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                                                Climate Change

    1. Weather and climate
What is a person who studies weather called
State the 6 pieces of information used by a meteorologist to describe weather
Define Climate

    2. Classifying climate
From a map identify the major world climate zones
Define ecoregions
Define bioclimate profile
State the 5 factors affecting climate

    3. Sun powers the earths climate system
State the four components of a climate system
Identify two types of radiation from the sun
From a diagram identify what happens when energy from the sun falls on earth
Explain why the earth is cooler further away from the equator

    4. Componants of the earth’s climate system
Identify the components of the earths climate system
Identify the layers of the atmosphere in order from the earth out
Define Hydrosphere
Label a diagram of the water cycle
Define Lithosphere
Briefly explain how the Lithosphere affects climate zones

   5. Greenhouse effect
Define the Greenhouse effect, Green house gases, carbon sink
Explain the specific effect of Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapour, Mthane, Ozone and Nitrous Oxide

   6. Energy transfer within the climate system
Dfine Heat Sink
Explain with the aid of a diagram how energy is transferred in the atmosphere
Explain with the aid of a diagram how energy is transferred in the oceans

    7. Long term and short term changes in climate
Define Interglacial Periods
Briefly explain why IP’s kep happening
Identify causes of short term variations in climate

   8. Feedback and loops in climate
Define the Albedo Effect

    9. Studying clues to past climates
Define Proxy Cores
Briefly explain how Ice Cores, Tree rings and Coral reefs, Rock, Ocean sediment, and Caves give clues to past
                                         Earth’s climate: Out of balance

    1. Evidence of changing climate
Briefly state the effect of Rising temperatures, Melting Glaciers and Rising Sea levels on climate
Identify examples of evidence that there is a changing climate

    2. Greenhouse gases
Define: Anthropogenic greenhouse gases
State the effect of the major anthropometric greenhouse gases Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide
Define Anthropogenic greenhouse effect
Briefly explain the ‘Feedback loop between Carbon Dioxide and Global Temperature’

    3. Canadian emissions of greenhouse gases
State 5 major sources of Canadian sources of greenhouse gases.

   4. Computer modeling: Evidence human activities causing change

State the purpose of computer modeling of climate change

                                  Assessing and responding to climate change

    1. Climate models and clean energy
Define : Climate projection
Briefly explain how projections are made
State 5 sources of ‘clean energy

    2. Global impacts of climate change
State and briefly explain the global impacts of climate change on Sea level, Agriculture, Ecosystems, Human
Plant and animal health

   3. Taking action to limit climate change
Construct a list of various ways Businesses, Industries and governments can reduce harmful emissions

    4. What can individuals do?
State three ways individuals can reduce the negative effects of climate change

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