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									                              Shawnee County CDDO
                                 Affiliate Meeting
                                  August 9, 2010

Present: Ramona Macek, CDDO; Doug Gerdel, Life Patterns; Olga Hennessey, TARC;
Jennifer Brancaccio, TARC; Mary Ann Hughes, Sunflower Supports; Rozanne Holloway,
Equi-Venture Farms; Timili Gartner, CDDO; Reggi Greco, Equi-Venture Farms; Rebecca
Lister Monaco; Kelly Zink, Dream Catchers; Linda Selbach, Dream Catchers; Cathy Baer,
Catholic Charities

I. CDDO Updates:
            July Affiliate Report Overview
           1036 individuals receiving services (769 adults, 267 children) in Shawnee
           There were 5 individuals determined eligible; 6 determined ineligible; 2
             ported in and 1 that ported out of Shawnee County.
           There were 3 crisis requests reviewed by the funding committee; 0 were
             approved; 2 were denied and 1 pending.
           0 individuals have been crisis approved during FY2011.
           There are 62 individuals who have not chosen a case manager; 22
             Medicaid eligible and 40 Non-Medicaid eligible.
           Individuals changing service providers included: 9- day services (includes
             multiple providers); 3- residential services; 11- case management; and
             2- Payroll Agents.
           There were 213 POC’s reviewed for the month. Of the POCs reviewed for
             in home supports, 42% was over allocation and 58% at allocation.

    Ramona stated that there have been more referrals which may be an indicator of
     the times and lack of services for individuals.
    There will be a difference in the allocation for supportive home care since the
     Allocation Methodology was changed in the FY11 contract; the allocation is
     $19,000 per adult and $13,500 per child vs a tiered rate. The statewide funding
     committee will be monitoring the expenditures this year due to the new
    There was an informational meeting with SRS, Margaret Zillinger, Director of CSS,
     and Diane McComb, Delmarva (Delaware, Massachusetts, and Virginia)
     Foundation. The meeting was informal with open discussion to review what SRS
     is currently working on and things that may be changing. One thing shared was
     that the Kansas Institute on Positive Behavioral Supports (KIPBS) would be
     interviewing CDDO’s to see if there is still interest for PBS with adults because it
     is currently only available for children to access. It was noted that there are
     funding and reimbursement issues with the Positive Behavioral Support process
     so it is still being looked at.
 SRS has contracted with the University of Kansas to review the PCSP process and
  planning process for all the disability waivers.
 The SRS Regional Quality Assurance/Improvement field staff have received
  training on best practices and regulations for licensing consistency statewide. For
  MR/DD licensing in Shawnee County the Quality Management specialists are:
  Paula Ellis, limited license and case management (Manhattan office) and Larry
  Castro, full license providers.
 The Challenging Behavior workgroup continues to move forward; Dan Hermreck,
  TARC and Kathy Stiffler, ISS, were invited to the last meeting and presented
  information on the College of Direct Supports program. The work group will send
  recommendations to SRS on solutions to best meet the needs of individuals with
  challenging behaviors. There is a gap in services for people when they don’t have
  a mental retardation diagnosis because MR diagnosis is an eligibility requirement
  for consideration for the KNI or PSH outreach programs. There also is a gap in
  services for persons with mental health needs when they don’t meet the
  eligibility requirements for mental health services. There is an increasing trend
  of individuals with substance abuse/addiction coming out of the foster care
  system into our services.
 Diane McComb spoke about budget authority and the national trend of states
  pursuing this option. The budget authority permits individuals or their
  parent/guardian directing their care to make the decision about how much to
  reimburse for individualized care.
 The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) is being discussed again. The assessment tool
  may replace the current MR/DD wavier eligibility tool (DDP). The SIS is a
  strength-based tool vs. keying on weaknesses. It was recommended by one
  CDDO to not use a waiver eligibility tool as a funding allocation tool as has been
  done with the DDP. If the assessment tool does change, it is recommended there
  be a 5 year transition period (which has been implanted by the state of Oregon,
  although they do not have a tool completed for children); another suggested it
  be done as pilot program.
 SRS hired IT Consultants to design web based programs for the QA data so
  information could be posted on the CSS website. It is exciting news knowing that
  KLO data would be available along with data submitted by CDDOs on a quarterly
 There has been an increase in referrals for persons to access Money Follows the
  Person funding for community services. The criteria of being in an institutional
  setting was changed from 180 days to 90 days for an individual to be eligible.
  The program has been extended for 5 years.
 There have also been discussion about reimbursing providers for staff trainings
  with 100% federal funding when individuals transition to community services
  from KNI or Parsons. SRS is still working on determining how the funding will
  flow to community providers.
    The Financial Management Services provider requirement has been reduced to
     two pages; the administrative rate is $140 per person per month and the direct
     care rates have not been determined. SRS will be sending out spreadsheets. The
     training about financial management is to be scheduled in January 2011. The
     targeted date to implement the change is still April 2011.
    Update on the Service Provider Transition work group – The work group had the
     initial meeting and Ramona will be forwarding the minutes. Topics included:
     transitions from existing provider to new provider, guidelines on what to share,
     best practices, and marketing practices. It was stated that there was some very
     good dialogue at the meeting. It is highly encouraged that providers participate.
     The next meeting is 9-11 on Aug. 18. The meetings are scheduled every
     Wednesday in TARCs board room except Sept. 1, which will be at Dream
     Catchers. Ramona stated that she will be sending an email recruiting additional
     affiliates to attend.
    There have been 21 individuals plus two additional individuals offered services
     off of the statewide service access waiting list from Shawnee County.
    Rachel Kuehn will be scheduling meetings at schools in order to explain the
     process of MR/DD eligibility and the waiting list. It was stated that there are
     more and more students graduating at 18.
    The Statewide Funding Committee meeting is on August 11th at the SRS Learning
    The SRS/CDDO Business meeting is Aug. 19th at the SRS Learning Center; Ramona
     received SRS approval for Shawnee County affiliates to attend the meeting at the
     Learning Center.
    The CDDO staff is in the process of reviewing the policies and procedures if
     anyone has recommendations or suggestions to current policies.
    FMAP was approved and Kansas will receive two-thirds of the amount. Governor
     Parkinson has commented that the State should be able to cover the rest.

III. Questions/Suggestions & Concerns:
        Q) What date is an individual shown as o the waiting list the date you applied or
the date you need services?
        A) The statewide list goes by the date the services were to begin not the date

IV. Agency Announcements:
     Monaco is hosting a 10 year Anniversary celebration for Marvin Branch at the
       Blind Tiger on Aug. 12th.

                       Next meeting is scheduled Sept. 13th, 2010

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