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									                            Uniform Policy
The wearing of the Queechy High School Uniform (outlined below) is
supported by the whole school community (School Council, Parents and
Friends Association, staff and students). Experience has shown that the
uniform encourages a sense of belonging and contributes to the
development of a positive image in the community at large.
Apart from enhancing our school’s image, wearing uniform enables staff to
more easily identify ‘outsiders’ on duty and to more easily supervise students
on excursions outside the school (school uniform is necessary for school
Wrist watches, gold or silver sleepers or stud earrings are the only acceptable
items of jewellery.
The length of skirts, including the summer dress should be reasonable and
shorts are to be respectable.

School Uniform

     Saxe blue-navy-red check pleated skirt / black dress style trousers / navy
     blue track pants
     Queechy summer frock
     Navy blue pantyhose / white socks
     Light blue shirt with collar (long or short sleeved) or school navyblue polo
     Mid-grey trousers (boys)
     Grey shorts (boys)
     Queechy school pullover, windcheater or rugby top (rugby top style to
     be confirmed).
     Plain black shoes, black suede skate style shoes.
     Blazer in Queechy navy blue worsted serge (optional).

Physical Education and Sports
Spray Jacket (optional). Students are required to change into sensible,
appropriate clothing for all Physical Education activities, e.g. polo shirt, shorts,
track pants, windcheater and sports shoes.

A t-shirt or polotop in House colours will be needed for Inter-House

          Allen – Red                          Grace – Green
          Miller – Blue                        Mcleod – Yellow
Sport Uniform: White polo top and red pleated netball skirt or red shorts
               While hats/caps are not part of our uniform, we encourage the
wearing of them
               outside but recommend to parents that students do not bring
expensive designer caps to school.

Targetts Schoolwear:
Charles Street, Launceston

2nd Hand and New Uniforms are available from:
Queechy High School Parents & Friends Clothing Pool

(upstairs in the Administration Block),

Please contact the School office on (03) 6341 4455 for opening times

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