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                                Press Release

Fishing Communities Beware

 The Fishing Party fears that the latest email campaign by The Wilderness
Society seeking fishing closures for Wallace Lakes, Lake Cathie and South West
Rocks will undoubtedly be used by the Greens in election Political preference
deals with NSW Labor.

 Robert Smith, the party chairman, warned that with Morris Iemma advocating
how vital the seat of Port Stephens is for a Labor re-election in March 2007 this
greens pressure is a surety.

  The fishing community and tourism should be scared of a Labor return. If you
had ideas of a coastal retirement after a hard working taxpaying life to go fishing
to your favorite beach or boat spot then you might be disappointed. Port
Stephens and Batemans Bay are the latest casualties with the Hawkesbury
(including Lake Macquarie) and Twofold Bay bioregions next on the no-take
sanctuary zone hit list. The Green extremists want 50% of coastal waterways-
mostly the best fishing spots- locked away

  It appears green preference deals take precedent over sensible sustainability.
After locking up vast lands the waters are now to become the wildernesses.

 “Give us back NSW” will be a household word and a slogan for The Fishing
Party at the 2007 election.

Further information;-
Robert Smith on 0265560338 or at the above contact.

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