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									                         2010 Midwinters Regatta
                                                January 23rd
                                                February 20th
                                                 March 20th
The Lake Washington Sailing Club is hosting our annual midwinter regatta on the following dates:
January 23rd, Feb 20th and March 20th. Lake Washington is the turning basin for the Port of Sacramento
and one of the best places to sail in Sacramento with consistent breezes and friendly sailors. Our facilities
include a clubhouse with a large deck, a launch ramp, and an eight hundred pound capacity hoist. This
regatta is open to any centerboard sailboat under 20ft length.
Schedule for the Day
09:00    a.m.    Registration begins in the clubhouse
10:30    a.m.    Skippers’ Meeting on the deck of the clubhouse
11:00    a.m.    First Warning
 3:00    p.m.    Final race start deadline
Entry & Fees
The entry fee is $10 US for each day or $25 for the series. The entry fee(s) will cover all racing
and regatta awards.
Up to five, short-course races are scheduled for the day with the first warning at 11:00 AM. Racing will
be held under the 2009 to 2012 ISAF, US Sailing and the sailing instructions rules.
Scoring and Classes
Three boats will constitute a class and can receive a class start. Smaller classes start will sail in a
Portsmouth division.
Awards will be awarded after the last race as follows:    Three to six starters    1 award
                                                          Seven to nine starters 2 awards
                                                          Ten or more starters     3 awards
Trophies will be awarded as soon as possible after the last race is completed in the March event.
To get to the clubhouse take the Harbor Blvd exit off of Business 80 in Sacramento. Turn left from East
bound 80 and Right from West bound 80, onto Harbor Blvd (going South) at the end of the exit ramp.
Take a right on Industrial Blvd. Turn left into the Port at the yellow Iron Gate (less than ¼ mile) and
cross the railroad tracks. Travel approx. 25 and turn right onto a paved road. Follow the paved road to the
end and turn right on to the gravel/dirt road to the parking lot. See our website for more details.
Contact Info
Phone: (916) 772-4763
Web Site: -> contains updated NORs, tentative SIs and directions to the club.
                      2010 Midwinters Entry Form
                        □ January 23rd                   □ February 20th                 □ March 20th
Skippers name: ________________________________
      Boat type: _______________
   Sail Number: ______________
         Rating: _______ (Portsmouth Class only (DP-N))
           Address:          ___________________________________________
              City:          ___________________, State: _____ Zip: ________
            Phone:           (____) ____ - _______
            Email:           ______________________
           Yes No         Select Yes to receive occasional e-mails about LWSC events for the next 2 years. You can
            □ □           remove yourself at any time at Select No to decline to receive e-mails.

                                                         Registration: (each day)                      $ 10 ___
                                                         Or for the series (all 3 races)               $ 25 ___
                                                         Total:                                        $_______
The undersigned acknowledges that the competition in which he/she has entered is dangerous and assumes all risk of
accident, loss of property or loss of life. The undersigned acknowledges that the decision to start and/or continue
racing is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the undersigned. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry,
the undersigned hereby releases and forever discharges the Lake Washington Sailing Club, their directors, officers,
members, employees and volunteers, from liability for any and all loss, damage, or injury to person or property
resulting from his/her participation in the 2010 Midwinters. The undersigned agrees to be bound by all US Sailing
Racing Rules of Sailing and abide by all LWSC, class or association rules and regulations.

Skipper’s Signature: ____________________________ Date: _______
Parent’s Signature (if minor): _____________________ Date: _______
Mail this entry to:
Lake Washington Sailing Club
P.O. Box 980546
West Sacramento, CA 95798

                                                        Official Use Only

Cash Received: ______________________    Check Received: Amount ________________________ Check #:_________________

Person Receiving Entry: _____________________________

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