/learning accommodation and ensure that the learning programmes of students
    are efficiently and effectively supported.

32) Assist in the development of schedules for major and minor capital works.

33) Maintain up to date plans and contracts in relation to College premises systems.

34) To supervise buildings contractors, ensuring satisfactory quality of their work.

35) Assist in developing, monitoring and maintaining an effective Planned Maintenance

36) Assist in the collection and provision of adequate and accurate statistical data to inform
    College estates decision making including e-mandate and framework for excellence.

37) Prepare project feasibility studies, including budget and detailed costings.

38) Manage project expenditure within approved budgets and complete projects within
    agreed timescales.

39) Liaise with all staff effectively and courteously regarding all works carried out to ensure
    they are undertaken with the minimum disruption or disturbance to College life.

40) Ensure the effective operation of the maintenance reporting system.

41) To be involved in the selection process for consultants and principal contractors.

42) To maintain and further develop relationships with external agencies and statutory
    bodies in relation to maintenance matters.

43) Assist in relocating the College facilities for utilisation in the new build.
44) Manage an effective and efficient programmes for the maintenance and care of existing
    facilities including:

         Mechanical and electrical operations and maintenance

45) Assist in periodic reviews and updating of and maintenance standards strategies, in
    conjunction with the appropriate College bodies, management of maintenance
    programmes in accordance with those standards and strategies.

46) Determine the key performance indicators necessary to monitor value for money and
    set appropriate annual targets. Measure performance against KPIs.

47) Record and monitor Statutory Inspections on all major plant and equipment throughout
    college and to report any maintenance requirements arising from these Inspections.

Human Resources Management:
1) Participate in the effective recruitment and selection of staff to the department in
   conjunction with the Director of Estates, Estate manager and the Human Resources
   team based at either the Dewsbury Centre or the Huddersfield Centre.

2)   Monitor the performance of full-time and part-time staff within the maintenance

3)   Carry out appraisal/review systems in the maintenance department.

4)   Prepare for and participate in own appraisal with the Estates manager.

5)   Ensure that all human resources practice complies with the College’s Equal
     Opportunities policy.
6)   Promote a safe and healthy working environment at all times and ensure that the work
     of the department is carried out in accordance with safe working procedures.

Financial Management:
1) Manage Reactive and statutory maintenance budgets.

Resources and Systems Management:
1) Manage the effective use of the material resources of the department, including the
   annual allocation of accommodation, to ensure the effectual delivery of the Strategic

2)   Prepare bids for equipment and minor works in line with the Strategic Plan.

3)   Ensure that a current inventory is kept of all equipment within the department.

4)   Contribute to the effective maintenance and development of both manual and
     computerised systems of storing records and information.

Relationships Management (Internal and External):
1) Ensure that the department works closely with other departments across College and
    across centres to maximise opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of best
Quality Standards:
1) Assist in the writing of annual departmental Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and
   Operational Plan in line with agreed quality standards.

2)   Maintain high standards of service/provision in line with any departmental and College-
     wide strategic intentions.

Contribution to College Culture:
1) Demonstrate through their actions their commitment to the values of the college.

2) Respect, actively listen and respond to the contribution of others in a manner that
   reflects the way they would wish to be treated themselves.

3) Take responsibility for challenging inappropriate behaviours which undermine the values
   of the college.

4) Actively promote the college’s approach to equality & diversity.

5) Recognise and Celebrate success and achievement.

6) Create a can-do culture where innovation and creativity are encouraged.

7) Comply with college policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

The post holder is required to:

1)   Perform his/her duties in accordance with the College’s Equality Policy.

2)   Show a commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young
     people and vulnerable adults, undertaking mandatory training as required by the

3)   Demonstrate a commitment to the College’s values and behaviours of Excellence,
     Integrity, Equality, Respect, Care, Efficiency and Innovation.

4)   Ensure the health and safety of all staff and resources within his/her area(s) of
     responsibility, i.e. delegated responsibility in relation to the nature of the post holder’s
     duties and personal responsibilities as per Sections 7 and 8 of the Health and Safety at
     Work Act 1974.

5)   Participate in the College’s Performance Management Review Scheme.

6)   Undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) relevant to his/her post.

7)   Demonstrate commitment to the College’s whole organisational approach to improving
     standards of literacy, numeracy and language in line with the national Skills for Life
     Strategy and the College’s in-house Skill Up programme.

8)   Perform any other duties as may be reasonably required from time to time by the
     Principal and Chief Executive, through the Vice Principal.
As a member of the College’s Management team the post holder will work in an environment
of constant change and pressure where an amount of personal decision-making and
judgement is required.
The post holder must have the ability to work with a wide range of people of all ages from
very different backgrounds with very different needs and to respond accordingly to support
those needs.

The duties and responsibilities attached to this role demand a flexible approach to work.

The post holder will be required to sign and return to the Human Resources department a
copy of their job description, which will be reviewed annually as part of the College’s
Performance Management Review Scheme.

POST HOLDER:          _____________________________________________________

SIGNED:               _____________________________________________________

DATE:                 _____________________________________________________

The person specification details the principal skills and personal attributes required in the
post holder in order to effectively fulfil the role. The criteria are ranked A, B and C and this
ranking refers to the importance we will give your answers when we read your application in
terms of the key skills relevant to the job.

The ranking of criteria on the person specification can be explained as follows:

A   The successful candidate must have all the As on the first day of commencing in
    post in order to be able to fulfil the role to which he/she has been appointed.

B   The post holder needs to have all the Bs to effectively do the job, but they could
    be learnt during the induction or within an agreed timescale.

C   If the post holder can demonstrate they meet the C criteria this would be an
    additional bonus. Criteria ranked as C remain important to the role but could be
    learnt over a longer period of time.

Where criteria are to be identified through the Selection Process, this may involve a
combination of written exercises, literacy and/or numeracy assessments, presentations,
other practical assessments relevant to the role and a traditional interview process.

We encourage you to read the Guidance Notes and Information for Applicants for further
detail on how to complete your application form in order to present yourself fully to the short-
listing panel, which will assess your application against the criteria for the role.
                                                               PERSON SPECIFICATION
  ATTRIBUTES                               CRITERIA                                  RANK                    HOW IDENTIFIED
RELEVANT        At least 3 years previous experience in a similar                     A     Application / References / Selection Process
EXPERIENCE      environment/industry.

                Proven experience of maintenance planning.                            A

                Proven track record of successfully managing and developing a         A
                team of staff including performance management.

                Experience of budgetary control, maximising staff and physical        A

                Experience in the design and supervision of building or Building      A
                Services projects to a value of £250k.

                Capable of managing multi-disciplinary contract teams                 A

                Experience of writing specifications, including term contracts and
                the creation of drawings.                                             A

                Educated to Level 4 or equivalent (HNC) in a relevant discipline      A
PROFESSIONAL    Minimum of Level 2 qualification in literacy and numeracy (e.g.       A
DEVELOPMENT     GCSE English and Maths at grade A*-C) or able to demonstrate
                equivalent level of ability.

                Minimum Level 2 IT qualification                                      C

                Evidence of ongoing professional development in the area work.        A

                Professional Certificate in Management Studies                        C

                Membership or Associate membership of a relevant professional
                organisation. (e.g. IET CIBSE)                                        A

KNOWLEDGE AND   Familiarity with using Microsoft Office applications.              A   Application / Selection Process
                An ability to analyse, summarise, evaluate and communicate         A
                complex data.

                Ability to use initiative and be innovative in resolving issues    A

                Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills                     A

                Evidence of working collaboratively with others to improve         A

                Demonstrable record of success in a customer service working       A

                Evidence of successful development and maintenance of              A
                working relationships

                Excellent Communication and presentation skills both written       A
                and verbal

                Ability to use AutoCAD drawing package                             B
                Commitment to equality and diversity initiatives.                  A   Application / Selection Process
QUALITIES AND   Excellent planning, project and time management skills together    A
ABILITIES       with good and administrative abilities.

                Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure                  A

                Flexible attitude to work, working hours and change                A

                Willingness to develop in the job and to undertake new             A

                Commitment to the Colleges core values and behaviours              A

                Commitment to a whole organisational approach to Skills for Life   B
                            KIRKLEES COLLEGE
                          FURTHER PARTICULARS
POST TITLE: Maintenance Supervisor

POST REF:     19950


The salary for this post will be on the range of points 32 - 34 within Scale SO2 of the pay
scales for Business Support staff, which is the range £27,309 - £28,872 per annum. Starting
salary will normally be at the bottom of the scale.

Conditions of Appointment

Appointment will be to a contract with Kirklees College working to Business Support Staff
terms and conditions of service under the following main provisions:

Working Week:                                 The normal average working week will be 37
                                              hours, Monday to Thursday 8.30am –
                                              5.00pm and Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm with an
                                              hour for lunch each day. There may be
                                              occasions when you will be expected to work
                                              outside these hours to meet the demands of
                                              the job.

<Holiday Entitlement:>                        You will be entitled to 25 days holiday per
                                              year plus 10 statutory/public holidays
                                              recognised by the College plus 5 College
                                              closure days. The holiday year runs from 1st
                                              August to 31st July each year. Timing of
                                              holiday is subject to agreement with your
                                              Line Manager.

Pension:                                      You will be entitled to participate in the West
                                              Yorkshire Superannuation Scheme at a rate
                                              of 6.5% of salary, with an employer
                                              contribution of 13.1%. The Scheme requires
                                              members to be contracted out of the State
                                              Earnings     Related      Pension       Scheme
                                              (SERPS). Alternatively you may make your
                                              own arrangements with regard to pension.

Annual Review:                                You will be expected to participate in the
                                              College’s Performance Management Review

Sickness and Maternity/Paternity:             The Corporation’s policies will apply. Details
                                              are available from the Human Resources

Disciplinary & Grievance:                     Details of the Corporation’s Disciplinary and
                                              Grievance Policies are available from the
                                              Human Resources Department.

Criminal Records Bureau Check:                Appointment is subject to you obtaining a
                                              satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure through
                                              the CRB. The cost of this check is £44.00,
                                              which will be deducted from your salary
                                              following completion of the CRB application.
                                              The successful candidate will be required to
                                              provide relevant evidence to enable a CRB
                                              check     to    be    undertaken   prior   to
                                              commencement of employment.           Further
                                              details will be given upon appointment.

                                              The following policies can be found on our
                                                    Policy on the Recruitment of Ex-
                                                    Storage policy on CRBs.

College Security:                             Employees       are    required      to   wear
                                              identification badges at all times to adhere to
                                              Health and Safety and security procedures.

Smoking:                                      Employees are not permitted to smoke in
                                              College buildings or in their immediate

     The above represents the main provisions of the contract but is not intended to be

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