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					         Course Course Materials and Own Grade
Use YourBUY Your Materials and Own YourYour Grade

              Sue/Sue/Sue, Understanding Abnormal Behavior, 9/e
              and WebTutor for BlackBoard are your REQUIRED Course
              Materials for (insert course name)

           You can get a better grade by using these course

           You will be assigned reading and homework from
            these materials.

           You will be tested on content from these materials.

           Study tools designed to help you study smarter
            (not harder) are in WebTutor for BlackBoard

            What You Get with WebTutor for BlackBoard
                A variety of content to reinforce learning
                Chapter by chapter practice quizzes
                Tools to review key terms
                Access to InfoTrac College Edition to aid in research
                Interactive learning games
                Communication tools to help you interact with others in your class

           How To Register
             1. Go to the BlackBoard Server Login Page that you have received from your
             2. Click “Login.”
             3. Enter the username and password that the school or your instructor has
                given to you. Click “Login.”
             4. Click on the course you wish to access.
             5. Enter the access code that was either packaged with your text and
                remember – it’s case sensitive. Then click “Login.”
BUY Your Course Materials and Own Your Grade

         Where to Buy Your REQUIRED Course Materials

  (REP: Customize the following based on your adoption)
  1. Bookstore
          Name of adopted materials and bookstore’s price
          For bundles: Insert price and savings vs. stand-alone items
          Information on available related ancillaries
   (Include the following if employing an strategy)
          eBook: 50%off the price of the textbook
          eChapters: Buy individual chapters as you need them
          Include technology info and price here if it is not available in
            the bookstore
          Enter URL for microsite or store’s link to

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