THE CITY OF WEST JORDAN
                                              CITY COUNCIL MEETING
                                           COUNCIL CHAMBERS 3rd FLOOR
                                            8000 SOUTH REDWOOD ROAD
                                                  OCTOBER 26, 2011
                                                     6:00 P.M.
 “In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of West Jordan will make reasonable accommodations for participation in
the meeting. Request for assistance can be made by contacting the City Clerk/Recorder at 801-569-5115, providing at least three working
days advance notice of the meeting."

6:00 P.M.          CITY COUNCIL

1.        CALL TO ORDER


a.        Update from Teri Newell, Mountain View Corridor Project Director, regarding Mountain View Corridor
          related road work
b.        Presentation regarding the Community Built Playground at the Sycamores

     a. City Manager comments/Reports
     b. Staff comments/Reports
     c. City Council comments/Reports

     a. Approve the minutes of September 28, 2011 as presented [Melanie Briggs]

     b. Approve Resolution 11-138, authorizing the Mayor to execute an Interlocal Agreement with the City of
        West Jordan Redevelopment Agency for the Jordan Valley Station – CDA [Tom Burdett]

     c. Approve Resolution 11-139, authorizing the allocation of an additional $5,000 of Open Space Funds for
        the Community Built Playgrounds located in the Sycamores Subdivision [Wendell Rigby]

     d. Approve Resolution 11-140, authorizing the Mayor to execute a Purchase Agreement and accept a
        Special Warranty Deed from L.H. Perry Investments and Rindlesbach Construction to purchase a
        portion of property as part of the 5600 West Corridor Preservation project [Jeff Robinson]

     e. Approve Resolution 11-141, authorizing the Mayor to execute a General Services Contract, Request No.
        5586094 with Rocky Mountain Power for power service for the Bateman Pond sprinkler timer clock, in
        an amount not-to-exceed $1,093.00 [Wendell Rigby]

     f.   Approve Resolution 11-142, authorizing the Mayor to execute a General Services Contract, Request No.
          5586261 with Rocky Mountain Power for power service for a new Water System Pressure Regulating
          Valve (PRV) Station located at 3955 West Old Bingham Highway, in an amount not-to-exceed
          $10,681.00 [Wendell Rigby]

     g. Approve Resolution 11-143, declaring as surplus property items from the Police Department including
        unclaimed property and unusable department equipment [Marc McElreath]

          Citizens are permitted to address the Council concerning any matter over which the Council has jurisdiction, including
          comments concerning an item on the agenda. The Council will allow 3 minutes to do so during this period. Written
          comments may be submitted if a citizen does not wish to speak. Any comments needing or requesting follow-up will be
          assigned to staff for further action as appropriate after the meeting. Please provide contact information on the sign-up
City Council Meeting Agenda
October 26, 2011
Page 2

         sheet and state your name and phone number when speaking to the Council so later follow-up can take place. Persons
         who exceed the time or are otherwise disorderly may be expelled by the Council upon a two-thirds majority vote, as
         provided in Utah Code Annotated 10-3-608. The Council requires that citizens help maintain the decorum of the
         meeting by not applauding or booing, turning off electronic devices, not engaging in verbal attacks against others or
         being disrespectful during the proceedings of the meeting.

      a. Receive public input and consider for approval Ordinance 11-33, regarding the potential vacation of a
         portion of 3620 West resulting in a dead-end at 7800 South, Utah Department of
         Transportation/Matthew Zundel, applicant [Tom Burdett]

      b. Receive public input and discussion regarding updating Chapter 3, Land Use of the West Jordan
         Comprehensive General Plan; City-Wide; City of West Jordan, applicant [Tom Burdett]

      a. Discussion and possible action regarding Resolution 11-144, approval of the Moderate Income Housing
         Biennial Report [Tom Burdett]

      b. Introduction of the City’s new Financial Advisor George K. Baum, John Crandall, including discussion
         and possible action adopting Resolution 11-145, a parameters resolution and related documents
         regarding potential refunding of Municipal Building Authority Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 1998 &
         2001A [Richard Davis]

      c. Presentation regarding the vehicles proposed to be purchased during Fiscal Year 2011-2012 [Wendell

      d. Discussion and possible action regarding solutions to residents’ concerns of Angelsea Circle Pedestrian
         and Crime Issues; and possible approval of Resolution 11-137, regarding the potential closure of a
         sidewalk connecting Angelsea Circle and 7000 South [Wendell Rigby]

      e. Discussion and possible action regarding secondary water [Mayor Johnson]

9.       REMARKS

10.      ADJOURN

Item does not have a staff report available

DATE/TIME October 20, 2011                                   By:      Carol Herman
POSTED:   3:00 p.m.                                                   Deputy City Clerk

I, Carol Herman, certify that I am the Deputy City Clerk of the City of West Jordan, Utah, and that the foregoing City
Council agenda was faxed to the Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, and the West Jordan Journal. The agenda was also
posted at the following locations on the date and time as posted above: City Hall on the 1st floor; outside the Council
Chambers on the 3rd floor, on the City’s website and the State Public Meeting Notice website at

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