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									                             Job Description
Designation:                         Planner
Department:                          Planning Services
Post reference number:               PLA706 and 707
Service:                             Policy, Heritage and Design
Grade:                               G
Hours of work:                       37 hours per week
Flexible working hours:              Yes
Suitable for Job Share:              Yes
                             If yes: Please state clearly on the front of your application
                             form if you wish to apply on a job share basis. Also state
                             your preferred pattern of working.

1.     Job Summary

       To provide policy advice, prepare policy documents and implement and monitor
       planning policies and proposals.

2.     Relationships

2.1.   Responsible to:                   Policy, Heritage and Design Manage
2.2.   Responsible for:                  Nil
2.3.   Important internal relationships: Professional and administrative officers within
                                         the Policy, Heritage and Design Team. Strong
                                         links with Planning Development.
2.4.   Important external relationships: Elected Members, members of the public,
                                         consultees, the development industry, and key
                                         agencies and organisations. Also able to work
                                         with external consultants commissioned by the
                                         District Council when necessary.

3.     Main duties and responsibilities.

3.1    To contribute to the preparation of the Local Development Framework and other
       formal and informal planning policy documents. This task includes direct
       participation in Public Examinations and Inquiries.

3.2    To provide policy advice for Planning Development. Where appropriate to process
       and report on planning applications and appeals, including attendance at Public

3.3    To assist in preparing advice and responses to the Regional Spatial Strategy and
       relevant County policies and proposals. Also respond to policy documents from
       other local authorities, government departments and other agencies.

3.4    To undertake research, both empirical or from existing sources, to assist in the
       formulation and or monitoring of policy and to measure the effectiveness of policy
       against identified objectives. This task includes the collection and provision of
       monitoring information for Regional and Local Planning purposes and the
       provision of information for the National Land Use Database.

3.5    To act as project co-ordinator for implementation projects related to Local
       Development Framework proposals and policies, and to be responsible for the
       monitoring of relevant budgets.

3.6    To liaise effectively with Elected Members, officers of the council, the public,
       committees, the development industry and other agencies and organisations.
3.7    To prepare and undertake public participation exercises.

3.8    To provide advice to Parish Councils and community groups preparing Parish
       Plans. This will include advice on questionnaire content and feedback on draft

3.9    To co-ordinate the District Council’s response to Parish Plans. This will include
       liaison with service departments, co-ordination with other community based
       initiatives, and the preparation and presentation of reports to relevant

3.10   To be aware of your responsibilities in terms of health and safety, including
       identifying at your appraisal, appropriate health and safety training.

3.11   To ensure that you approach your duties taking into consideration the principles
       of Best Value.

3.12   To undertake any other duties, appropriate to post and grade, as may be

4.     Performance

       The effectiveness with which the postholder performs their duties will be
       measured by:

4.1    The completion of key tasks and projects in accordance with Service Plan targets
       e.g. provision of advice to Planning Development within agreed deadlines, the
       achievement of key milestones of Local Development Scheme, and the
       completion of implementation projects which are allocated to the postholder.

4.2    Specific targets identified through the Staff Development and Appraisal process.

4.3    Achievement of the department’s customer care targets especially in relation to
       correspondence and telephone calls.

4.4    Preparation of committee reports and evidence to public examinations and
       inquiries within agreed deadlines.

       Preparation date:   August 2005
       Revised:      September 2009

       Signed by:    Employee _________________________________________
                     Line Manager ______________________________________
                     Head of Service ____________________________________
                     Human Resources ___________________________________
                            Terms and Conditions
5.1.   Status of car use:                    Essential car user allowance.
                                             Car user allowances are paid to a maximum
                                             of 1450cc but employees can have whatever
                                             size engine they choose.
5.2.   Car parking:                          Church Street Car Park
5.3.   The postholder will be based at:      Elizabeth House
5.4.   Smoking policy:                       The Council operates a 'no smoking' policy.
5.5.   Security Access (ATE/ID):             ATE
5.6    Politically Restricted Post:          No
5.7    Telephone Rental Paid:                No
5.8    CRB Check:                            No
5.9    Relocation Expenses:                  Yes
5.10   People with disabilities will be guaranteed an interview, providing they meet the
       minimum criteria for the position, and that they declare their disability on their
       application form.
       The Department of Education and Employment Definition of a disabled person is
       as follows :-
       "Someone with a physical or mental impairment which has substantial and
       long-term adverse effects on his/her ability to carry out normal day to day
5.11   Bank Holidays
       As well as annual leave entitlement there are 8 days which are Bank Holidays.
       Prior to 1 July 1998 the Council granted a further 4 days as Bank Holidays, 1 at
       the Easter break, 1 in May, 1 in August and 1 at Christmas. Staff employed by
       the authority before 1 July 1998 may choose to retain these days as bank
       holidays, but if they choose this option then they cannot work on any of these
       As well as annual leave entitlement there are 8 days which are Bank Holidays. On
       top of these days the Council grants one extra statutory day during the Christmas
5.12   Prevention of Fraud
       This Council is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this
       end may use the information you supply for the prevention and detection of
       fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies administering public
       funds solely for these purposes. (This practice is sometimes known as "Data
5.13   The Council has committed to making public meetings more accessible. This may
       mean that from time to time you will be required to attend twilight or evening
       meetings. A scheme for reimbursement or time off in lieu is in operation for
       meetings that extend beyond normal working hours.
                          Person Specification
Designation:                Planner
Post reference number:      PLA706/707

Attribute                Essential                        Desirable
- Aptitude               Effective communicator,          Able to respond quickly
                         good organisation and            using initiative and
                         administrative skills. Able to   judgement
                         work on own initiative and
                         prioritise work. Able to work
                         under pressure.
- Disposition            Personable, polite, and self
                         confident. Self motivated.
- Physical               Smart appearance

Education and
- General Education
- Further Education      Degree or Post Graduate
                         Qualification in Town

- Membership of          Working towards Corporate        Corporate membership of
Professional Bodies      Membership of RTPI               RTPI
- Further training,
knowledge and skills

Experience and
- Experience                                              Experience of development
                                                          plan preparation, including
                                                          attendance at public

                                                          Experience and interest in
                                                          sustainability appraisal and
                                                          environmental assessment

                                                          Experience and interest in
                                                          community planning
                                                          initiatives such as Parish
                                                          Appraisals, Village Design
                                                          Statements and Parish
- Practicability         Computer literate.               Understanding of budgetary
                         Effective communicator,          procedures.
                         both written and verbal.         Ability to analyse,
                         Good organisation and            understand and interpret
                         administrative skills.           data from monitoring
                         Effective team worker.
- Knowledge              Project implementation,
                         including managing
                           Sound knowledge of current
                           planning policy.

Mobility and
- Mobility                 Full, clean driving licence
                           with access to a vehicle.
- Flexibility of working   Willing to occasionally work
arrangements               unsociable hours.

Other requirements

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