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					2011-2012 School Accountability Report Card - Executive Summary

                                                 Elk Grove High School                                           Board of Education
                                                                                                                       Jeanette J. Amavisca
                                                 9800 Elk Grove-Florin Road                                     Pollyanna Cooper-LeVangie
                                                 Elk Grove,CA 95624                                                           Priscilla S. Cox
                                                                                                                              Pamela A. Irey
                                                 (916) 686-7741                                                          William H. Lugg, Jr.
                                                                                                                          Chet Madison, Sr.
                                                                                                                                   Al Rowlett

Hours of Operation                               Introduction from the Board

Our office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00        Thank you for your interest and commitment to your child's education, and your continuing
p.m. Monday through Friday. The office           partnership in teaching and learning. In order to best serve our community, we have
staff can assist parents with registering        created this condensed version of the full School Accountability Report Card (SARC) with
and enrolling their children and can give        the mission of presenting information about each of our schools in a clear, parent friendly
information about programs at the school.        format. If you are interested in viewing the full SARC report for your child's school, you will
                                                 find it at the district website: www.egusd.net.
School Highlights and Awards
                                                 A Message From the Principal
   California Distinguished High School
    Award                                        Elk Grove High School
   Newsweek Magazine's Top 5% of                "Take the Challenge…Strive for Excellence"
    High Schools nationwide
   Two Career Technical Education               Elk Grove High School provides a unique and exceptional educational experience for
    Academies: Technology Digital Arts &         students, from the safety of the campus, to the rigor and breadth of the instructional
    Agriculture Sales and Service                programs. All aspects of the school contribute to providing students with the skills they
   Award winning Music Department               need to be successful learners and become prepared for college and a career.
   Comprehensive College/Advanced
                                                 Our district's mission is to provide a learning community that challenges ALL students to
    Placement Program                            realize their greatest potential.
   Mock Trial finalist
                                                 Our success in implementing our district's mission can be evidenced through our school's
Student Demographics                             special strengths, including:
                                                   Academic courses, ranging from remediation to Advanced Placement, to meet the

                 School       District              needs of each student
                                                   State and nationally recognized Agriculture Environmental Science Career Academy
 Enrollment        1,801         62,514            Technology and Digital Arts Academy focusing on Graphic Arts and Photography
                                                   Transitions program, which is an academic intervention/support program serving 9th
 English                                            and 10th grade students
                     67           9,507
 Learners                                          Comprehensive college preparatory program
                     16             87           Parent support and involvement continue to be important aspects of the success at Elk
 Students of                                     Grove High School. This support is given, recognized, and appreciated in many different
                    607          31,841          ways. Some parents help plan the programs and policies, while others serve by assisting
                                                 with our athletic teams, school clubs, School Site Council, Parent Teacher Student
 GATE               182           3,352          Association, or Boosters. Parents also support student success by providing space, time
                                                 and encouragement for daily homework, and by sending a clear message that education
                     SOURCE: 2011-2012, EGUSD    and regular school attendance are important.
                            EL Data March 2011

                                                 The safety of our students is an important priority and the discipline policy is strictly
Population by Ethnicity                          enforced. Our staff, students, and parents work together to achieve the goal of promoting
                                                 an environment where all staff and students feel safe and respected. We emphasize
                                                 cooperation and responsible, respectful behavior.

                                                 Catherine Guy, Principal
                                                 Elk Grove High School

                                                 Parental Involvement

                                                 Parent involvement is very important at Elk Grove High School. Extra-curricular activities
                                                 offer booster clubs where parents can support their students. The Parent Teacher Student
                                                 Association and the School Site Council allow parents to meet teachers, students, and
                                                 administrators. The EGHS website (www.eghs.net) offers activities, calendars, and
                     SOURCE: 2011-2012, EGUSD
                                                 updates. Parents are encouraged to register for School Loop by visiting our school
                                                 website. School Loop provides both students and parents information about assignments,
                                                 grades and other information for each class.
Teacher Credentials and Misassignments

                                                                                   In the 2010-2011 school year, over 99 percent of the district's
  Teacher Credentials                                                              teachers held full teaching credentials. In addition to being fully
                                                                  2010-2011        credentialed, if a class is 20 percent or more English Learners
  Total Number of Teachers                                           95            (EL), the teacher should hold a supplementary authorization to
                                                                                   instruct students in learning English or they are considered
  Total Full Credentials                                             87            misassigned. Our district is working to remedy these
                                                        SOURCE: 2011-2012, EGUSD   misassignments by providing training opportunities for teachers
                                                                                   to earn these authorizations and providing ongoing professional
                                                                                   development in strategies to help EL students.
  Teacher Misassignments and Vacancies
                                                                  2011-2012        In subjects with a shortage, a fully credentialed teacher is
                                                                                   sometimes asked to teach outside of their subject matter
  Misassignments of Teachers of English Learners                      0
                                                                                   competency area until an appropriately credentialed teacher can
  Misassignments Due to Subject Matter Competency                     2            be hired. In these cases, teachers are counted as misassigned.
  Teacher Vacancies                                                   0
                                                        SOURCE: 2011-2012, EGUSD   Vacancies are defined as a position to which a permanent
                                                                                   teacher has not been assigned by the beginning of the course.
                                                                                   Most vacancies in our district are in subject areas where qualified
                                                                                   teachers are in shortage.
School Facility Conditions and Planned                                School Facility Good Repair Status
                                                                      Date of facilities inspection: 12/8/2011
Our campus was built in 1963 and we initiated a
modernization program six years ago. We have 92
classrooms, six computer labs, a photo lab, a science                                                                     Repair Status Repair
                                                                       Item Inspected
building, a theater, a state-of-the-art environmental center                                                             Good Fair Poor Needed
focusing on hydroponics, and a new synthetic turf stadium              Systems: Gas Leaks, Mechanical/HVAC,
with an all-weather track. We are proud of our campus and                                                                    x                   NA
strive to keep our school in good repair so it is clean, safe,
functional, and provides an orderly environment for teaching           Interior: Interior Surfaces                           x                   NA
and learning. Regular inspections are conducted at our                 Cleanliness: Overall Cleanliness, Pest/
school site by the lead custodian.                                                                                           x                   NA
                                                                       Vermin Infestation
The district takes great efforts to ensure that all schools are        Electrical: Electrical                                x                   NA
clean, safe, and functional. To assist in this effort, the district    Restrooms/Fountains: Restrooms, Sinks/
uses a facility survey instrument developed by the State of                                                                  x                   NA
California Office of Public School Construction.
                                                                       Safety: Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials              x                   NA
District maintenance staff ensures that the repairs necessary
to keep the school in good repair and working order are                Structural: Structural Damage, Roofs                  x                   NA
completed in a timely manner. A work order process is used             External: Playground/School Grounds,
to ensure efficient service and that emergency repairs are                                                                   x                   NA
                                                                       Windows/ Doors/Gates/Fences
given the highest priority. The district governing board has
adopted cleaning standards for all schools in the district. A
summary of these standards is available at the school office
                                                                                                       Exemplary      Good        Fair        Poor
or the district Facilities Department. The principal works with
the custodial staff to develop cleaning schedules to ensure a          Overall Summary                      x
clean and safe school. The school submits work orders to
address the areas found not be in good repair. The district's                                                                    SOURCE: 2011-2012, EGUSD

Maintenance & Operations and Facilities Departments work
to complete work orders.

There are no major corrective actions at this time.
California Standards Tests                                                 English Language Arts

The California Standards Tests (CST) show             54        55                  55       56       52        55        57       54
how well students are doing in relation to
the state content standards. Student scores
are reported as performance levels. The
five performance levels are Advanced,                2008-2009                      2009-2010                  2010-2011
Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, and Far                                                                                                         School
Below Basic. Students scoring at the                                                      Math                                                  District
Proficient or Advanced level meet state
standards in that content area.                                                                                                                 State
                                                              51                            52       48                  53        50
Data reported are the percent of students            37                             39                          36
scoring at the Proficient or Advanced
                                                          2008-2009                      2009-2010                   2010-2011
                                                                                           SOURCE: 2010-2011, California Dept. of Education

Academic Performance Index (API)                                                    Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

The Academic Performance Index is a score on a scale of 200 to                      The federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires that all
1,000 that annually measures the academic performance and                           students perform at or above the proficient level on the state's
progress of individual schools in California. The state has set 800                 standards-based assessments by 2014. In order to achieve this
as the API score that schools should strive to meet. Each year a                    goal and meet annual performance objectives, districts and schools
school's API is required to increase a minimum of 5% until they                     must improve each year according to set requirements.
meet the 800 target overall and for significant subgroups. Schools
across the state are ranked into ten categories, from one (lowest)                  Schools receiving Title I funding enter federal Program
to ten (highest), which is referred to as their statewide rank. In                  Improvement (PI) if they do not make Adequate Yearly Progress
addition, each school is compared to 100 statistically matched                      (AYP) for two consecutive years.
similar schools and ranked against this group. This ranking is also
ranked into ten categories, from one to ten. These ranks are
published when the Base API is released each March.

                                                                                                                                                 School        District
 Growth Score                                                        783             Program Improvement Status                                    NA            In PI
 Statewide Rank                                                       7              First Year of Program Improvement                             NA         2009-2010
 Similar Schools Rank                                                 4              Year in Program Improvement                                   NA           Year 3
                                 SOURCE: 2010-2011, California Dept. of Education                                                SOURCE: 2010-2011, California Dept. of Education

Career Technical Education Programs                                                                                                Advanced Placement
                                                                                                                                   Courses Offered
Our school prepares students to succeed in real-world contexts through the development of
conceptual thinking, effective communication, and the ability to apply knowledge and skills learned in
                                                                                                                                            Subject      Courses
the classroom. Our teachers have directed efforts toward establishing career pathways for all students,
including those with special needs. Advisors/Guidance Counselors offer additional support. At Elk                                    English                2
Grove High School, we have two courses of study that can provide students with an introduction to a                                  Fine and Performing
technical career. These courses of study are the Technology and Digital Arts (TDA) Academy and                                                              1
Agricultural Sales and Service/FFA Academy. The TDA academy prepares students to enter into                                          Foreign Language       4
careers in the Digital Arts or Photography, and the FFA academy focuses on agricultural related
careers. Elk Grove High School also offers an Automobile Technology Career Pathway. Additionally,                                    Mathematics            3
the following Regional Occupation Program (ROP) courses are taught: Agricultural Sales and Service,                                  Science                3
Animal Production Science, Computer Graphics, and Welding. These courses are provided on our                                         Social Science         6
campus through the Sacramento County Regional Occupation Program office. Finally, EGHS offers
                                                                                                                                                    SOURCE: 2010-2011, EGUSD
Work Experience classes and job opportunities. These courses provide students with the necessary
skills to seek life-long employment. Regardless of the career path chosen, Elk Grove High School
makes every effort to work with students to ensure that they meet or exceed district and state
graduation standards.
Professional Development                                                                                           District Administration

Our school has a professional development emphasis in student engagement. Elk Grove High Steven M. Ladd, Ed.D.
School has a weekly late start Thursday schedule in which students arrive to school one hour later.        Superintendent
This allows for an hour of professional development in the form of staff/department/program Mark Cerutti
meetings, interdisciplinary planning, and teacher collaboration.                                           Associate Superintendent,
                                                                                                           Education Services
New teachers who have been teaching fewer than two years are supported by the district's Donna Cherry
beginning teacher program. They meet weekly with an experienced mentor to discuss their                    Associate Superintendent,
successes and challenges and new ideas for their classrooms.                                               Elementary Education
                                                                                                       Glen DeGraw
Finally, the district offers a variety of classes for support staff. Instructional aides, school           Associate Superintendent,
secretaries, office clerks, and custodians may take classes that relate to their work such as learning     Human Resources
new computer skills and learning to work more efficiently and in ergonomically correct ways.           Rich Fagan
                                                                                                           Associate Superintendent,
School Safety Plan                                                                                         Finance & School Support
                                                                                                       Christina Penna
Your child's safety is important to us at Elk Grove High School and our district is committed to           Associate Superintendent,
providing a safe, secure environment for learning. The School Safety Plan, last updated in                 Secondary Education
September 2011, is annually reviewed by staff and School Site Council. An "Emergency Robert Pierce
Handbook," outlining a plan of action for emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and              Associate Superintendent,
chemical spills, is kept in the office of our school. The district's Police Services Department works      Facilities
closely with our school site to provide a safe, secure environment for all students. Our highly
qualified security staff also monitor all after school events, such as games and dances.               Graduation Rate

Students in the Peer Counseling and Link Crew programs provide leadership and activities which
                                                                                                                                  School               State
maintain an active, positive, and inclusive campus culture.
                                                                                                                    9-12          97.47%              80.44%
Specialized Programs                                                                                                  SOURCE: 2010-2011, California Dept. of Education

All interested students are encouraged to participate in Honors and Advanced Placement courses A v e r a g e D a i l y A t t e n d a n c e
through our College/Advance Placement (CAP) program. In 2011, 2 in 5 seniors earned college
transferrable credits before they graduated from EGHS.                                                                           Percent
Special Education courses and services for students with Individualized Education Plans provide                     School                               95.11%
support to students in content areas. Transitions is a prevention/intervention program serving 9th                  District                             95.69%
and 10th grade at-risk students.                                                                                                         SOURCE: 2010-2011, EGUSD

The Technology and Digital Arts Academy focuses on Digital Arts and Photography. The D i s c i p l i n e
Agricultural Sales and Service Academy offers advanced course work, as well as leadership
building opportunities, through Future Farmers of America. The Culinary and Automotive career
pathways offer additional Career Technical Education experiences.                                                                         School        District
                                                                                              Suspensions                                  962          11286
Average Salaries                                                                              Expulsions                                    21            404
                                                                                                                                         SOURCE: 2010-2011, EGUSD
Data reported are the district's average salaries for teachers, principals, and superintendents,
compared to the state average salaries for districts of the same type and size, as defined by E l k G r o v e U n i f i e d S c h o o l
Education Code Section 41409.                                                                    District

 Teachers                           EGUSD 50,000+ ADA            State Average 20,000+ ADA                         This school is administered by the
    Beginning                              $40,047                           $42,017                               Elk Grove Unified School District,
                                                                                                                   which covers over 320 square miles
    Midrange                               $59,384                           $67,294                               in southern Sacramento County.
    Highest                                $82,031                           $86,776
 Principals                                                                                                        Total Students (Oct 2011)               62,514
    Elementary                            $110,369                          $108,534                               Elementary Schools                          39
    Middle                                $110,319                          $112,893                               Middle Schools                               9
    High                                  $121,593                          $123,331                               High Schools                                 9
 District Superintendent                  $255,030                          $226,417                               Alternative Schools                          4
                                                                                                                   Charter Schools                              1
 Share of budget used for
                                                                                                                   Adult Education Schools                      1
    Teachers' salaries                      44.0%                              38.0%
                                                                                                                   Special Education Schools                    1
    Administrative salaries                  4.0%                               5.0%
                                                                        2009-2010, California Dept. of Education

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