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					                                                IN MEMORIAM
                                          FRANK THEODORE MOORE, M.D.
      Dr. F rank Theod ore M oor e was born in Summ it-
  ville, Ind ., Aug. 1, 1901, hi s fa mily then and now
  fam ou s in medicine from Indian a and Ohio t o Cali-
  fornia . H e received h is medical de gree from In-
  diana Univer sity in 1932 and interned a t the Ball
  M em ori al Ho spital (Moore Cli nic) in Muncie, Ind .
  H e serve d hi s residency in radiology at the Univ er-
  sity of Michigan fr om 1933 t o 1936, becoming a
 Teaching Fellow and Instructor in radiology.
     On M ay 1, 1936, Dr. M oor e was sent t o Akron,
 Ohio, t o organize an d set u p the original D epartment
 of R adi ology at Akron City H ospital. Hi s accep-
 t anc e was immediate, a nd h e was a ppointed to the
 Senior Staff and given the director ship of the depart-
 ment, a pos ition he held until his retirem ent: . Hi s
 organizat ion was always efficient and in the military
 manner , with the most goo d t o the largest number.
 The department grew cons tantly and is now one
 of the largest in the state. In hi s first year in Akro n,
 Dr. M oore organized a technician t raining scho ol
 which h as bee n m ost su ccessful. H is res idency pro -
gram h as sent m en over t he ea st ern Unite d State s
 and into many forei gn cou n t ries.
     In a ddition t o hi s work at the Ak ro n Ci ty H ospi-
 tal , Dr. M oor e or ganized the X -ray Departmen~ of
 the Childrens H ospital of Akron and the Medina
Community H ospital , M ed in a , Ohio. He shared
the staffing of these un its until they became large                       F rank The odore M oore, M.D.
full-time p osition s.
    Dr. M oore's military ca ree r began in 1922 as a
                                                                 On June, 30, 1907 , Dr. M oore retired as Director of
secon d lieutenant and a pilo t in the Army Air Corps.
                                                             R adi ology at the Akron City H ospital , but he st ayed
His W orld War II rec ord contains tw o citations, a
                                                             on as a cons ultan t to the department during the
Silver and a Bronze Star, fiv e P acific battle stars, changes required by fee-for-ser vice. He finally
and a Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster for
                                                             severed relation s in October 1968 to live in San
wounds in combat. H e retired as a ranking Colonel
                                                             Diego, Calif. , where he died Oct. 15, 1969. He was
in the Medical Corps Reser ve in 1968 with thirty
                                                             buried with full military h on or s at Arlington
years of service.                                            M em orial Cem eter y , Va ., on Oct . 21, 1969.
    Dr. Moore's maj or organiza tio ns include the
                                                                 Dr. M oor e' s loy alty t o a nd admiratio n of the Uni-
Ameri can College of R adiology , the Am erican Col-
                                                             versity of Michigan wer e beautiful , a nd h e thor oughly
lege of Phy sicians, the Radiological Society of No rt h enjoyed the yearly reunion of Fred H od ges a nd hi s
Ame rica, and the Summit County , Ohio St ate, and
                                                             st u dents. Hi s st ories of hi s residency day s were
Indian a Stat e M edical Societi es. H e wa s a member
                                                             numer ou s an d legendar y in Ohio. His going leaves
of the Ohio St a te Medical Society Mi litary Advisory
                                                             a big hole in that area. H e is survive d by his wife
Committee and M edi cal Con sul tant to the Second
                                                             Lydia, a brother , Dr. W illia m T . M oore, of Muncie,
Army H eadquarters, F or t George Meade, until his
                                                             Ind., a sister, Mrs. K athleen Allen of Indi anap olis,
retirem en t. He was a 32nd D egree M ason and a and t wo grandchildren .
member of Sigm a Chi, Phi Rho Sigm a, and the
American Legi on.                                                                      FREDERICK A. RUOFF, M .D.


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