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					The Housing Fund
                                                Will I Receive Funding?                         Calculating your Award
What is it for?
                                                This is not guaranteed - The College has        If successful you will be given notification of
The fund is designed to help students who       only a certain amount of funding available      your award which will consist of half the
have a major responsibility for payment of      and some applications may be rejected. It       weeks of the academic year. Please also note
rent or mortgage.                               will depend on each student's circumstances     that there will be a limit to the amount
                                                and priority will be given to:                  payable per week even if your rent/mortgage
                                                                                                is more than the limit set.
Who is eligible?                                •      Young students living on their own
                                                •      Students with Children                   Students with partners must produce details
•    Full-time students on a National           •      Those not receiving Housing Benefit      of partner's income. This does not rule out
     Certificate/NQ Course.                                                                     an award but the amount may be reduced
                                                                                                partly or completely depending on the
•    Full-time HNC or HND students.             Will the Fund Cover my Costs?                   amount earned.

HN students must also have applied for          No. The fund has to cover a large number of     You will also be asked for further
the full Student Loan available to them.        students so, if successful, you could only      documents to back up your application for
                                                expect some help towards your rent or           Housing when you apply on line.
NC Students must also have applied for          mortgage.
the College Bursary.                                                                            Bursaries/Funding Desk is open from 10.30am
                                                How is it paid?                                 to 2.00pm each day and we are also open
                                                                                                during the Summer Break.
If unsure - please ask at Bursaries/
Funding Desk                                    If your application is successful, you will
                                                receive details of your award in writing from   Alternative formats of contacting Bursaries
                                                                                                and Funding when the Front Desk is closed
How do I apply?                                 the College.

You will be able to apply online on the first   REMEMBER, THE FUND WILL RUN                           Email:
day of term. Instructions for applying will     OUT AT SOME POINT SO DON'T                             bursariesandfunding@reidkerr.ac.uk
be sent to you before the end of May            DELAY.                                                Leaving voicemails on 0141 581
otherwise     you     can    contact     the                                                           2202/2356/2217;2289 and 2207.
Bursaries/Funding Front Desk for a set of                                                             We also have a Correspondence Box at
instructions on how and when to apply for                                                              our Front Desk for Attendance Cards
this fund.                                                                                             and documents etc to be dropped in.

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