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									September 25th, 2012                                                                   Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

Comodo Antivirus Online
Virus Scan Review
                                                                          it comes with a guarantee. It is guaranteed to detect 100% of
Comodo Antivirus Online Virus                                             threats, and it has a 100% restoration guarantee. These three
Scan Review                                                               aspects alone are worth a great deal to consumers, but these
Source:        features are part of this free program.
utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=online-virus-scan              The Comodo Antivirus online virus scan is easy to use for
By admin on September 25th, 2012                                          anyone. They make it easy for all of us, and not just for the
As I write this review of the Comodo Antivirus online virus               tech-junkies. That is also important because this is not just
scan feature, which is offered by the Comodo corporation, I am            an American product this is a product that is designed for
reminded of why I like the Comodo philosophy so much. As                  the world. It is because of the thought process behind this
a business, they have worked tirelessly to bring trust back to            company that has made the Comodo company the most loved
the online arena. As consumers, it is important that we realize           Internet security provider around the world.
that because it is ultimately “us” who decide which products to
support. This is a great company to support. I say this because           Comodo Antivirus                          Online           Virus
when we use the word trust, can we apply it to companies                  Scan-Functionality:
like Microsoft, Apple, or even Intel? Maybe we can or maybe               Installation is a matter of pressing the scan now button
we should not, the point is that with Comodo they took this               on Comodo’s homepage, clicking the run button when your
burden onto themselves and in the process,they created world              installer requires and then hit the scan now button on the
class products that not only work, but they work well.                    products display page. It is literally that simple and easy to
                                                                          use. All of this without having to have a degree in Computer
                                                                          Information Science.
                                                                          Why is the Comodo Antivirus online virus scan is important?
Reasons why consumers should try the Comodo antivirus                     It is important as part of a continuation of computer Internet
online virus scan are simple, It is fast, easy, and it is free. This is   security. It is a cloud based program, so it is not housed on your
a cloud application that comes with full technical support and            computer. It is used when you need it as a means of eradicating
not just support but Microsoft Certified experts that are there           computer virus, malware, spyware and other threats to your
to help you remove threats from your computer. Another of                 computer. Because this program is not housed on your
the strengths of the Comodo antivirus online virus scan is that           computer, it can not be disabled by viral threats. Internet

September 25th, 2012                                                Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

malware has gotten good. It has become so advanced that it
can now disable antivirus programs housed on your computer.
This is why cloud technology is valuable to consumers. It
is the newest, sharpest way to protect your data and your
computer from the denizens of the Internet. This is not only
next generation or next dimension of Internet security and
scanning it is the only species within this niche that puts
consumers before profits.

Comodo Antivirus Online Virus Scan-
To further add value to this amazing product, it is compatible
with Windows XP, 7, and older versions of Windows operating
systems which makes this product relevant for everyone
regardless of operating system.
In closing this article, consumers should be reminded that, as a
company, Comodo is looking to earn your trust. Their products
including this cloud antivirus are loved throughout the world
because they work. This is an easy to use product that is
compatible with the Windows platforms of operating systems,
and it is backed by Microsoft Certified technical support.
When we talk about building trust it is refreshing to see that
the commitment to trust is back up by free products. This says
a lot to me about Comodo’s commitment to customer service
and to the degree in which they go to help keep the Internet
a safe and reliable environment. I down loaded their online
antivirus program and tried it out. It worked. It was easy to use
and download, and, as a product, I am very happy with it. I am
equally happy with the corporation behind the product and in
today’s market place… that really says a lot.

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