SNAKES MEADOW FISHING LAKE
                              SEASON RULES : 2012

Fishing is permitted for the 2012/2013 season, so long as the following conditions are observed :-

  1.   Main gate to car park must be kept closed.
  2.   Enter and leave the fishery in a manner that keeps disturbance to local residents to a
       minimum, especially after dark.
  3. Night fishing membership: members must inform us of intention to stay overnight and must
     make suitable personal sanitary arrangements. Bivvy’s must only take up one swim and not
     overrun into any nearby swims. Please keep necessary equipment in order so as to avoid
     hampering any other members.
  4. All fish are to be returned to the water as soon as possible – NO KEEPNETS (except in
     matches). Please use the Landing Nets supplied at the entrance to the lake and return them
     to the holder when finished. Please report all breakages and the nets are not to be removed
     from the premises. You may use your own handle to attach to the net.
  5. Members are responsible for removing litter (especially line as this causes damage to
     maintenance equipment and wildlife).
  6. Members are requested to bailiff the lake.
  7. Please leave your vehicle on the approved parking area only and do not obstruct farm tracks.
     (7a) All cars are parked at owners risk and Snakes Meadow Fishing Lake will accept no
     responsibility for any damage caused to vehicles whilst on the premises.
  8. Cars are only allowed round the rear of the lake for dropping off equipment they must be
     returned and parked sensibly on the car park provided and not left near the swims.
  9. Members ID’s for the current season should always be carried so that it can be produced
     when requested.
  10. Members are responsible for any ‘Guests’ who must be accompanied by the sponsoring
      member, who is also responsible for the guest fee of £7 per person per day or £10 per person
      per night ( maximum of 2 guests per member). It is important that prior notice of intending
      guests must be given.
  11. NRA rules apply.
  12. Barbless hooks only are to be used.
  13. No rods/poles are to be left unattended. No stalking.
  14. A maximum of 2 rods per swim/person to be used at any one time, all other spare rods etc to
      be packed away. One swim to be used at a time.
  15. Ground bait will be allowed and loose feed. Bread to be used as hook bait only. No bread to
      be thrown on surface. Floating bait to be kept to a minimum and used sparingly.
  16. Please fish from marked swims only.
  17. No dogs allowed (except Guide Dogs)
  18. All members will be responsible for their own health & safety whilst on the premises. Please
      refrain from cutting back trees or bushes etc, let us know if they are causing a problem.
  19. Members are responsible for their own fishing licences
                     *Please   note that rules are subject to change as the need arises.

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