2013 Public Infrastructure Improvements Application by 0jOUuD


									2013 Public Infrastructure
Improvements Application
Lake County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

                                      Lake County Community Development
                                                                      Lake County Community Development

Introduction & Overview
All activities must be consistent with federal regulations and carry out at least one of the goals in the
2010-2014 Consolidated Plan.

A mandatory application workshop will be held on the following date:

        September 17, 2012 – 9:00am
        Lake County Central Permit Facility
        2nd Floor Conference Room
        500 W. Winchester Road, Libertyville, IL

The purpose of the workshop is to review application requirements and to address any questions or issues
regarding the process.

Letter of Intent
A Letter of Intent is required. The Letter of Intent form may be found online and is due by:

        September 28, 2012

Please fax (847.984.5745) or email (communitydevelopment@lakecountyil.gov) completed Letters of
Intent no later than the due date.

Contact Information
    Public Infrastructure:
       Janel Gomez    847.377.2132                 jgomez@lakecountyil.gov

Previous Grant Awards – Initiation Requirements
CDBG Applicants who have not initiated approved 2011Program Year projects by this year’s application
submission deadline may be disqualified for funding in Program Year 2013. Exceptions to this rule must
be formally requested by the applicant to the Community Development Commission. Please contact staff
for details on how to make this request.

Application Amount
Each application amount must be for no more than $100,000

All applications must be delivered to the Community Development Division of the Lake County
Department of Planning, Building and Development no later than November 2, 2012 – 4:00pm:

Submission Format
Each eligible applicant is limited to one competitively pointed application per program year.

Applicants are required to submit one original application and five copies and one electronic
copy. Application copies may be double-sided but must be left side three-hole punched. Please do not
use staples. Applications must be complete when submitted. Incomplete applications will be returned to
the applicant and not reviewed for funding in this program year. No changes of information or additional
information will be accepted after the designated deadline unless requested by the Community

                                                                   Lake County Community Development

Development staff for clarification purposes. Upon request, applications may be reviewed by staff prior to
final submission.

DUNS Number and Central Contractor Registration
All applicants are required to register with Dun and Bradstreet to obtain a DUNS number, if they have not
already done so, and complete or renew their registration in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR).
Information about this process will be presented at the application workshops.

Consolidated Plan Overview
The Consolidated Plan is the document submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) that outlines the plan for the use of entitlement funded grant programs from HUD.
It is intended to identify the housing and community development needs of Lake County.

All applications for CDBG Public Infrastructure funds must meet one of the following goals.

3.1.1 Roadway Improvements
        Five-Year Measurable Goal:
        The number of low/moderate income residents that will benefit from the roadway improvements
        will be 5000.

        Priority: HIGH

3.1.2 Water Supply System Improvements
        Five-Year Measurable Goal:
        The number of low/moderate income residents that will benefit from newly extended or improved
        access to water supply services will be 2250.

        Priority: HIGH

3.1.3 Sanitary Sewer System Improvements
        Five-Year Measurable Goal:
        The number of low/moderate income residents that will benefit from newly extended or improved
        access to sanitary sewer services will be 2750.

        Priority: HIGH

3.1.4 Drainage System Improvements
        Five-Year Measurable Objective:
        The number of low/moderate income residents that will benefit from improvement to stormwater
        management systems, including storm sewers, detention and retention facilities, repetitively
        flooded property buyouts, and other flood control infrastructure will be 750.

        Priority: HIGH

National Environmental Policy Act
In order to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) directives, applicants shall
provide complete and accurate information about environmental issues relating to their proposed activity
or project. Such information will be analyzed and demonstrate a thorough investigation of possible or
actual implications as a result of the proposed project. The applicant shall consider and document

                                                                                                       ii 
                                                                    Lake County Community Development

necessary mitigating measures to be designed or undertaken before or during the implementation of its
project or activity in order to alleviate adverse impact upon the environment.

Scoring Criteria
    1. Degree to which activity addresses community needs impacting low- and moderate-
       income people (10-40 points)

            a) Community Economic Status (5 – 20 points)
                    80% or less of County median income – 20 points
                    81%-90% of County median income – 15 points
                    91%-100% of County median income – 10 points
                    101% or more of County median income – 5 points

            b) % of LMI households directly benefiting from the project (5 – 20 points)
                      80% or more of benefiting households are LMI – 20 points
                      65%-79% of benefiting households are LMI – 15 points
                      51%-64% of benefiting households are LMI – 10 points
                      35.6%-50% of benefiting households are LMI – 5 points

    2. Applicant’s capacity and experience in administering an activity in an efficient and
       timely manner or in overseeing the administration of the activity (0-25 points)

                         Staffing and experience conducting a similar activity (0-5 points)
                         Past performance (0-10 points)
                         Readiness to proceed (0-10 points)

    3. Degree to which funds are leveraged with other resources (0-10 points)

                         > 80% of total project costs offered by applicant (10 points)
                         61 – 80% of total project costs offered by applicant (8 points)
                         41 – 60% of total project costs offered by applicant (6 points)
                         21 – 40% of total project costs offered by applicant (4 points)
                         20% of total project costs offered by applicant (0 points)

    4. Health, Safety & Welfare Concerns (0-25 points)
            Based on the application submission and/or site visits by Community Development staff,
            projects shall be rated on the level of necessity/urgency of the project based on potential
            health, safety and/or welfare issues of residents.

                         Activity must be completed in the next program year to avoid or reduce issues
                          related to health, safety, and welfare of community residents (25 points)
                         Activity appears necessary & timely (15 points)
                         Activity does not appear essential or critical in nature (0 points)

                                                                                                          iii 
                                                                       Lake County Community Development

Application Review Process
Eligible applicants for Lake County Community Development funding will be reviewed by an Application
Review Committee (ARC) composed of members of the Community Development Commission.

ARC recommendations for funding will then be forwarded to the Community Development Commission’s
Executive Committee for review for compliance and recommendation to the full Community Development
Commission. Two public hearings will then take place, at which the public may comment on the
recommended agencies for funding.

  ARC Hearings -
  agencies may be                              Funding
  interviewed and are                          recommendations are                            Final
  ranked by members                            passed on to the full                          Approval of
  of the Community                             CDC, which puts the                            the Annual
  Development                                  recommendations into                           Action Plan
  Commission (CDC),                            a DRAFT Annual Action                          on February
  among others                                 Plan                                           27, 2013

                        All ARC                                        30 Day Public
                        recommendations are                            Comment Period on
                        collected by the CDC                           the contents of the
                        Executive Committee                            Annual Action Plan -
                        for overall review                             public hearings on
                                                                       January 23 and
                                                                       February 27, 2013

Appeals Process
A project applicant not initially recommended for funding by the Community Development Commission
Executive Committee may request reconsideration by presentation to the full Community Development
Commission. Applicants will be limited to three (3) minutes in which to address the Commission. It is
strongly recommended that the presentation be delivered at the first Public Hearing on the DRAFT 2013
Annual Action Plan in order to allow the CDC sufficient time to consider additional public comment.
Applicants may also submit written comments to: Community Development Commission Chairperson,
Lake County Community Development, 500 W. Winchester Road, Unit 101, Libertyville, IL 60048.

                                                                                                            iv 
                                                                   Lake County Community Development

Application Submittal
Hand delivery of applications is recommended. Hand delivered applications should be delivered to:

        Lake County Central Permit Facility
        500 W. Winchester Road, Unit 101
        Libertyville, IL 60048

US Mail, FedEx, UPS or DHL
Mailed or shipped applications should be sent registered or certified mail and must be received by the
deadline. All applications should be sent to

        Lake County Central Permit Facility
        Attn: Community Development Application
        500 W. Winchester Road, Unit 101
        Libertyville, IL 60048

Acceptance of the application does not obligate the Community Development Commission to fund the
application, nor does it guarantee that the application is complete as submitted.

       Application Workshops
            o   September 17, 2012 – 9:00am
       Mandatory Letter of Intent Due Date
            o   September 28, 2012 – 4:00pm
       Application Due Date
            o   November 2, 2012 – 4:00pm
       Application Review Committee Meeting
            o   December 7, 2012
       CDC Executive Committee reviews ARC recommendations
            o   December 14, 2012
       Public Hearings
            o   January 23, 2013 & February 27, 2013
       Community Development Commission approves recommendations
            o   February 27, 2013
       Program Year 2013 begins
            o   May 1, 2013

                                                                  Lake County Community Development

Type of Project & Type of Applicant
Only municipalities and townships may apply for funding for public infrastructure projects. Departments
of Lake County shall be considered individual units of government for application purposes, and are
eligible for CDBG funding on their own behalf. All applicants must attach a list of their governing board
members and proof of Central Contractor Registration.

    A. Contact Information
                                                      Contact Information of Person who Actually
      Contact Information of Applicant                           Prepared Application
Name:                                                 Name:
Street Address:                                       Street Address:
City/State/Zip:                                       City/State/Zip:
Phone:                                                Phone:
Email:                                                Email:

    B. Activity to be funded
         B1.   Describe in detail the activity for which you are requesting funds
         (Documentation such as photos and maps must be provided describing the designated
         geographical project area for a public infrastructure project).

         B2.    How does the proposed project address one of the Infrastructure Consolidated
         Plan goals and how is the proposed project to be coordinated with other activities in
         the community?

                                                               Lake County Community Development

         B3.    Why are CDBG funds needed for this activity? What other funding sources have
         been solicited?

         B4.    Provide the name, address, email address and phone number of the designated
         lead person on this project or activity:
Street Address:

         B5.    Steps or phases necessary to complete activity (Engineering/design,
         advertising, bidding, contract award, construction, etc.). Attach proposed schedule
         for this project. Note: Maximum time allowed to complete any project is 18 months
         after the start date of the program year in which the project was originally funded.

         B6.      Maximum time anticipated to complete activity:
                  (inclusive of engineering design through construction activities)
                    Beginning date:
                    Ending date:
                    Duration:                        Months

         B7.    Quantify your anticipated accomplishments (e.g. 3,275’ storm sewer, one lift
         station rehabbed, etc.) as a result of implementing and completing this project:

                                                                        Lake County Community Development

    C. National Objective Compliance
Explain fully how the proposed project meets the CDBG National Objective of principally benefiting low
and moderate-income (LMI) persons and provide substantiating documentation supporting your claims:

Project Area
Census Tract:                    Block Group:
Percentage of low and moderate income
persons in this Block Group:                                     %LMI

Source of data/statistics:


        C1.    Number of total persons expected to benefit from implementation of this
                                 total persons in the project area

        C2.   Percentage of persons benefiting from the project which are low and
        moderate income?
                             %   are low and moderate income persons

        C3.   Number of low and moderate income persons expected to benefit from
        implementation of this project? (multiply C2 and C1)
                                 total benefiting low and moderate income persons

        The total number of persons benefiting should be an actual and reliable
        neighborhood or client count. You must define your beneficiaries and explain how
        you calculated this figure.

    NOTE: Low and moderate income benefit must be documented by Census data or income survey
          forms. Maps of individual Census Tract Block Groups meeting the low and moderate income
          threshold of 35.6% are available from County Community Development staff upon request.
          An income survey must have been performed within the last 3 years in a delineated area,
          and been approved and administered by Community Development staff.

                                                          Lake County Community Development

D. National Environmental Policy Act Compliance
  D1. Please provide a precise and detailed location map describing the project area.
  D2. Will the project traverse or impact a floodplain or wetland area?
                      Yes                  No
         Please provide a map (FIRM, FEMA) identifying the floodplain or wetland area as it
         relates to project implementation.

  D3.    What compensating design features have been included to mitigate any
  adverse environmental impacts related to the proposed construction? Please explain.

  D4. Infrastructure: will project replace and upgrade an existing and functioning

  D5. Will the project substantially increase the present capacity of specific service(s)
  to the area? Explain.

  D6. Will it be necessary to obtain temporary or permanent easements? If yes, please
  identify affected property owners.

  D7. Is the project going to disturb land previously not disturbed (except for
  agriculture)? To the best of your knowledge is there anything of historical or
  archaeological significance in the area?

                                                                   Lake County Community Development

    E. Project Budget
Please complete the following chart or attach a detailed project budget identifying sources of funds
expected to be available for design, construction and completion of the project for which you are applying.
Maximum grant award for public infrastructure improvement projects is $100,000 per program year.

             ITEM                      Estimated Cost                       Source of Funds

         Total Project Costs

          CDBG funds requested

                Applicant's funds

                     Other funds

                  Total funds

All applicants must submit a copy of their most recent audit report with the application. If
the most recent audit report has already been submitted, indicate the date of the audit and
the date it was submitted to the County.

Date of Audit                             Date Submitted:

                                                                     Lake County Community Development

    F. Leverage
    A minimum of 20% of the estimated project cost must be offered by the applicant.
    Leveraging may be provided in the form of materials and/or labor, cash and/or other non-CDBG
    funding. The minimum percent of leveraging which is pledged for the project must be maintained,
    regardless of the amount of Community Development Block Grant funds awarded.

Sources of applicant's leveraging:                                       Amount:

                                          Total leverage offered

Calculate leverage percent: total leverage offered divided by total project cost equals leverage percent.

Total leverage offered                    Total project cost           =      Leverage percent

CDBG funds, including previously awarded CDBG funds, cannot be counted as leverage.

Applicant's promised leverage funds must be expended prior to requesting awarded
CDBG funds.

                                                                Lake County Community Development

    G. Authorization & Signature Sheet
    Enclose a copy of the Board Resolution granting authority to the signer to apply for 2013 CDBG

    Submission of this Community Development Block Grant application and the information contained
    herein is authorized by:

Signature of Chief Executive Officer



Municipality or Township


                               Application Component Checklist

                             Complete Application

                             Project Budget
                             Project Location
                             Project Schedule

                             Fiscal Audit

                             Enabling Resolution
                             Governing Board
                             Central Contractor
                             Original and Five (5)


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